Manchester Marathon

Started by exmouthcraig, October 10, 2021, 07:53:20 PM

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As many of you may know my good lady ran the Manchester Marathon today, we have just returned home to end a 15hr round trip thanks to the M56 and M6.


After her sister set a new PB at London last week Lou was hell bent on achieving her own PB as well.

Her training had all gone to plan but until 6.30 this morning was probably the most unorganised and mentally unprepared, she entered the Athletes Village not particularly happy with the phrase "you've got the legs, now sort your head and do well" ringing in her ears.

As a spectator and supporter being at a marathon is actually more mind bending then competing, lou ran with a tracker in her bib number but there was 32784 competing and all of their supporters desperate to log in meant that the live data was a good few minutes behind so I never really knew where she was but getting a split time update of 5.32/km meant that she would clear mile 8 within the hour, i managed to get to see her there then using a shortcut to get to mile 10 i hoped to see her again, unsurprisingly she beat me to mile 10 and i never saw her again until she crossed the finish line a mere

3.52.82 later

So smashed her own PB by 23 minutes!!!!!!!!

She should now qualify for London 2022 for the first time!

So selfishly a massive WELL DONE to her but also to everyone else that ran, supported, organised and volunteered to allow this event to take place!!!


As you say, a massive well done to your good lady and everyone else who took part.  :thumbsup:
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