Class 66 lighting

Started by RonDB, November 10, 2020, 03:44:54 PM

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Does anyone have any ideas how I could get the lighting working in this Dapol class 66.
It was a one off model they did for Modellbahn the oringnal had a PCB with a small plug that connected to the loco body.
The body shell I picked it up with is just a empty shell no lighting.
I have a new Dapol body shell that could be fitted but its totally different to the oringnal.
I have attached photos showing the problem.
You can that  the blue, yellow and white wires are still there its just a case is there a way of connecting them to the copper strips in the body shell.
I have spoken to Dapol and DCC supplies but drew a blank.
So if anyone has any bright ideas would be appeciated.
I know the simple option is just run it without lights which may be the best option.

Thanks Ron


There have been a few iterations of Dapol lighting contacts - sprung contacts in the roof, mini JST plug or sprung contacts in the ends. I suspect it'll be difficult at best to mix these. I'd consider just hardwiring the lights (or installing mini JST plug), using the existing contacts.

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