Revolution Offering Mk5 coaches

Started by njee20, February 11, 2019, 01:37:25 PM

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My 4 car Fort William Sleeper portion has arrived.  Kooks great.  On Thursday I will try it out on the club layout with my Dapol Class 73, covered in Adam Warr's Caledonian sides.,


For those who enjoyed seeing the Class 92 hauling the Inverness rake of 8 sleepers, here's a short video showing the same rake being hauled by a CJM Class 73, slowing to a brief stop and recommencing its journey under DCC:


Quote from: carderrail on September 22, 2023, 06:06:08 PMMy Lowland Set is on the way!

Big ask for anyone getting the Highland Set - can I have the coach numbers for each of the packs please so I can update my website.

Highlander pack 1 (Aberdeen)
Highlander pack 2 (Fort William)
Highlander pack 3 (Inverness)
Highlander pack 4 (Inverness)

Many Thanks


I suspect the numbers are the same as the 00 Gauge Accurascale packs but would like some confirmation please.



Red Onion

Just realised I missed the invoice email!  Best get it paid in the morning, hopefully I'm not too late. Looking forward to my Aberdeen set  :)


Been messing with mine tonight to get them to run. Taking the pickups out of one bogie on each wheelset actually made a big difference, taking them out entirely didn't make it markedly better. Still only running 8, but the 92 was then totally happy pulling them, which is a big improvement. Only the other half a rake to go...!

I can see me potentially removing the lighting entirely, except perhaps from the rear coach to get the taillights.


Just checked the tracking number for mine, looks like they are still in Heathrow waiting for a space on a plane. I think Aus Post must have a mandated wait of 1 week in Heathrow before allowing parcels to leave, this has happened to the last 3 shipments.


Mine are finally on their way :bounce:

And for those who haven't looked,

has some ideas on how to free up the wheelsets.


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Biggest difference I've found is simply removing the pickups for the lighting. I've been talking to Mike B about modifying them, which does help, but removing them is even better (with obvious loss of functionality. I'd have far sooner paid less per coach and foregone lighting, but hey ho!

I have a couple where I've left the pickups on 1 bogie, and that seems markedly better, so may be the solution in the long term. There's obviously a decent capacitor in there, becuase they don't flicker much at all.

And Revolution have a handful of GBRf and Caledonian 92s as well if anyone's missed out. I definitely don't need another one...  :uneasy:


Quote from: njee20 on September 27, 2023, 03:34:43 PMAnd Revolution have a handful of GBRf and Caledonian 92s as well if anyone's missed out. I definitely don't need another one...  :uneasy:

Famous last words  :D

Anyhow I received my 16 coach Lowlander set and tried them out yesterday.
Unfortunately I am not one of the silent majority whose coaches run well!

With each coach placed on a re-railer, & on a 2% gradient, SLEP coach G won the trophy by managing a full 4 or 5 inches down the slope before stopping.

Seven or Eight of the others managed it off the re-railer but only got an inch down the slope.

The rest didn't even make it off the re-railer  :doh:

I swapped the bogies from coach G to F and then F ran better.

I also tried some bogies individually on a sloped 3 foot piece of track, Most of them wouldn't budge until one end of the track was 6 inches high or more.  :(

Unfortunately draggy wagons seems to be a recurring theme with Revolution at the moment, and I wonder if they are pushing the envelope too far?

First it was the IPA Cargowaggons where the brake shoes really worked, preventing free running as they would catch the wheelsets.
Second were the Timber Carriers and Hold-alls, where replacement wheelsets had to be provided.
And now it's the sleepers.

Ironically my gold standard wagons for free running are the Revolution TEA's, which freely run down the 2% grade to Wallgate and carry on well past the station.

I also tried running in 2, 4 coach sets, each behind a CL92. Neither got up the short 2% grade to the fiddle yard on their first attempt, but on subsequent circuits they ran slowly but steadily up and their speed picked up markedly after 5 or 6 circuits.

I then added 1 coach to each rake and neither would budge!
I also tried my TPE CL68 and that can't even manage 3 coaches, albeit ones that hadn't been run in.

Today's mission is to check each bogie on a 2% gradient and fiddle with the ones that don't move.

But I really need a decent benchtop magnifier because I'm not good locating black screws and bogies into a black wagon floor  :goggleeyes:

John P
Check out my layout thread.

Contemporary NW (Wigan Wallgate and North Western)

And my Automation Thread


I did resist! I have plenty of 92s, and they aren't the best runners ether! I have grudgingly got a pair of 92s to 'manage' 15 (Ie to move them, slowly). I've taken all the pickups out, they're still draggy, but markedly better. Undecided what to do with them in the long run.


I guess that my conclusion from the lighting issue is that we would not be having the same discussion/complaints if the default position at start up had been all lights off. I can't imagine anyone wanting to have to turn off a minimum of 31 tailights on a 16 car train everytime it stops on DC or the DCC power is turned off. Hopefully not an issue to be repeated on other hauled stock with integral tail lights.

I can cope with a six car set but isolating the tail lights would have been a big plus, and I would not be trying to bring the train to a stand for a short station stop without killing the voltage below about 2 volts. As it is, the train is a pain to operate and I suspect I shall be removing all the pickups and forego having tail lights on the rear car.

I am hoping that the reversible TPE sets will not have a similar quirk seeing as only the driving car needs reversible lights.


Membre AFAN 0196


Fort William pack just made it all the way to Western Canada.  They look magnificent - same as everyone else the bogies will need some tuning.

Sadly the Caledonian Blue on the Dapol 67 stand-in for a 73 is completely off.  Will there a run of 73's in our future?  Hint hint ...  :) 

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