Revolution Offering Mk5 coaches

Started by njee20, February 11, 2019, 01:37:25 PM

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Sorry, I imagine there will be an official announcement (is this the new Revolution model from Model Rail Scotland?), but this is exciting stuff: RMWeb link.

Interesting as well that they're offering the 92 for the OO gauge lot, given 'the other 92 project' that's bubbling along!


The title should really be the other way round (in terms of the two companies ;-)).

The announcement was indeed due for MR Scotland but one of the mags printed it before the embargo.

The announcement is on our website here:

Cheers, Mike

Ben A

Hi all,

Yes, publisher's c/up meant that this news emerged before intended but these things happen, and it's only model trains!

As Mike said, in 2mm it's Revolution with Accurascale, in 4mm it's the other way round.  Each company is focussing on its preferred scale, but we are sharing a lot of the work in research, design, CAD etc to make us both that but more efficient and effective!


Ben A.


Dunno what you're talking about Mike ;)

Apologies to both - didn't mean to misrepresent you!

This is great news, it seems highly likely that some CS ones will find their way to me!


Just got my March Model Rail and page 6 tells me to go to Revolution Trains website for more details, but..........

On a rather annoying note, I am probably scrapping several months of research work now.........

It is the way of the world though. It happens all the time. I will now move onto another project instead.


Steven B

Great choice - assuming they'll be sold in Kato style box sets, can there be a slot left free in the case for a Dapol class 68, or Revolution Class 92?


Quote from: Steven B on February 11, 2019, 01:59:50 PM
Great choice - assuming they'll be sold in Kato style box sets, can there be a slot left free in the case for a Dapol class 68, or Revolution Class 92?

That's a very good idea.


Sorry Bob - it happens to us all! TBH our feeling was that it was inevitable that someone would offer them RTR - we've been planning it for some time (assuming no one else announced them).



Why is it that Revolution always seem to find a route into my wallet?  Beans on toast for the foreseeable future I think!

Seriously, these were on my wishlist in my frothing thread. Trouble is I'll need a full Sleeper set and at least 2 TPE ones, which means another 2 CL68's.

Great news.

Thanks Mike and Ben

John P

BTW Regarding CL92's will those of use who have paid deposits get to change our selected liveries?

Thanks again.
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Contemporary NW (Wigan Wallgate and North Western)

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I'm sure they'll be superb as usual, alas, of little use to me.

Maybe next time.

Still looking forward to the Sturgeon.

Brookline build thread:

Sometimes you bite the dog...

...sometimes the dog bites you!


I can explain it to you...

...but I can't understand it for you.


Love the idea of the box sets. Have always thought 16-car was a bit too long, but hoping there's a 10-12 car representation available.

For those wanting further inspiration/excuses, ROG did the deliveries for the TPE (and some CS) ones:

And I've read elsewhere that Freightliner did some of the deliveries of CS ones, here with some HHAs, which is intriguing:

Not my content.


The TPE sets make sense to do as 5 car sets ie full sets, unless there is much call for split sets ie 2+3 or 3+2 with DVT and end car in one set (either with or without one of the intermediates)?

For the CS the Lowlander is relatively easy as it splits into 2 x 8.  The Highlander is slightly trickier as extra coaches get added when it splits - it starts of with 16 coaches from Euston (8 for Inverness, 6 for Aberdeen and 2 for Ft William). The extra seated coach and lounge coach get added to the Fort William section.

Cheers, Mike

marco neri

..I' m just preparing my wallet....and just made the question on this forum some days ago about ..who will produce them?
I love that coaches and modern generally...more addiction for my Scottish 68's
and oncoming Rev Trains Class 92..

...never turn you back on the ripper (judas priest)


I'd better get the Dapol TPE 68 I said I won't get on order then!

Since the 5a's are technically 125mph vehicles they will fit with my high speed collection rather nicely!

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