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'Why does the Disney Castle work so well?  Because it borrows from reality without ever slipping into it.'

(Acknowledgement: John Goodall Esq, Architectural Editor, 'Country Life'.)

The Table-Top Railway is an attempt to create, in British 'N' gauge,  a 'semi-scenic' railway in the old-fashioned style, reminiscent of the layouts of the 1930s to the 1950s.

For the made-up background to the railway and list of characters, please see here:

port perran

Winston Wills, sat in the corner of the bar of the Railway Inn, Tregonning nursing his pint of Summer Lightning Ale and snacking, idly, from a packet of Smith's Crisps. He was distracted by thoughts of the day's activity. He was desperate to escape from the drudgery of circus life but in order to do that he needed money. His circus pay was meagre so he was supplementing his income by means of a protection racket that was, to date doing very nicely thank you. Today for instance he had collected £75 from three farmers in the Newquay area eager to ensure that their newborn lambs remained safe. Tomorrow he would be visiting two local motor traders. He expected good earnings from them.
In addition, of course, he was in receipt of the earnings from his sister, Daisy, who was an expert pickpocket. Daisy was convinced that both she and Winston would escape the circus together. Winston on the other hand, had different ideas and they didn't include his annoying sister.
Winston gave himself a sly grin , "Not much longer", he thought, "Them I can be on my way to a new life in London".
Winston was blissfully unaware that Daisy was at the mercy of Newquay Police as he finished his first pint and approached the bar for a second.
"Good afternoon" said the well dressed gentleman at the  bar, "Good to meet you. I'm Alan Tregothnan and I've been looking forward to meeting you and having a little chat".
Winston smiled nervously as he paid for his pint.
"Let's sit down", said Mr Tregothnan as he ushered young Winston to his seat, "Now, as I said, I'm looking forward to a little chat". Tregothnan took a sip of his G&T.

"So, Mrs Baggs" said DI Skinner, "Back to this letter. What do you make of it and who could have sent it?"
"Well, the only person that I can think of is a young lassie who stole some money from me a few days ago in Newquay" replied Mrs Baggs "She robbed me bold as brass she did. Took half a crown which I needed for some fresh fish. I was looking forward to a nice bit of plaice. Or....." and Mrs Baggs hesitated, "It could be a young lad that goes in the pub. I don't know his name but I've heard he's up to no good. Not much goes on around here that I don't know about. I've heard he's demanding money from people for no good reason then threatening them. I was telling folk in the pub about him. I generally pop in early in the evening for a sherry or two you know".
"Two likely candidates there Mrs Baggs I think. Wouldn't  you agree PC Jacobs" replied Dave Skinner who was at that moment completely unaware that Daisy had been arrested in Newquay. "Now can you describe the two people in question? PC Jacobs, would you take a note of the details please".

In Newquay, Sargeant Reynolds and PC Wally Doyle had managed to persuade Tommy Rowe to tell them the full story. He had met Daisy Wills two weeks ago whilst on a visit to the circus and had been mesmerised by her shapely body. Sitting in the front row, Tommy had been an easy target for Daisy as she performed her routine. She selected him to become part of her act and he had "fallen in love" instantly. Realising that Tommy would be an easy conquest and would be easily trained to act as her pickpocketing accomplice, Daisy pounced. "Meet me after the performance at the back of the tent" Daisy whispered during the performance, "You won't regret it".
Within days Tommy was acting as Daisy's assistant in Newquay town centre. She had promised him 50% of her earnings but to date he had seen none of it.
Tommy told all to the police and was pleased to be released with nothing more than a flea in his ear and a severe reprimand from Sergeant Reynolds.
With that Tommy caught the first train home vowing never to see Daisy Wills again.

"Now then Wally" said Sarge Reynolds to Wally Doyle,  "Let's turn our attention to that little minx Daisy. She"s going to be a different kettle of fish altogether"
With that Eric Rose from the front desk popped into the room..."Chap out front wants a word" he said, " Claims a young lad name of Winston Wills has been threatening him. Does it mean anything to either of you two?".
Wally looked at Tom Reynolds and they smiled. "Winston Wills eh" said Wally Doyle, "Now that's a coincidence, 'ow very interestin'. We'd best 'ave a word with your chappie in reception".

Eric Rose introduced Brian Trescothick to the two policemen. "So, you know Winston Wills do you?" asked Sargeant Reynolds.
"Not so muck know him" said Trescothick, "More know about him"
"So....tell all then" said Wally Doyle.

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There are more twists in this than a mountain pass. Ace :thumbsup:
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port perran

PC Cracker Jacobs noted down, meticulously, the description of The young lad that Mrs Baggs had heard about demanding protection money from various people.
Armed with that information, DI Skinner and Cracker Jacobs headed back to the car. With that, Dave Skinner's radio crackled into action. After a minute or two he said to the young PC "We're off to Newquay laddie. There's been a very interesting development".
Immediately, the pair of them set off towards Newquay police station.

Meanwhile, in Newquay, Sergeant Tom Reynolds and PC Wally Doyle were eagerly talking to Brian Trescothick who had earlier walked into the front office..
It transpired that Brian was landlord of the Rose and Crown at St Newlyn East. One of his customers, a post master in the same village, had been threatened with a break in if he didn't pay protection money. However, shortly after the lad had been in the post office demanding money, another customer came in and recognised the young lad as Winston Wills. The postmaster was too frightened to go to the police but Brian Trescothick, a staunch upholder of the law, held no such qualms.
He ended his interview with the police by saying "So he's your man You need to arrest Winston Wills as soon as you can".

Back in the Railway Inn in Tregonning, Alan Tregothnan studied Winston Wills intently. He intended to make the young lad sweat a bit before telling him why he had come to meet him.

After Brian Trescothick had left Newquay police station, Wally Doyle and Tom Reynolds turned their attention back to Daisy Wills. "Time for another chat with that young lady", said Tom.

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port perran


"So, young Daisy" said Tom Reynolds, "what have you got to say? If I were you I'd co-operate right now. We know you've been robbing people by pickpocketing in Newquay and we think that brother of yours is involved. We mean to track him down but in the meantime, we're holding you here in the cells"."You can't do that" replied Daisy, " I ain't done nothing. You planted them tenners on me".
With that Sergeant Reynolds called to PC wally Doyle to take Daisy to the cells saying "We'll see if a night here brings her to her senses".

In the Railway Inn at Tregonning, Alan Tregothnan studied Winston Wills even more intently. "You don't know me",he said, "let me give you a bit of background laddie"
"I don't 'ave to listen to you", sneered Winston, "I'm off, I don't want anythin'to do with you"
As Winston went to get up Alan Treothnan simply stared and said "Sit down lad and listen. Listen to me and take in what you hear"
Winston slowly sat down realising that he had to at least listen to what Tregothnan was about to say.
"East Hill Farm", said Alan Tregothnan slowly.
Winston Wills froze but tried to look uninterested.
"Do you have anything to say?" Said the older man.
Wills shrugged, avoiding the other man's eyes.
"It's mine", continued Tregothnan, "I live at the top of the hill, Ashton House. From there I can keep an eye on the farm. I'm about to restore the whole farm and turn it into holiday lets. I don't much like people snooping around".
With that Alan Trgothnan called out to the landlord. "Another G&T over here if you please. And could you bring over that cardboard box I brought in"
The landlord poured the drink and brought over the box.
"I believe you know Mrs Baggs" said Tregothnan to Wills "A lovely old lady. Perhaps a bit nosey but heart of gold. I've  heard that she's been frightened by two nasty notes that she's received lately. I don't much like people who send nasty notes to old ladies. Do you?"
Winston shifted in his seat, not sure whether to say nothing, to deny anything or run for it.
"Well" said Tregothnan, " i'm sure you will agree with me, sending nasty notes is despicable"
Winston Wills made his decision. He upped and ran for the door only to find it bolted.
"Back here" Alan Tregothnan said calmly, "I asked for the door to be locked. Now sit and listen. I asked you a question. Don't you think sending scary notes to old ladies is apalling?"
"I dunno do I" replied young Wills.
"Well, perhaps you need to think about it" said Tregothnan as he unpacked the box he'd brought in with him.
Wills' eyes widened as the contents were carefully placed on the table.

DI Dave Skinner had noticed that PC Cracker Jacobs had potential, "Well done lad" he said back in the car after leaving Mrs Baggs' house. "That was great work noticing that the letter sent to Mrs Baggs and the notice about the circus were written by the same person"
With that his radio burst into life. It was Sergeant Reynolds filling him in about the information he had received about Winston Wills from Brian Trescothick and about the fact that Daisy Wills was still in the cells.
Turning back to PC Jacobs, Dave Skinner said, "I think the net is closing in lad. Time for a pint I think in the Railway Inn".
The two set off parking their car in the road outside of the pub. "That's strange" said Dave Reynolds, "the lights are on but the door is locked"
The landlord had seen the police arrived, winked to Alan Tregothnan then opened the door.
"Thanks" said the DI, "Two pints of Lightning if you please. I think we deserve a drink".
"OK" said the landlord bending down close to the DI's ear, "You might want to cast an eye over what's happening over there", casting a glance towards Tregothnan and Wills.
The two police officers took their seats in full view of the other two men.
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Chris in Prague

port perran's a short story and nearing an end.

Who is going to have a stab at the outcome?
I'll get round to fixing it drekkly me 'ansome.

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Not me, Martin.  But I'll be upset if Mr Tregothnan turns out to be a rum 'un.  I like his style.  Not that I am condoning vigilante action, mind.

Will 'Cracker' marry Daisy and make an honest woman of her?

I hope it is not too short a short story.

Many thanks.

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'Why does the Disney Castle work so well?  Because it borrows from reality without ever slipping into it.'

(Acknowledgement: John Goodall Esq, Architectural Editor, 'Country Life'.)

The Table-Top Railway is an attempt to create, in British 'N' gauge,  a 'semi-scenic' railway in the old-fashioned style, reminiscent of the layouts of the 1930s to the 1950s.

For the made-up background to the railway and list of characters, please see here:

port perran

After all of the day's excitement and worry, Mrs Baggs sat down with a glass of sherry and a copy of the evening paper.
After a few moments the doorbell rang. Apprehensively, Mrs Baggs opened the door, "Oh, it's you my darling",she beamed as her grand daughter Alice stood before her, "Oh, come in, come in, it's so good to see you, you look so beautiful my love. Do come in and join me in a sherry"
Mrs Baggs was so pleased to see Alice and she hardly drew breath as she recounted the story of her two notes and subsequent encounters with the police. The evening paper lay open on the table and Alice, a trifle bored with her grand mother's tale, started to look at the headlines. One small paragraph headed "Local Meeting in Newquay-Protection Racket" caught her eye.

In the Railway Inn, DI Skinner  and Cracker Jacobs settled down but Skinner suddenly remembered that he'd left  his hat at Mrs Baggs' house. "Take my car Cracker and pop back for my hat would you. I'll keep an eye on these two".

Alan Tregothnan opened the box. He slowly took out a brand new cash box, all the time looking into the eyes of Winston Wills, looking for a glimmer of reaction.

At Newquay police station, Daisy Wills was resigned to a night in the cells. She had a long time ahead of her to consider her predicament.

Cracker rang Mrs Baggs' doorbell. A few seconds later, the door was opened by Alice. Cracker simply stood there, mouth open, eyes agog, not knowing what to say. He had, very simply, never seen such a beautiful girl. His cheeks went bright red, "um, uh, ah, hel, hello" he stammered............
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port perran

Winston Wills gave little away as Alan Tregothnan placed the cash box on the table.
"Do you recognise this?" he said, "Or at least, one like it"
"Never seen one" replied Winston.
"How about if I give you a big clue" , replied Tregothnan as he produced a bulging brown envelope from his jacket pocket with simply £584 written in large numbers on the outside, "I've recovered an old cash box just like this from my old barn and this is how much was inside".
"Lucky you", replied Winston without giving anything away. Treegothnan continued to state into his eyes looking for the slightest hint of fear or resignation. Nothing came.
Alan Tregothnan changed tack, his mind digesting what he saw, "Do you have any qualifications or skills laddie, or anything you're interested in?", he asked.
Winston, for the first time was taken aback. Tregothnan saw it immediately in his face. "Well, I'm good at woodworking, I make most of the props and scenery for the circus. Other than that, I don't do much other than play cards. I make a bit of money in the back street casino up in Newquay from time to time".
Alan Tregothnan thought back to his youth, growing up in the roughest estate in Penzance. Petty stealing, fighting and above all learning to play poker. Since then he had made his money in property development and owning a club with downstairs gambling tables in Camborne which made him a lot of money.
Tregothnan watched Winston Wills with interest......
"Come with me laddie", he said, " We're going up to Newquay to meet some friends you and I".
They both finished their drinks and set off in Tregothnan's Rover.

Cracker Jacobs, flustered and red faced retrieved DI Skinner's hat. He had, in that brief encounter on the doorstep, fallen head over heels in love.
Returning to the Railway Inn, he found the DI waiting outside. "We're off to Newquay you g Cracker" he said, "to the Town Hall".

Daisy Wills had time to think and ponder in the cell at Newquay Police Station.

Meanwhile at the circus, Tom Wills, the ringmaster was starting the next show. Introducing the performers one by one fonishing with, "And this is Daisy, my pride and joy and my only daughter. She'll be dancing for you all in a few minutes".
With that, Daisy, the ringmaster's daughter, stepped into the ring radiant, beautiful and smiling. Applause rippled around the big top..

In Newquay Town Hall, there was a large gathering assembled waiting for the meeting to commence.
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The plotted cream thickens.

Cheers weave  :beers:

cornish yorkie

 :hellosign: Gosh Martin, what a place to stop !!!!!! more needed please
      regards Derek.


'e's getting to be the master of the cliff-hanger isn't 'e? :)
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port perran

Enjoying a well earned evening off, Sergeant Tom Reynolds and his wife invited Wally Doyle to the circus whilst Daisy Wills was thinking things over in the cells.
After the introductions by the ringmaster Tom looked at Wally saying ,"If this is Daisy Wills then who on earth are we holding in the cells back at the nick?".
"Search me ",replied Wally, "but we'd better sort it out in the mornin'. In the meantime, let's enjoy the show".

DI Skinner and PC Cracker Jacobs arrived at Newquay Town Hall in good time. The hall was packed but the pair were not surprised to see Alan Tregothnan along with Brian Trescothick chairing the meeting. Winston Wills was sitting at the back next to a very burly chap, "no doubt to ensure that he doesn't make a dash for it",said DI Skinner to Cracker.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" began Alan Tregothnan, holding a bulky brown envelope in his left hand, "you all know why we are here. I know you all have a story to tell but please listen to what I have to say first.....".

In Newquay police station, Daisy Wills had come to a decision. She had nothing to lose, she would re eal everything to Wally Doyle in the morning.

Back in Tregonning Alice Baggs, Mrs Baggs' grand daughter, was saying goodbye to the older lady. She was still thinking of her encounter with the young PC on the doorstep earlier. She had been quite taken by the nervous young lad and vowed to meet him again.
Mrs Baggs, relieved that the day was over helped herself to another glass of sherry, "I deserve it after a day like today", she said to hersel.
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port perran

His opening speech was just what everyone wanted to hear, "Ladies and Gentleman, we all know why we are gathered here this evening. You have all been subjected to threats unless you pay protection money. Not huge sums but, of course, everything adds up. I have recovered your money. It was stashed on my property. You were all asked on the way in how much you paid out. It virtually reconciles with the amount that I've recovered. I'm happy to reimburse your amounts less ten per cent which I will donate to charity. I'm not prepared to reveal the culprit. I feel having to forgo the funds is punishment in itself. He won't offend again, that I can promise you".
There were cheers and applause, no one objected.
Brian Trescothick led three cheers and everyone was happy.

At the back of the hall, Winston Wills remained pale face and un moved.
DI Skinner said to Cracker Jacobs, "Let's let sleeping dogs lie Cracker. Natural justice has run its course here. I think young Winston Wills has learned his lesson. We'll pop over to Newquay tomorrow to interview Daisy Wills and see what she has to say for herself".
"That seems sound to me" replied Cracker, "It's good to know that sometimes common sense is the best way forward".

Sergeant Reynolds and his wife gave PC Wally Doyle a lift home. "I'll see you in the morning" said Tom Reynolds, "8.30 sharp at Newquay nick. We need to sort out who that girl in the cells is"

Back at the Town Hall, everyone made their way home after collecting their money. Alan Tregothnan, who had retained £58 which he would donate to local charities moved to the back of the room where Winston Wills was waiting.

"Now then young man", said Alan, "I'm taking you to my Club in Camborne. I'll give you twenty five pounds to gamble at Poker. We've been having a lot of trouble with con artists tricking punters out of money playing cards. If you are as good as you say you are, you'll be a big asset to me. The twenty five pounds is for you to prove to me how good you are.
In addition, as you know, I invest in property and I'm looking for someone to work as a carpenter. I'm happy to give you a week's trial. If I'm satisfied I'll take you on at a salary of four thousand pounds per year.  It's a risk on my part but I can see potential in you young Winston. What do you say?"

"I can't say no", said Winston this is too good an opportunity to miss, "I'll start with the poker tonight. I won't let you down".

With that they pulled into the car park behind Tregothnan's club. Once inside, Winston was shown into a back room armed with his 25.00 stake.
He looked around the table at some doubtful looking characters as the first cards were dealt. Once settled though he was confident and soon relaxed, his face giving nothing away.
After three games he was seventy pounds up as the stakes were trebled. Tregothnan, looking on, gave a wry smile as he thought to himself, "This young man is going to be a big asset".

Alice Baggs, now home, vowed to meet the young PC who had been to her grandmother's house. She didn't know his name but would enquire at the police station in the morning.

The girl in the cells at Newquay had decided what she would say in the morning. Relieved, she settled down for a good night's sleep.
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