What are you modelling?

Started by guest2, November 26, 2010, 09:20:15 AM

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 :A1Tornado: :Carriage: :Carriage:

Hi Tank,

Thanks very much for directing me to this post. It has  given me some invaluable tips and ideas already for when I come to build my layout.


Any day above ground's a good day!!


Well Portpatrick Town is inspired by the railways serving Stranraer in the 1948 to 1966 era.  At exhibitions I tend to keep most locos to those known in the area.  My available stock covers a wider geographical spread of Scottish steam to green diesel era., with regular and occaisional West Highland being strong.  But the parralel amount of post privatisation stock is growing, including 158s in Swoosh, Barbie and Saltire liveries.


N Gauge member nos 10272,at the moment in very slow progress ! on the sceneary,as all track work compleate apart from the back scean sideings,LNER late pre war to erly BR(ER) on origonal layout plans off Nawton Station,between Kirkbymoorside & Helmsley, N Yorks.


Welcome LNER1949 to the forum, any pictures?
Is féidir tú a choinneáil ar eascainí an madra nó is féidir a lasadh coinneal duit


Just before going on my holibags, I won a mishmash of 6 converted coaches, spares/repairs, on eBay. Turns out these are reasonably expert but unfinished representations of a 2HAP and a 4EPB in BR blue/grey. They're based on GF pre-BR suburban coaches, so don't have the right profile, but they've been expertly extended to the right length (at the expense of undercarriage other than bogies). Another few hours' work by the original modeller would have resulted in 6 lovely vehicles.

Instead, they'll be finished by me.

I have started tidying them up, and will add undercarriage, paint the roofs, add BR logos, and black triangles on the brake ends. I will try to keep open the option of motorizing the two power cars.

Photos to follow.

Two rails good. Three better.


Sounds like you got an unusual bargain there, Tadpole. I'm sure you'll do a great job and look forward to some  :camera:


yes, I have some photo's.How do I down load them please ?


am I there yet


I didn't take any "before" pics, but here are some mid-renovation:

Two rails good. Three better.



Hi, thanks for your help,gosh I got completley lost on the photobucket page so gave up ! mybe to old for the uploads ect,as the basic email is about all I can do as you can see what and where it is going.So I've sent it (the photo's) by email to N Gauge Forum.Hopefuly they will post it to the right page.Sorry railmodler's that's me,a bit old fashion !Orthewise I know the NG Forum team are doing thire best to help and the other reader's.So thanks for your help,hopefuly thire will be a way round that will work !Yours Jarvis.


EMUs more or less done - triangles added to brake ends, BR logos, roofs painted (may need re-doing), and another underframe. I may decide to repaint the 2HAP in all-blue, but it's glazed so would need disassembly - always risky on a scratchbuild.

I just noticed that one of the cabs has a beautifully painted driver inside.

Two rails good. Three better.


2HAP is now all-over blue, and here she is coupled with 2EPB.

Two rails good. Three better.


Thanks nobby.

There is still some cosmetic tidying up to do - in particular the roofs. I struggle to get the colour right and don't seem to have any two carriages with the same roof colour. What colour do you guys use?

The nearest one is humbrol 165, which, apart from anything else has a nasty "satin" finish. Needs to be matt.
Two rails good. Three better.

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