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Started by guest2, November 26, 2010, 09:20:15 AM

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Quote from: tadpole on November 20, 2011, 04:27:24 PM
It's the 20m one, bees. It's frame is 127mm long, perfect for farish Mk1s. There is also an 18m one ideal for class 101s.
My chassis/boxes are all jumbled up, so I don't know the reference numbers, I'm afraid.

These chassis usually run OK, but the bogies are a bit naff with short wheelbases, and are too close together. They come in a pale grey colour so need painting, plus the addition of engines/gubbins underneath.

The 20m one is prone to derailing, so are good for checking track for defects. I marshall three beer wagons one side of the chassis and 2 carriages the other - if that little combo stays on the track, everything else will.

I use the greenmax chassis in my class 128,  i was really impressed with it's smooth running, i hadn't run it for a while and when i put it on the track the other week, it was completely dead!!! :( :(

I'm going to be building a small test track soon, i'm waiting until then before having a good look at it!!!
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I know this was posted a year ago but I thought I'd reply anyway. I model the steam/diesel transition period, like many others of my vintage. Loosely early 1950's to mid 60's. I love the Brunswick Green livery. I started my Beal & Castle Eden Railway back in 1987 and it was progressing quite well up until 1999 when circumstances dictated a halt to construction. It appeared in half a dozen issues of The Railway Modeller during the period 1993 to 1997, if anyone has those issues and is interested enough to have a look.

The layout fell into a fairly advanced state of disrepair over the years, but as my recent letter in the October RM states, I am in a position now to start work on it again, enthused as I am by the great new models that are appearing. I can't wait to get my hands on a blue Deltic and Blue Pullman set! So hopefully, the layout may yet see completion.

Oh, and Happy First Birthday! You guys do a great job.
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4VEP slowly taking shape. Still lots to do - little baby steps.
They're actually 4CEP cabs taken from a TPM kit (no use to anyone now GF have released their rtr version), so will need disguising.

Also yet another 4TC needing some middle coaches. One DTSO is TPM, the other is brass sided.

Two rails good. Three better.


I have just renumbered and weathered my Farish 31.  It was Sister Dora.  It is now just plain old 31 184.  I modified the nose slightly to make it a bit less round looking and it does look a bit more 31 like.  Also making it filthy dirty made it look a lot more realistic (I never saw a clean one).

Also, and I don't know of this is relevant?  Not a train, but I have just been building a 1:144 scale Concorde to hang over my layout.  Second most beautiful aircraft ever (after the Spitfire, of course).  It will represent one of my memories as a kid, we lived in Reading right under the flightpath from Heathrow.  Amazing sight and sound.

You may notice that it is supposed to be 1974-75 on my BR-Blue layout and the Concorde will be in BA's 1978 livery (the earliest I could find).  However, they say Concorde landed two hours before it took off when it went to New York, so I guess after enough flights it would end up back in 1974?

Will try an post photos when the transfers are done.

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Here is Concorde.  This is the 1:144 (almost N-scale) Revell kit.  It is one of the best kits I've built.  The decals add superb detail.  A nice way to spend a Thanksgiving weekend!

And here she is hanging over the layout at a scale height of a bit over 800ft...  (That's Bruce McCandless II on the wall (the first un-tethered space walk on STS-41B in 1986).  He is not to scale!)

Here is the renumbered and weathered 31 184 with buffer beam detailing:

And here is 57 602 Restormel Castle with bufferbeam detailing and added etched nameplates.  Fantastic engine this one - runs really well and looks great.  I saw the real one once at Reading (2008, I think) having rescued 43 179 that caught on fire just West of Slough... which brought the Western region to a standstill for a few hours, and 57 602 and the stricken HST were at the back of Reading station at 10pm when I got there to change for Tilehurst.  I had travelled 20 miles in 5 hours!  But it was worth the hassle to get 10 minutes looking over the real thing close up.

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Concorde looks very good.  Jealous!  ;D


nice one mark, I like 31184's detailing. Very well done. :thumbsup:

Concorde looks great too!

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Your 31 is deliciously grimy!
Two rails good. Three better.


4VEP just about finished, not the prettiest kid on the block, but hey.
Also another 3TC for my fleet (need an FK to make it a 4TC).

Two rails good. Three better.



Very nice indeed.  Good job! :thumbsup:

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Smashing work, Tadpole. You must be really pleased with them :thumbsup:


Thanks guys.
Pleased with them? Yes, bit more work to do - need to score the doors, re-do the roofs (streaky finish).
If the original modeller had finished the VEP, it'd have sliding openers on the windows (as seen on one of the driving cars) giving that proper VEP look.
As it is, the middle trailer would pass as a cl.117 DMU middle car.

Need some third rail track, now.
Two rails good. Three better.


Currently I am trying to model the train that would be useful for the east-west corridor of India. As all of you might be knowing that trains in India are very unique and primitive in their architecture and a lot of work needs to be done if we have to solve the supply chain systems in the country. I would be posting pictures of my model very soon and all comments and suggestions are welcome.


That sounds very interesting Malfoy.  I can't wait to see some pictures. :camera:

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