Why Did You Choose to Model N Gauge?.

Started by longbridge, November 22, 2011, 10:06:14 PM

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Just my type of layout,  tend to agree with Mick.. Chris


Thanks for the approval of my layout. A bit sad at the moment as I have had to mothball it to allow youngest "no longer a child" to have the room. On the plus side, I get the opportunity to plan and build a new project in whatever space I can find.

I will put together a post giving more details and pics of the layout as soon as I get some time, along with my other layout, a small dockside shunting plank.


Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.

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Strangely I have not given a reply on this thread although been a member for a while. As for reasons for choosing 'N' gauge I am not 100% sure but certainly as many others have mentioned, 'space' has been a consideration as never been blessed to have that luxury.

I did start out in 'OO' gauge and even had an approx 7' x 4' board layout but it was short lived due to family considerations, they needed the bedroom! :D Having visited several Model Railway exhibitions, one thing that did impressed me was some modern based 'N' gauge layouts which seem so realistic especially for the size. This laid the seeds for the future.

Eventually moving into a new house in 2001 and my family had grown up, it was time to recommence my model railway interests but limited on 'space' though. It was then, I made the decision to sell all my 'OO' gauge stuff and use the money to purchase 'N' gauge replacements. After that, it is another story but eventually I got there and never regretted it. My only issue is the 'age' thing now, my fingers / hands / eyesight are not as good as they use to be but still can manage though.
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Just stumbled across this thread (thanks to the Farish announcement thread) I was OO gauge for 30 years or so and had 2 exhibition layouts - one a transition era shed and the other a transition era branch line. But I am a sucker for A4 Pacific's and big trains so my enjoyment was waning with OO and N gauge struck me as the answer when I saw a Hornby Magazine article on their N gauge layout.

I have one N gauge layout (2 if you count my Dad's small layout I can borrow sometimes) and 2 more in the planning stages, all feature logner trains than you can get in the same size in OO and I love it

Le Night ferry

Because house is smaller than UK, Europe and USA, N gauge dominates model train market.
But for Brass train, HO is more popular.


Quote from: Lurch on May 24, 2023, 11:12:08 PM
Looks like I'm one of the few to have never modelled in anything but N!

I don't remember a time I didn't have an N gauge layout, still got the same one I had in the early 80's. It was a "train set" until 1985 when it was fettled and upgraded to more of a junior layout. Foam track bed is a bit past it now and a couple of house moves have knocked a few bits off so it's looking worse for wear. A minor side project is to re-lay it to the original track plan in Peco code 55 and motorise the points etc.

Nah. I don't consider a train set in 00 when I was 8 to be modelling.
Like you I started in N in the early 80s but never finished a layout as I could 'jury rig' electrics to get trains running but really progressed no further. Now, when time is, shall we say, governed by the Gods I am trying to do it properly but electrifying point operation etc with tidy and logic wiring, something I am completely rubbish at :-[

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