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Started by Caz, August 26, 2015, 10:11:20 PM

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Quote from: silly moo on November 06, 2015, 10:01:33 AM
Anyone else suffer from arthritis? I'm having trouble getting used to the pain in my ankles  :'( my doctor thinks I have either RA or psoriatic arthritis. I've been hobbling round the house trying to come to terms with the fact that I will probably be limited to walking short distances in future. I used to really enjoy long walks.

I'm very thankful that my hands aren't affected and I realize that there are other in far worse a position but getting old sucks!

My mother starting struggling with arthritis a long time ago now. In her case changing to a diet with nothing acid in it, while a lot of hassle, caused remarkable improvement - sufficiently so she has kept that diet up. I'm also quite sure it's not just a placebo effect - there have been times she inadvertently ate something problematic and was bad, but only worked out why afterwards.

I've got arthritis in my jaw, but the main annoyance that causes so far is jokes about overuse 8). In time it will no doubt get worse but the doctors are very very keen to avoid touching it until absolutely unavoidable.

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joe cassidy

I believe that glucosamine is extracted from crab shells so maybe eating crabs could also help ?

Best regards,

Joe know-all


Any kind of oily fish will help ease the pain a bit. Trouble is I don't eat fish so take 1000mg fish oil capsules each day.


Salmon and turmeric definitely help my arthritis ... turmeric can be stirred into almost anything and if done in small doses you won't notice the taste


SWMBO says rosehip is good for arthritis ...


I am back to hating my house.

Months ago I wrote on here about a damp patch under the window in my railway room. I investigated and repaired what, I believed to be the route cause.

This week I noticed the paint staining was back. I read somethings on the internet suggesting such stains could return without using correct paints before applying emulsion (I didn't). Hoping it was just that, I decided to remove the replacement plasterboard anyway (got loads spare) just to check.


Driving wind and heavy rain all day today and running my finger along the lead under the window it's wet. Obviously failed.

I have an idea to protect the gap unde the windowsill outside using plastic l-section (maybe should be there anyway?), but it's clear to me the window frame is nackered anyway and should be replaced.

We have a wedding to pay for. I have no money.

Sodding houses!


ozzie Bill.

as long as, and assuming here, the window sill is not in a high vis area, then here are a couple of "short term" solutions.
1) cover the sill in aluminium flashing which you can get from any builders suppliers. This will slow down or stop further moisture getting in from above. You can also use the flashing above the lintel for the same effect.
2) get some no more gaps type of wet area sealant and trace all around the frame, under the sill etc to prevent water seeping in through those gaps. A quick look at homebase UK would suggest this as the right product http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/unibond-weather-protect-frame-sealant-cartridge---brown-394253
Hope I am on the right track here and not 'teaching you to suck eggs'.
Cheers, Bill.

mr bachmann

before applying emulsion over stained area . treat with a good 'full' undercoat . that's real undercoat the type you thin with turpentine ( not water ) . and give it a couple of coat's - not thinned down .
the same applies for nicotine staining - either strip the wall covering or undercoat the full room ( aren't you glad you quite  :D )


I went for a hospital appointment yesterday, (100 mile round trip). I was the last in  :veryangry: and the specialist says that she had kept me so long as she wanted to speak to me personlly rather than one of the other Doc's speak to me. "Oh oh"  :worried: thinks me. As I have had a consistently high PSA reading for going on for two years and yet two biopsies and other tests are showing nothing, apart from a very enlarged prostate, she wants me to have a different sort of biopsy. "Oh oh"  :worried: thinks me. But, they can not do it at my 'local' hospital, so I will have to go to another one, (200 mile round trip  :thumbsdown: :censored:). This sort of procedure needs a general anisth, anesf,, anysth, they need to knock me out. "Oh oh"  :worried: thinks me. It looks like I am going to need to spend at least one night there and time off work  :unimpressed:. Out of interest, if anyone has had a 'Template Biopsy', could they tell me anything about it from a personal viewpoint - or PM me please? As an aside, can I recommend to you gentlemen out there, especially those in the 40+ age group, to have a word with your GP about a PSA test? All it requires is a simple blood test and, not being too dramatic, it could save your life.  :thankyousign:. David.
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In response to the post by DannyBoy, I too have Prostrate Cancer, but only in mild form as my PSA readings are now normally only just over the 4.0 reading (anything above 4.0 means you have Prostrate Cancer).

About 4 or more years ago I started passing blood in my urine so went to see my Doctor here in Tenerife who ordered a blood test which came back with a PSA reading of around 8.5.

He then ordered a standard biopsy which came back inconclusive, so I was later sent into Hospital for a "deeper" biopsy where they first knock you out to do it.

When the results came through the Hospital Urologist wanted to perform an Operation to remove the prostrate, but I had read up on the possible side affects of this and so decided first on a 2nd opinion from an English Urologist when I next was over.

In the meantime I was given some anti-biotics which cleared up the blood in the urine problem and my PSA readings gradually went down to around the 4/5 mark. It appeared an infection had caused the initial problem.

The specialist Urologist I saw in the U.K., after having me send him PSA readings of blood tests taken every 6 months, had a different opinion to the Tenerife Urologist (who had advised an Operation), and said that "yes" I had prostrate cancer - but only in mild form, and he recommended purely "monitoring" the situation by having regular blood tests and a biopsy (performed by him personally) once every 2 years.

He said that most likely one in every two males in the World will develop prostrate cancer, but most males do not know it unless they request a PSA test, and that, unless the cancer starts to spread, half of all males will eventually die "with" prostrate cancer, but not "because" of it. 

My last biposy (done in the U.K.) was earlier this year and shows no sign of any further action being required, and my most recent PSA reading was 4.75 (a reduction from circa 5.7 which it was 6 months previously). A PSA reading is not 100% accurate however, and I did have a Scan done as well about 2 years ago just to make doubly sure.

I never think about my prostrate cancer (nor take anything for it), apart from remembering to have regular blood tests, the latest results show more that I need to watch my cholesteral levels which are currently too high (too much good food, wine, and beer).

Hope I have not bored you with this long post, but I would recommend a PSA test (simple blood test) to anyone who hasn't had one, and always get a 2nd opinion if someone tells you that you require an Operation. Also I have no medical training and if we have any Doctors on this Forum - they might have a different opinion.

PS. Another thing my U.K. Urologist said that (if I understood him correctly), in his opinion, an operation to remove the prostrate should only be considered/recommended once the PSA reading goes above 10.


Tdm - sorry about your diagnosis, although the outlook for you is looking good - as I said to SWMBO last year, if I am going to get cancer, that is the one I want!  :). Not sure how things will turn out though, cancer has taken half my relatives on my paternal side, including my 'baby' sister earlier this year. My PSA count is consistently around the 20 mark, (yes, I said twenty),  :goggleeyes: and yet two 'normal' biopsies show nothing, hence the need for the 'bigger' one  :help:. A high PSA count does not necessarily mean cancer, but somefink aint right! If forum members would like to do a collective 'fingers crossed', it would be appreciated. ;D. David.
I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
If a friend seems distant, catch up with them.


We haven't got a fingers crossed icon, but if we did, I'd post it  :thumbsup:

Good luck.
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Quote from: Bealman on December 09, 2015, 06:05:43 AM
We haven't got a fingers crossed icon, but if we did, I'd post it  :thumbsup:

Good luck.


All the best. :thumbsup:

Dave G


Scary news for menfolk but I hope you get good news from your consultant, David :thumbsup:


There I am, reading a nice email from work telling me I'm gonna get an end-of-year bonus.

"Hmmm," thinks you, "the muppet's put this in the wrong thread ...! ::)"

"I need a new microwave" comes the cry from downstairs ... ":censored:", thinks me, "that's a chunk gone already :'("

Fast-forward a few days to this morning ... the microwave's arrived & is in place.  Suddenly, we have a power cut ... after an hour with nothing back (unusual ...) I check the house fuses ... all fine.  Call the 'leccy board & nothing's wrong in the area ... they get me to unplug a few things & retry the fuses - power !

Start plugging back & it all blows again ...":censored:" thinks me ..., ":censored: dishwasher's crapped out !!!"

So much for my bonus buying me some toys  :headbutt: :'(

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