Great British Railway Journeys - BBC2 8:35am

Started by guest2, December 30, 2010, 09:37:17 AM

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Great British Railway Journeys - BBC2 8:35am

Michael Portillo travels around the UK, and visiting stations, and finding out what made that area prosper.


Another one on tomorrow mate.  It's been good with that, and then the Indian program afterwards.


Looks like they've put it back up on iPlayer again while the series is on. First 4 episodes are up now.


Been on three or four times now, the Beeb seem to repeat the whole series every 3 or 4months, not that I'm complaining mind  8)  so you should be able to catch up.

The Indian Hill Railway series is on about its 3rd time round too, watched the Mumbai one again this morning, still find it fascinating, they move 6 million through Mumbai per day  :o

The Ffestiniog Railway is one of the companies that does trips to India on the various small Railways, as I recall it is about a 1 month trip, doesn't include meals or porterage and costs over £4000 each, keep buying that lottery ticket!


Yikes, 4 Grand!  And you think of the 'pennies' it probably costs in reality.

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