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Can I please ask what the members out there use to make their platforms, as I need to make some to fit my layout that probably do not exist in kit form? Are the Peco or Ratio platform kits suitable to make your own width/length? Would Metcalfe be better? Strength but minimum weight are the most obvious criteria, but they need to be tailor made to suit my track diagram. I guess it's relatively easy to make some to fit straight track, but how about curves and how easy were the end ramps to make? All suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


As my platforms are completely straight I am using timber
B&Q offer strip timber that is the perfect height
The lengths work out of cheaper than any kit I could find

This will then have brick paper applied
The ramps will use modified Kestrel standard ramps, again lined with brick paper


Thank you both for pointing me in the right direction. As I appear to have left 'newbie' status behind today and become a full member, I am still too new to know what is where and waht has been discussed before. I guess other newbies will also come up with questions like me that have been well debated previously.


Quote from: newportnobby on June 01, 2011, 08:32:08 PM
I guess other newbies will also come up with questions like me that have been well debated previously.
The 'oldbies' were once 'newbies' (whether here or elsewhere) and had to ask questions or search around for answers and are prepared to passs their knowledge on to help others.
Never be afraid to ask a question you cant apear dafter than I have with some of my questions :-[
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Re: Grainge & Hodder baseboards


If you look near the top of the screen on the right hand side you will see a search box, you can always put a key word in there and see what it finds on the forum.

Try it with "platform" and see what happens  ;)


Doh! Didn't see that facility - guess I should look what I'm doing. However, typed in 'platforms' results found. Double Doh!


Very strange, I get 3 hits, don't understand why you are getting nothing  ???

port perran

I have a curved platform. I used plasticard for the surface and cardboard to make the curved face. I found that in order to get clearances just right it's easier to make a template of the surface in cardboard first. Run a train with your longest carriages past to check clearances. Obviously make it too big to start then cut to shape a tiny bit at a time.
I'm sure I'll get used to cream first soon.

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