Which is the best n gauge HST (not Pullman)

Started by AndyD21, February 11, 2024, 06:44:02 PM

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I have a Dapol HST and I'm very happy with it. If you want to run it on dcc then don't buy the dcc fitted version because it will come with their own Imperium decoders which are cheap and cheerful. Buy the dcc ready version. It's very simple to fit a decoder - just prise off the roof of the unit. A Zimo MN180N18 would be a good buy for fitting to the power unit but any old Next 18, chip - whatever is cheapest - will be fine for the non-powered end lighting.

Remember to pick up some extra coaches at the same time.  Do a bit of advance research to know which ones you want The Dapol Mk3 coaches are all pre-wired for lighting so maybe pick up some Dapol cool white light bars for them too. They just fix in the groove beneth the coach roof (which easily prises off) and plug in.

It's also worth swapping the NEM couplings for Hunt Magnetic Couplings which, again, is very simple. The standard pack of couplings they sell for the Class 43 will be fine down to about 12" radius curves but if you have tighter curves then you'll need the slightly longer (medium length I think) couplings.


Many places, that routinely ship outside of the UK will accept payment in the shop premises for shipment to your foreign address and will deduct the VAT at the point of sale. Check with them first, you may be able to enjoy the shop visit and not have to buy on line. You still will not be able to take the product away with you, as it has to be shipped directly by them.

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