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Started by hoppy504, February 10, 2024, 07:42:04 PM

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Do any forum members run their locos without the tyres fitted ? If running without tyres do you fit new wheels or just run as is.
I have just purchased a 9F on a whim, my layout being small I donot require large pulling power.
Thanks for any help.


Quite simply; If a loco is designed to have traction tyres (i.e. has grooved wheels), you should always run with tyres fitted. If it is designed without tyres, run as is and don't try to fit any...

The only locos for which alternative axles are available, and it is fairly easy to swap, are the Farish tender-drive units (some of which come with a spare in the box giving the choice of 1 or 2 tyred axles). If a loco is driven through the loco wheels (as both the Dapol 9F and the older Minitrix version are) swapping wheels is much more complex is it requires dismantling of the connection rods


Thanks for your speedy reply.


Are you saying your 9f is missing a tyre or two? Is it the Dapol or the old Minitrix model?   

Replace them, they're not expensive.  Don't run with exposed grooves they will collect dirt and also damage the tips of point frogs when they run over them. Not to mention the loss of haulage capability of course.
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