Bellows for coaches - what are my options?

Started by EMUlator, February 08, 2024, 03:34:53 PM

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I'm still in the planning stages of my N gauge layout but have accumulated quite a lot of the ingredients; however, I'd be grateful for some advice regarding corridor connectors. 

I bought a set of Dapol High Window Maunsell coaches which came with corridor connectors and this struck me as a really nice idea, something which didn't exist when I was last involved with model railways. 

However, none of the other Dapol coaches I've added to the collection has them included and I don't know if this is because they were individual items rather than a set or if they're only offered on specific models (the gaps in the knowledge of a newbie/returner!). 

So I'm left wondering what is available in the way of bellows and what works with which model; did Farish ever do a similar thing with their ranges? 

All help appreciated! 


I'd say don't bother unless you have really really large radius curves on your layout.   There are some simple concertina designs out there but they don't cope well with tight curves nor with pointwork especially things like S bends on crossovers etc.
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Thanks for the reply.  This is useful to know, as I'm not yet in a position to have actually tried the rolling stock.  Theory vs practice and all that... 

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