Would You Be Interested In An NGF 10 Year Wagon/Van? - available now!,

Started by Tank, January 01, 2021, 09:58:58 PM

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Hello all,

Due to some positive comments, I'm looking at commissioning some rolling stock to commemorate 10 years of the NGF.

Firstly, I need to find out what rolling stock if available for commissions, and also try to balance something that can be used over a wide time range to include as many members as possible.  Of course, that may be difficult to do!

So, this is just for general interest at the moment to see how popular these may be.  :)  Do let us know!  Obviously this may be difficult without you knowing what they may be, what they will look like design wise, and how much.  But, this is just to show interest.

Ideas of what you'd like on the chosen rolling stock are appreciated. :thumbsup:

Thank you,


Maybe chris / Tank a simple 5 / 7 plank open wagon 16 tonnes or a box van be an ideal starting point. Cheers. Happy new year. Chris


I would think a 3 or 7 plank  wagon or 16 ton box van would be worth a look but  I would consider most wagons.


How about a set of decals rather than wagon?

A small sheet could cover 5,7 planks and a Tank.

Makes it easier for postage for those in the colonies.

...just thinking out loud.



My thoughts are thus:

More often than not a commemorative wagon looks great, but is completely useless on a layout. "Bertram Modellers 23rd Year Exhibition at the Bull Ring" doesn't really fit into anyones era.

Something that people could actually use would be nice. Slightly more subtle wording could be done...

...and just spit-balling here...

..."NGF - Purveyors of Fine Works"
..."Founded in 2010"
..."10 Years of serving our Community"

A seven plank open wagon or closed goods wagon I'm thinking.

If you went for the 'Founded in..' option then it'd work for future members.

That's my thoughts for a start.
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Hi Chris @Tank,

I'm in, wagon or decals  :thumbsup:

Happy New year to you and yours.

Cheers, weave  :beers:


I think it's an excellent idea. Prototypicality (if that's a word - I suspect not) is not an issue for me. It's a fun thing, and commerates an occasion.

I'm not interested in decals, just a wagon. Here a the Antipodes I run a souvenir/commemorative train with wagons from Minatur Wunderland, Kyoto Railway museum, and of course NGF!

Count me in!  :thumbsup:

Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


I agree with George. Any sort of wagon with NGF on the sides would be OK for me.
The years have been good to me, it was the weekends that did the damage.


I would also be interested...
...and surely the most appropriate type of wagon would have to be...

...a Tank wagon... :D


Put me down for 10 (and I am being serious). 8)
They would match the 10 NGS white box vans I have, from way, way back. :(
They're so old, the foam in the packaging has started disintegrating... :o

"Underground, Overground: Our friends Electric"


It's a difficult one, this.

Comemoratives are nice in a way ... and yet ... I have this N Gauge Society van. Do I ever do anything with it? Nope. It never runs in a train ... it just sits gathering dust.

A special edition of some sort ... a wagon in a livery that you can ONLY get here ... might hold more interest. But then you run into the age old problem that you can't please all the people, and what would be appropriate to run on one person's layout wouldn't be appropriate for another.

And so you come back to the idea of a comemorative. But how about something that COULD run on layouts ... like, oh, I don't know ... a PO wagon in the name of N. G. F. Orum & Associates, wagon number 10 ...
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I'm sorry, but I can't understand the difficulty!

OF COURSE you can run it on a layout - any layout, any time! It commemorates an achievement!

Even at an exhibition, it could be put into a train somewhere.

I mean, really. If you don't want one, don't buy one!
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


It's not a difficult one, this.

It just sits gathering dust.

Well, maybe not. It is however not for me I think these type of things are a complete waste of time such as the old Christmas Specials etc.

Sorry folks if you don't agree.


Well, as I said, you're not obligated to get one. However, I am very fond of my collectors editions, and as can be seen in the photo, they don't just sit in their boxes gathering dust.

I wonder if any other members have a 1996 Peco Golden Jubilee wagon?  ;)

Dig them gold wheels, man!  :headbang:
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


I wonder if you could persuade Robbie Burns (Robbie's Rolling Stock) to do a run of something based on the Peco 7-plank, van or 14T tank wagon kits?
I (and several other members, I believe) have his set of Trumpton 7-plankers and I'm very happy with them - both quality and price.

If the volume would be too great for him to handle as RTR, maybe he could just do the transfers for people to apply themselves.


I concur with others in this thread, i really don't care what you produce I am in for one. I even have an American box car which was a commemorative car produced for the 1991 n-scale convention in Melbourne, where I spent the whole long weekend running the only UK based layout. Should hunt it out for a show and tell.

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