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Author Topic: NGF Membership Cards  (Read 7057 times)

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Offline IanUK

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Re: NGF Membership Cards
« Reply #45 on: November 13, 2013, 07:36:41 PM »
I agree that this forum should remain free access to all but, on the other hand I do not see what would be wrong with a membership fee for those amongst who would like to hold a membership card for the NGF.

A lot of us have joined the N Gauge Society, and the benefits it brings, so maybe there would benefits in having such a membership.

Obviously it comes down to cost and the administration, but on the plus side if through a membership it brings extra revenue for the site then I'm all for it.

Just my two penneth.


I agree with you Ian but the trouble is each good idea carries such a back narrative as well. While I'm all in favour of membership cards - who prints them and who pays up front? What about the logistics of record-keeping, stationery, admin and postage costs etc?  Someone always ends up doing a lot of extra unpaid work... and it's often the same people too.

I'd happily pay an annual membership fee of 5 to use NGF. Great - lots of dosh to enable NGF to be even better than it is - BUT - who holds the dosh - who opens a bank account for NGF memberships - who does the work involved - would the increased income push NGF into all the hassles of accounts, accountants, AGMs etc...not to mention the taxman.

And so it goes on. I suppose sometimes it's better to keep the status quo rather than open up the Pandora's box mentioned above. I've experienced at least one model railway group that ended up spending more time arguing about all the stuff above that talking about railways.

While I would pay to use NGF, and I would like a membership card - I do not want NGF to be deflected away from the superb job that is being done right now without either.


My friend, with regard to part of your sentence "open up the Pandora's box mentioned above" I cannot see what part of my posts relates to this.  I felt my post was a balanced and more "sitting on the fence" than advocating all out membership.

My view remains that NGF is free access to all. I was not making a case for membership, but merely pointing out that if membership was offered then it would be an individuals choice to apply. I also pointed out that there could be potential cost and administration implications in running such a membership.

With regard to who holds the money or operates the business end etc. that's up to Tank, he holds the financial burden for this site of which we all enjoy, and he has to find the revenue to keep the software and the servers running.

As it pointed out in another thread the membership for this site has now approached 3000, so why doesn't the monthly donations reflect this? I have made several donations to the site.

This is just an if; If 100 of those members (excluding Tank and the Mods) chose to pay an annual membership fee of 10, that's 1000 of instant revenue to keep the lights on in here.

Instead of putting my two penneth in this time, I'm off to shove another Tenner in the pot.....have you?


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People say I'm small minded and live in my own little world; maybe their right!

Offline KTM

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Re: NGF Membership Cards
« Reply #46 on: November 13, 2013, 08:28:44 PM »
You misunderstand, the Pandora's Box I referred to was in my post not yours.
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Offline Dock Shunter

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Re: NGF Membership Cards
« Reply #47 on: November 13, 2013, 08:38:25 PM »
For Gauds sake.The forum works perfectly well as it is.
We don't need pieces of paper telling us we are a member. :no:
We don't need affiliation to other N Gauge groups.We all co exist quite well as we are
If members want to make donations to the forum that's great,if they don't...no problem.
If it got to a point were funds for the forum are low then like in the past, Chris will tell us and we will put our hands in our pockets.
Like i have already said,why change or try to fix something that works perfectly well as it is....?

Offline scotsoft

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Re: NGF Membership Cards
« Reply #48 on: November 13, 2013, 09:10:04 PM »
There is no plans for membership cards as far as I am aware.

The donation scheme was introduced for those members who wished to help keep the forum going could do so.

Therefore this discussion has come to its end and the thread will be locked  :locked:



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