Started by mojo, March 30, 2024, 03:03:23 PM

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I have some Phoenix Precision enamel paints which according to the tin are Dull, but the finish is very definitely shiny.
I seem to remember a tip to add talcum powder to achieve a matt finish.
Is this correct?
Has anyone used this method, was it successful and how much do you add?



Maybe not stirring enough?  Enamels need 3x as much stirring as you think they need :)
If after that they still refuse to dry matt then I'd suggest an overcoat of matt varnish rather than adding impurities to the paint.
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Ali Smith

I find that Phoenix "dull" paints are just that: they have a sheen to them but are not really glossy and not truly matt either.
I have used the talcum powder trick and it did work, but that was as an impoverished teenager over 50 years ago. Modern paints are probably formulated differently so it might not work now. I agree with Nick @ntpntpntp that a coat of matt varnish is the right way to go.

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