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Started by Hightower, March 23, 2024, 08:23:05 PM

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The laptop I use to control my layout is old and knackered and definitely needs to be replaced, so I'm looking for ideas of what settup others use for computer control of their layouts. (In terms of laptops, monitors etc rather that software.)

My current laptop to a 40cm (15.5 inch) screen. I dont really want a screen any smaller then this, but it doesn't look like many laptops come in this size anymore. I'm therefore wondering about remote screens and weather to put them on the front of the layout or on the wall behind. I currently sit my laptop on a saw horse just under but level with the front of the layout.

What settup do others use?


joe cassidy

All the major suppliers of laptops offer a product with a 15" screen.


I am using an old desktop standing upright on floor with a 24" Iiyama Prolite screen.


 no connection to them   but  look  at   ao .com  plenty of  15.5"   available  and  bigger   starting  at  £199  but  check  processors


joe cassidy

I bought an Acer last week. It works OK.

Before that I had a Hewlet Pacard that looked elegant and had a better keyboard but after 2 years use the screen spontaneously parted company with the body of the laptop.

lil chris

Common problem that Joe, I have seen plenty videos of the hinges being replaced, but if was old it might be worth updating anyway. You have to take care there are a lot of rubbish computers and laptops out there with old processors in them, so slow, just because it's new does not mean it's any good.
Chris H.
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