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Started by Graham63, December 09, 2022, 07:32:25 PM

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There is an excellent article on building an LNER A5 by Ian Cairns in this issue. Graham


Nice mention for @Dunston in nominations for RM Cup and an N gauge layout too


Not received my subscription copy yet. Had my weekly visit from postie yesterday.!


The Q

Got my copy a couple of days ago, not had a chance to read it yet...


Quote from: Graham63 on December 09, 2022, 07:32:25 PM
There is an excellent article on building an LNER A5 by Ian Cairns in this issue. Graham

Graham @Graham63:

Thanks for the shout out!  I was very pleased that the Railway Modeller staff took my N gauge article and then developed a whole section on the LNER Class A5 by adding photos, scale drawings and detailed prototype information.  It turned my modest submission into a more meaningful section of the magazine.
There is more information on the loco here on my 'Ferryhill' thread:



I noticed that in my digital subscription, I had a quick scan but am saving reading the article till I can give it some time and a nice cuppa :). It looks like an awesome article


Hi Ian: I have been building a Robinson A5 from your very useful article (my first attempt using a 3D printed body, yes, they are delicate!). I'm a bit stuck on the appropriate Fox transfers - huge number of items. Would you possibly have the codes for the lining-out etc?


Hi @Loft:

I used the following decal sheets from Fox Transfers for the LNER Class A5 loco.

FRH 2075/1R General Mixed Traffic Lining - LNWR & BR: 

FRH2075/6 - Twin Red Boiler Banding/Cylinder Cover Lining - LNWR & BR: 

FRH2001 - Early Lion and Wheel Totem (3 sizes):

I do not think that Fox makes complete numbers for an A5 so the cabside numbers were cut from the following sheet.
FRH 2008/61 Cabside Number Sets: 

FRH 2099/081: Eastern Region Smokebox Number Sets 69713-69936

I hope this helps.

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