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General Discussion / Re: what are you listening to ...
Last post by Trainfish - Today at 12:32:58 PM
Stand outside and watch/listen though the window. It's cheaper too  :thumbsup:
General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
Last post by Graham - Today at 11:04:08 AM
I had visitors here from Sweden, who decided to go to Sydney for the day yesterday, as you can imagine it was bit stressful until I heard they were ok. Luckily they only did the best touristy things, Manly Ferry, Opera House and Queen Vic building.
General Discussion / Re: what are you listening to ...
Last post by Newportnobby - Today at 09:46:13 AM
@Trainfish Very good, John. Sadly, since my triple bypass, I can't go to live gigs due to sound engineers turning everything up to 'volume 11' as sound waves then reverberate through my chest and make me physically ill. For the same reason I can't go to the cinema.
"What do you find most striking in Eli's painting, Giles?"

"Above all, her depiction of light, Jeremy. Eli is truly gifted in the way she paints how the light interacts with the figure's features in a highly realistic fashion. The light dances upon the figure's countenance, casting a gentle radiance that accentuates her pronounced cheekbones and the delicate curve of her nose. It shimmers in her cerulean-green eyes, making them appear as if they hold within the very essence of life itself. They twinkle with an inner luminescence, reflecting a depth of comprehension that surpasses the usual. It glides over her lips, highlighting their natural curve and giving them a soft, welcoming appearance. Her subtle smile seems to hint at secret amusement, as if she finds the world's absurdities comical yet chooses to remain silent. The overall expression on her face is one of benevolent authority, a silent testament to her dominion over the earth and its constituents. It's an expression that commands respect, yet also radiates warmth and affability. It's a face that tells of an eternal bond with the earth, a chronicle of nurturing and growth, of cycles and seasons, of life in all its diverse forms."

"Indeed, quite fascinating, Giles. I eagerly anticipate the moment when Eli displays it."

"It will be well worth the wait, old chap. The light also plays upon the figure's crown, making the various elements sparkle and shine, further emphasising her majestic bearing and her profound connection with the earth. The interplay of light and shadow on her magnificent form serves to underline her celestial beauty and the power she wields as the embodiment of the earth. It's truly a sight to see, a testament to the prowess of the painter and the grandeur of her subject."

"Ah! That must indeed be Gaia, old sport!"

"Indeed, Jeremy, the personified progenitor of all existence, as she materialised in the Grand Hall of Trevelver Castle on that unforgettable autumn night when the Daleks were defeated!"

"And Angela Evans was on the brink of perishing, old chap!"

"Indeed, but, by Jove, she's fully recuperated now, Jeremy. But let's return to Eli's atelier. Gracing a pinboard perched on a secondary easel alongside, Eli has affixed an inspiring montage. Sketches, postcards, and timeworn photographs intermingle, each telling its own story. Eli's pinboard is a mosaic of inspiration, each piece contributing to her vision of Gaia. There are several sketches of expansive landscapes, from towering peaks to verdant forests. Each sketch captures the essence of the earth's diverse ecosystems, embodying Gaia's role as the mother of all life.

"The postcards are from various corners of the globe, exhibiting the earth's splendour in its many forms. There's a postcard of the Amazon Rainforest, representing Gaia's wild, untamed side. Another postcard shows the serene Sahara Desert at sunset, symbolising Gaia's calm and peaceful aspect. A postcard of the Great Barrier Reef highlights the vibrant life beneath the sea, a reminder of Gaia's nurturing spirit.

"The timeworn photographs lend a touch of nostalgia to the montage. They showcase images of venerable trees, including Great Basin bristlecone pine trees from California and Nevada, in the United States, symbolising Gaia's enduring existence and wisdom. There are also colour photographs of blossoming flowers and teeming wildlife, representing the earth's ceaseless cycle of life and Gaia's role in nurturing growth and renewal.

"Sprinkled among the images are colour swatches in various hues of green, brown, and blue, representing the earth's terrain, flora, and bodies of water. As I've mentioned, these colours feature prominently in Eli's depiction of Gaia."
General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
Last post by Bealman - Today at 01:39:54 AM
Turns out the killer was from Queensland, and was known to police up there. He had a history of mental health issues.

Apparently the policewoman applied CPR after she'd shot him. Dunno why, but it didn't work anyway.
General Discussion / Re: what are you listening to ...
Last post by Trainfish - Today at 01:39:01 AM
Quote from: Newportnobby on April 08, 2024, 07:56:26 PMArguably one of the greatest pieces of Southern Rock ever made. Itused to be a biker's anthem too :D

If you ever get a chance to see Skinny Molly make sure you don't miss it. Mike Estes who was in Skynyrd (for a couple of years in the '90s) and Blackfoot (who hasn't been?) is the lead guitarist and vocalist along with Kurt Pietro also from Blackfoot (see?) on drums. Molly Hatchet guitarist Dave Hlubek was in the original line-up hence the band name, he left early on though. Jay Johnson, also ex Blackfoot (I did warn you) is also a guitarist with the band. I've seen them maybe 4 times in Devizes but would happily travel further afield to see them. They obviously play a lot of Skynyrd and Blackfoot stuff but they do a fantastic version of Copperhead Road among others. Fantastic guys to chat to as I have done a few times due to a small venue and they mix with folk after the gig as they do like a beer.
Here's something from them:

General Discussion / Re: An Eventful Christmas at T...
Last post by Chris in Prague - Yesterday at 03:47:07 PM
"It is indeed a fascinating piece, Jeremy", sighed Giles. "In my modest and untutored opinion, it is Eli's most splendid creation thus far. I'm utterly astounded by her remarkable abilities. The figure's gown seems to be crafted from the most exquisite filaments of emerald silk, each strand glistening with a celestial luminescence. The material cascades over her magnificent form like a tumbling waterfall, its surface undulating. The elaborate designs on the fabric reflect the intricacy of the natural world, with each thread interlacing to form a tapestry of awe-inspiring splendour.

"For the gown, in all its radiant magnificence, is not simply a piece of clothing. It is a symbol of her bond with the earth, a manifestation of her sovereignty over it. It is a testament to her regality, her fortitude, and her nurturing essence. It is, at its very core, a reflection of her soul.

"Her crown is crafted from a woven tapestry of twisted twigs and vines, transformed into exquisite designs, embodying the wild and untamed side of nature. It is adorned with vibrant green leaves from the most magnificent trees, symbolising her kinship with all plant life. Nestled amongst the leaves are flowers blooming in a rainbow of colours, representing the planet's biodiversity and the splendour of its flora.

"Nestled within the foliage are precious stones—not cut and polished in the manner of conventional jewels, but in their raw, natural form. There's the deep blue of sapphire for the oceans, the incandescent crimson of ruby for the earth's core, the clear radiance of quartz for the purity of the air, and the vibrant green of emeralds, symbolising the lushness of the earth's vegetation and the figure's nurturing spirit. Each jewel in the diadem represents a distinct facet of her dominion.

"There's also a sprinkling of grains of fine sand from the globe's deserts, an acknowledgement of the earth's arid regions. Lastly, augmenting the diadem's grandeur are feathers from various birds, symbolising her sovereignty over the heavens.

"This crown, in all its natural splendour, is a symbol of her sovereignty over all life, her nurturing spirit, and her pivotal role in the earth's ceaseless cycle of growth and renewal. It's not merely a crown—it's a celebration of the earth itself.

"Her aura radiates sagacity as if she harbours the enigmas of creation. Her figure blends seamlessly with the landscape, emphasising her intimate connection to the earth.

"Her bounteous bosom, ample abdomen and broad hips suggest the existence she nurtures—lush forests, majestic mountains, and mighty rivers that flourish under her watchful gaze. She is encircled by flora and the quartet of seasons, the Horae—the Hours in Hellenic mythology—embodying the seasons and the natural divisions of time, signifying her sovereignty over the changing seasons. She stands at the heart of creation, her form both ancient and eternal. She is the pulse of the Earth, murmuring secrets to those, like Eli, who lend an ear. Eli's layers of oil paint, from cobalt blue to emerald green, burnt sienna and raw umber, interweave depth and texture, blending harmoniously, infusing vitality into the painting."
General Discussion / Re: An Eventful Christmas at T...
Last post by dannyboy - Yesterday at 03:26:40 PM
Quote from: Chris in Prague on Yesterday at 06:22:56 AMthe cool, smooth fabric contrasting with the gentle caress of the silk and lace against her bare skin, sending shivers of anticipation through her body

her body. Think I need a Guinness from the fridge!  :)
General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
Last post by Newportnobby - Yesterday at 12:53:47 PM
Saw it on the news this morning. Seems every country has its nutjobs :(
At least Joe Public won't be paying for his upkeep in stir so fair dinkums to the police woman.
I hope she gets the correct counselling after, though
General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
Last post by crewearpley40 - Yesterday at 12:08:07 PM
Hope your relatives are safe gents . Just seen this on the BBC news page online
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