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Started by guest2, September 17, 2012, 02:32:45 PM

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We have a new modification to the forum where a moderator can contact a member, and a copy of that message and any replies will be able to be read in the 'moderators' part of the forum.  This will help us to help you quicker with any problems that you may have - rather than having to wait for that staff member to be online.

You can of course send a moderator a Private Message, and it will remain private as usual.  However, if it's a general inquiry, then the moderators can all view the message and work together to resolve your issue faster and with less duplicate messages.

The PM's will come from the 'NGF Staff' account, rather than the individual staff members account.



Dear Tank,
I would be glad of your advice please...
I received an order from one of your advertisers, which I was unhappy with and contacted the seller, who admitted that another person had had a problem.
He eventually sent a packet, which amounted to half what I had previously ordered, so I thanked him and requested that he complete the order and I would return the faulty goods. This was before Christmas and he has not responded to my emails.
I am reluctant to go public with my concerns about the seller.
What would you advise please?
N J Bennett


Hi Nigel,

Could you send me a PM about it please and I'll try and help.



Hi Tank,

Apologies or the delay in replying. I did not want to go public with the name and am glad I did not as the issue is now sorted amicably, thanks.


N J Bennett

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