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Started by Tank, July 19, 2023, 05:16:45 PM

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It worky :) Well done @Tank and @NGFTech for suitable application of technical knowledge, spanners and suitable application of brute force to get it running :)


Quote from: Trainfish on July 21, 2023, 12:00:01 AMI don't like the colour. Is this something I can change here?

Take them 'rose-tinted' specs off.
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The little set of options at top left of the page - ie unread mail since last visit  etc wil I hope be restored RSN?

A great job and not a trivial task! How many  £ do we have to raise to keep it humming?
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Unread mail? Do you mean "Unread Posts" and "Updated Topics"?

This new forum has lots of features but it will be up to Admin to enable them unless what you are describing is a special modification.


Have the "Like/Thank you" "Funny" etc buttons disappeared?
Cheers, Trev.

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Quote from: TrevL on July 21, 2023, 07:23:21 AMHave the "Like/Thank you" "Funny" etc buttons disappeared?

Was about to ask the same thing. People seem to be doing it but I can't see where I can do it from.


I can't find them either!
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Cannot work out how to add photos


I'm assuming because it is early days, that these things will be sorted in time. Tank did warn members that when the forum did return, it would be restricted.

Personally, I'm not even going to attempt to post pics or any post at all on threads (apart from this one), until things return to the forum we are familiar with.
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.



I too have had the 'database error' message occasionally and can not see how to add a 'thank you' etc. to a post. I realise that there will be teething problems until it is all sorted out, but a big 'thank you', (again), to everybody involved it getting the forum to where it is. In view of the foregoing problems, I will not be visiting again for a week - okay, I am having a week in the UK from tomorrow, but I will be back with the 'groaners' next weekend.  :)
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Well done, Tank!  I hate to think how much time I've saved over the past few days when NGF was down....


Quote from: Railwaygun on July 21, 2023, 02:09:24 AMThe little set of options at top left of the page - ie unread mail since last visit  etc wil I hope be restored RSN?

Unread Posts is top right of the panel, I'm using it.

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Quote from: crewearpley40 on July 21, 2023, 08:21:12 AMCannot work out how to add photos
Until we get an equivalent option to the "add image and post" link we had previously,  I suggest add the photo to a gallery first (maybe in a different browser tab) and then copy the BB code into your post.   That's how I did mine yesterday and my previous post above.
Nick.   2021 celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Königshafen" exhibition layout!

port perran

Yep, unread posts and Updated Topics top right for me and working just fine.
I managed to add a photo to my Camelbridge topic but it was a tad convoluted. No doubt there is an easier method but just trying to work it out.
Overall, I like the new look and feel.
I'm sure we'll all grow accustomed to it over the next few days.
I'm sure I'll get used to cream first soon.

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