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Started by guest2, December 06, 2018, 03:38:02 PM

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port perran

I'm sure I'll get used to cream first soon.


The speed is brill now, no doubt about that!  :thumbsup:

However, at the risk of getting my marching orders from the boss, I'd still like to see a simple plug and play method of uploading pictures to my galleries without resizing, going through Flickr, etc, as in times of old.

I have a heap of railway themed pics from last year's Japanese trip I'd like to bore members with!  ;D
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Agree with George. Any news on what's happening with the pics?

Thanks for what's been done already.

Cheers weave  :beers:


Quote from: Bealman on February 27, 2019, 08:09:30 PM

I have a heap of railway themed pics from last year's Japanese trip I'd like to bore members with!  ;D

Note to Tank - take your time with George's request.............................................please :-X


Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


Thirded. A brilliant forum and an upgrade too. Thanks, Tank.


Still waiting on the developer I'm afraid.  :thumbsdown:

Thank you for your kind words everyone.  They mean a lot as it's quite stressful.


Quote from: Tank on February 28, 2019, 10:13:07 PM
Still waiting on the developer I'm afraid.  :thumbsdown:

That's why it takes so long to get pictures on the forum - we are back to the old days of using developing chemicals.  :)
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Could we disable the " add single picture option", and rename the add multiple pictures option  which is almost easy to use!
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I use the 'add multiple' option for even one pic for that very reason. It's just easier.
I also note there are 2 pics from each page bumped to the next page which, of course, just increases the number of pages to scour through :doh:


Nope, just need to wait I'm afraid.  I've already spent hundreds on something that we don't have!


Quote from: Bob Tidbury on February 27, 2019, 07:28:00 PM
I haven't seen any posts on here recently about the Forum upgrade so I would like to say a huge  :thankyousign: to everyone involved ,The Forum is now running at top speed now and not many people have said so ,though there were  several moaning about this that and the other and quick enough to complain when there were problems ,I said at the time allthough I don't understand all this computer stuff even I knew it was a huge challenge and not just a flick of a switch .
So once again a huge  :thankyousign: .
Bob Tidbury

I too would like to congratulate those that have worked tirelessly on the upgrade. Many thanks for your sterling work.  :claphappy:
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here here, great job to one and all involved, just working in Cambodia on a big IT upgrade and understand what you went through.

Absolutely flying along here.


Is anyone having problems viewing pages on IOS (iPad) today or is it just me? Pc worked OK but I'm getting on the iPad the error: "Cannot connect to server" on some pages, e.g. my messages.
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Yes it was very slow on my IPad this morning but it seems to be OK now .
Bob Tidbury

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