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General Discussion / Re: My Dads N Gauge layout, lo...
Last post by PLD - Yesterday at 10:38:49 PM
The other potential route is to contact your local Model Railway Society (was your dad a member of a club?)

Most will assist in valuation and many have sales channels through which they can handle sales for you (generally for a percentage of the sales value) It may take a little longer to dispose of everything, but you will certainly receive a larger value than a bulk sale to the trade.
General Discussion / Re: My Dads N Gauge layout, lo...
Last post by Newportnobby - Yesterday at 10:20:16 PM
So sorry to hear of your loss
Have you a local Model Railway Club who could be of assistance?
General Discussion / Re: Mark Knopfler's 'Going Hom...
Last post by Malc - Yesterday at 10:02:28 PM
Nice to see Jeff Beck, Ry Cooder, Steve Cropper and Albert Lee on the list
General Discussion / Re: Mark Knopfler's 'Going Hom...
Last post by Bealman - Yesterday at 10:01:52 PM
That looks fantastic!  :thumbsup:
General Discussion / Re: My Dads N Gauge layout, lo...
Last post by Bob G - Yesterday at 08:49:08 PM
I am the N Gauge Society Helpline Coordinator and have been modelling in N gauge since 1971. I have the formal valuations of all stock produce that your dad would have acquired, and I am happy to talk with you thorough private message on my views of what its worth and what to do with it.

Take care

Bob Gregory
General Discussion / Re: My Dads N Gauge layout, lo...
Last post by GlenEglise - Yesterday at 08:28:38 PM
Condolences on your loss.

As you say you have limited time to do sales then you will either dispose via a retailer or auction house.

You are unlikely to receive full value through either route.

Kindest regards,

General Discussion / My Dads N Gauge layout, locomo...
Last post by Paul Wontner - Yesterday at 06:21:45 PM
So, I've joined this forum, and the same on Facebook as a way in to the world of N Gauge. My father died recently and I have the role of finding a home for his layout and all his kit. He had been a keen modeller all his life and created 2 00 gauge layouts and 2 N gauge. We have numerous locomotives and rolling stock, all from the British age of steam with one early diesel. The majority of the locos are Graham Farrish/Bachmann. At this stage, I would just like some advice on the best way to sell them. I am looking to do it efficiently and not individual sales as I simply don't have time. I have a pdf file with images of all the stock and his layout. Very happy to receive any help you experts can provide  :bounce: 
General Discussion / Re: An Eventful Christmas at T...
Last post by Chris in Prague - Yesterday at 06:17:15 PM
As they ascended into the crisp winter sky from RAF Northolt, the rhythmic thud of the helicopter blades echoed through the chilly air, the soundtrack for their journey.

Soon, they had left London and its suburbs behind. Lisa eagerly peered out of the loading bay window, observing the picturesque English countryside passing below, adorned with a thick covering of freshly fallen snow that sparkled in the afternoon sunlight. Despite the urgency of their mission, there was a serene beauty to the landscape, imbuing their flight with a sense of tranquillity.

Inside the helicopter, the atmosphere was one of focused determination, tempered by a shared sense of camaraderie among the crew. Jim meticulously rechecked the cargo, ensuring that each relief supply remained securely stowed for the journey ahead. In the cabin above, the lead pilot, with his steady hand on the controls, expertly navigated their course towards the first scheduled drop location en route to Trevelver Castle.

The last of the drops successfully made to supply the designated isolated villages and hamlets, as they approached their destination, the rugged coastline of North Cornwall came into view, its cliffs and coves bathed in the fading light of the winter late afternoon. With precision and skill, the pilot guided the helicopter towards the designated landing site near Trevelver Castle, where the team of castle staff, led by Jeremy and Huw, awaiting their arrival, had lit flares to mark the location.

Touching down with a gentle jolt, the Westland Whirlwind settled onto the snow-covered ground, its 1,000 hp engine powering down as the rotor blades slowed to a stop and the powdery snow raised by its rotors fell back again around its landing place. With the last of the relief supplies safely unloaded from the helicopter ready to be carried over to a pair of waiting Landrovers, Lisa and her two companions disembarked, greeted by a hearty welcome and expressions of thanks from Lord and Lady Trevelver.

Despite the challenges of the journey, there was a sense of accomplishment in the air as Giles and Jim quickly unloaded the last of supplies outside the helicopter, knowing that their efforts would make a difference in the lives of those living in the isolated area around Trevelver Castle on this special Christmas Day. As everyone watched the Whirlwind depart into the horizon, its mission successfully completed, Lisa felt a sense of pride in being part of such an important endeavour.
General Discussion / Re: Mark Knopfler's 'Going Hom...
Last post by Newportnobby - Yesterday at 12:30:04 PM
It was featured on BBC Breakfast this morning, Chris.
I hope they raise a shedload of money
General Discussion / Modrail Swindon 2024
Last post by Ditape - Yesterday at 12:11:12 PM
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