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N'porium FAQ and Terms of Use - Updated 30/9/13

These FAQs have been compiled to help you with the N'porium section by answering some of the most common queries. Please take the time to read them as it could save you time and effort in the future.

We are still adding to the FAQs so please remember to keep checking for updates.

We are working to ensure that the N'porium section works as smoothly as possible. Please be aware that we are not a dedicated auction site such as eBay so please bear with us if there are any hiccups - and if you find any then please report them to us.

Can I advertise an item for sale if it's for sale elsewhere?
I'm afraid not! To avoid disappointment to future buyers we don't allow you to advertise elsewhere at the same time that they are advertised on the N'porium.

What do I need to do before advertising an item?
You will need an accurate description of your item with it’s condition, any faults, postage and how you want to be paid. We recommend that you keep a copy of this (either in a text file or on paper in case something goes wrong and you need to refer to it again). Please do not offer the item elsewhere at the same time - you will have your item removed!

You also need to have at least one good quality picture for the listings in the For Sale or Swap sections. It is up to you if you wish to include a picture in any Wanted listings. No item will be approved unless a picture is present. Please make sure your photographs are clear and relevant to the item. The picture must also be of the actual item, third party images from catalogues or the web etc are not acceptable. The Moderators may ask for another picture before approving if they do not consider the picture to be of high enough quality, to which you will have 3 days to edit the listing before it will be removed.

Before sending your item for approval by the Moderators, please double check that all of the details are correct - particularly the price. You will also see a link to our Terms of Use, please take the time to read it.

I cannot see the N'porium on the Mobile version
The N'porium is not available on the Mobile version. You will need to use the full version.

Who can use the N'porium?
The N'porium is only visible to members with more than 10 posts. If you can see it, then you can use it (unless you are using the Mobile version).

What is the difference between a listing and an auction?
A listing is a 'buy it now' at x price with no bids allowed, an auction is where bids are allowed.

What types of picture format are allowed?
The allowed picture formats are bmp, gif, jpg, png.

Please note that at least one picture must be uploaded to the listing. Embedded pictures are allowed in the listing, but you MUST upload at least one picture to the listing.

I forgot to put up a picture - what can I do?
You can delete the item and start again, as a picture is mandatory, or wait for a moderator to contact you.

Do I need to add postage for every item?
If you do not put in a price for postage then we will assume that the postage is included in the item price or that the item must be collected.

What is the maximum and minimum length of time that I can post an item on the Classifieds for?
Any item that is for sale by Auction - 10 days
Any item that is for sale by Buy It Now - 30 days
Wanted items - 30 days
Free items - 30 days
Swaps - 30 days

The minimum recommended time is one day but the longer you leave an item up for sale, the better the chances that you will get a higher price.

Please note that if you deliberately try to set an advertising time of longer than the allotted days then your post will be deleted as you are in breach of the Forum rules and this may result in a warning, suspension or even a ban if you're persistent.

I've received a bid that I'm happy with, can I end a listing before the advertised end-date has been reached?
This is bad practice and will be frowned upon by the Moderators. If a member ends an auction that has a bid on it before the end date because they have concluded a deal via a Private Message, then this is breach of Forum rules and may result in a warning, suspension or even a ban.

What if I want to negotiate with a seller about multiple items, and a discount?
Currently, because of the limitations of the software, we are willing to allow negotiations for multiple items via PM's. I do insist that the potential buyer writes a comment on each listing stating that they've made an offer. This protects the said member and the seller if someone else bids afterwards, and would stop any arguments. Obviously if a bidder does get in there before the comment is made, then offers can't be made. If a seller ignores the bidder, and a complaint is made, then this will be taken very seriously by the NGF team.

What items can be advertised on the Non-N Gauge Section?
Please remember that this is a family friendly forum when posting your items. Potentially any items can be advertised except ‘Adults only’, alcohol for consumption, animals and livestock, children, drugs and drugs paraphernalia, embargoed goods, firearms and ammunition, hazardous materials, items encouraging illegal activity, lock-picking devices, offensive material, prescription drugs, stolen property, tobacco, weapons and knives (not suited to modelling). Moderators will use their judgement when approving non N gauge items.

I forgot to add a Price and now it won’t let me, I am getting a message that I have already submitted the item, what can I do?
You will have to delete the item and start again. We are sorry, but this is the only way round this at the moment.

I have put an item in the wrong category, what can I do?
You can either delete the item and start again, which may be the quickest option or contact Admin.

What is the comments section for?
Any member can add a comment to a classified item, for example this could be a question about the item. The most recent comments for all items are displayed at the bottom of the N'porium listing and everyone can see them.

My item is appearing as locked in the Selling section, does this mean no-one can bid on it?
Don't worry, people can still bid on your item. The posts in the Selling/Wanted section are a purely a record of the advert that is posted in the N'porium.

If a member wants to ask questions or comment on the advert then it can be done through the comments section on the advert.

Not satisfied
If either of the parties is not satisfied, then please contact each other to resolve. If you are still not satisfied then contact a Moderator for help by means of a PM - please do not suffer in silence because either you are new or the buyer/seller appears to be an experienced or respected member of our community. Your feedback will help other potential buyers/sellers ensure they get a good deal.

You can also use the trade count facility to leave feedback about a buyer or seller but, if preparing to give negative feedback, please contact the person, via a Private Message (PM), first for an explanation.

And finally
Using the N'porium is at your own risk and the NGF staff will have no part in disputes, although we’d like to be informed and help if we can.

There are two useful phrases to bear in mind - 'buyer beware' and 'if it looks too good to be true - then it normally is'

If you sell a lot of items, as a one off or on a more regular basis then a small donation to the forum would be appreciated!
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