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Started by Westbury, July 03, 2024, 07:50:40 PM

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Aside of n guage what other interests do you have ?

Despite being 68 I still ride motorbikes almost daily and do some art, painting...

Play a bit of guitar, mostly blues.

How about you ?


Quite varied.  Astronomy has always been a firm interest, resulting a computer controlled 200mm scope in a DIY roll of roof observatory I built in 2011. 

I also like messing about with electronics including the designing of PCB's.

I've always been interested in video equipment and document my interest in trains, full size and model on a youtube channel.

Recently developed an interest in CAD and hope to have a printer at some point in the future


Visit my Shapeway Shop here -  https://www.shapeways.com/shops/3dmr-designs


70 years young and still ride my motorbike when all things come together such as dry weather, no aches & pains etc etc so you can maybe gather I don't do much mileage.
Love prog rock, classical, electric folk, blues and basically all good music which does not include rap, what they call R & B nowadays and pop.
Armchair sports include MotoGP, IoM TT, F1, American football and cycling (track and Grand Tours)


Drinking VB. :beers:

Oh, also electronics, which often ties in with model railways.

Malc of this parish and I are about to embark on the construction of Gameboys using a Raspberry Pi Pico.
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


Recently bought an ex-military, 1967 Land Rover Series 2A and have the bulkhead out to cut out rust and weld in new metal - the rest of it seems pretty good. It was possibly not the right time to buy it, as my eldest son (away at university) has not yet taken his test, so we currently have my wife's Motability car (which she rarely drives), the "family" Zafira, my kit-car, now the Land Rover and  my wife's old Matiz. Until my son passes his test and we give him a car, we therefore have 5 cars and I am the only regular driver!

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