An Eventful Christmas at Trevelver Castle

Started by Chris in Prague, December 28, 2023, 08:50:31 AM

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Chris in Prague

Quote from: dannyboy on July 09, 2024, 02:59:16 PM
Quote from: dannyboy on July 09, 2024, 02:55:35 PMHe isn't on holiday yet and we are getting repeats!  :)  ;)

Belay that comment; the latest episode is (I think) a rewrite.  :hmmm:

My apologies. I edited the previous episode but did not notice that I had already posted it. I've deleted the original and will add the next.

Chris in Prague

As the Cold War intensified, Lady Margaret's missions grew increasingly daring. In Prague, where the stakes were highest, the Communist regime scrutinised foreign visitors closely. Negotiating this perilous environment, she had to evade the watchful eye of the new Communist regime and its Soviet overlords. Collaborating with a network of scholars managed remotely by her daughter, Lady Margaret worked tirelessly to safeguard ancient texts amidst the heightened tensions of the era.

"It was 1955. Professor Svoboda—literally 'Freeman'—trembled as he handed me what I had long sought", Lady Margaret recalled. "We stood surrounded by centuries of knowledge in Prague's Strahov Monastery library, one of the most beautiful in Europe. The small leather-bound notebook, no bigger than my hand, held the key to decoding Atlantean crystal technology—knowledge that Heinrich Himmler's Ahnenerbe research institute, and now the Soviets, desperately wanted."

Besides sharing her stories, Lady Margaret also taught Sylvia how to fully use their Atlantean abilities – heightened intuition, the power of guided meditation, accelerated healing, and the capacity to manipulate energy fields.

"Remember, Sylvia", she would say, her eyes intense, "with great power comes great responsibility. We must use our inherited gifts wisely."

In 1958, Lady Margaret embarked on her final, fateful mission upon receiving intelligence about a cache of Atlantean crystals hidden beneath Prague Castle—a place steeped in history and secrets. She had been alerted to Communist plans to build a Presidential Shelter approximately 60 meters below the castle to protect key figures. Lady Margaret knew this extensive construction would inevitably uncover the hidden chamber she sought.

"Grandmother, please", Sylvia had pleaded, "let me come with you. It sounds too dangerous."

Lady Margaret cupped Sylvia's face in her hands. "You're not ready yet, my dear. But soon, you will be. My dear Sylvia", she quickly continued, "let me tell you about the chamber beneath Prague Castle", her voice tinged with reverence. "It was constructed for Emperor Rudolf II, a figure whose insatiable curiosity and eclectic tastes transformed late sixteenth-century Prague into a haven for artists, alchemists, astronomers, and collectors of the extraordinary.

"Alchemical experiments bubbled with promise; mystical texts whispered ancient secrets, and the very air crackled with arcane powers. Emperor Rudolf's passion for the esoteric knew no bounds; his collection spanned rare manuscripts, exotic animals, and mysterious artefacts", her grandmother continued, her dark eyes reflecting the fascination of those long-past times.

Weeks later, a bone-weary Lady Margaret returned to Cornwall. Though she succeeded in retrieving the crystals from under Prague Castle and smuggling them across the Iron Curtain, the effort, combined with the stress of continually evading determined Soviet agents, proved too much for even her robust Atlantean constitution.

In her final days, Lady Margaret beckoned Sylvia to her bedside, the room steeped in shadows and memories. Her voice, fragile yet resolute, carried the weight of countless centuries.

"My dear", Lady Margaret began, her eyes flickering with ancient fire, "let me share the tale of those hidden passages beneath Prague Castle—where the very stones hold secrets older than time."

She spoke of Jakub, her trusted Czech historian guide, a scholar from Prague's renowned Charles University. Together, they explored labyrinthine corridors of shaped stone—their footsteps echoing against cold walls. The damp air held a peculiar charge as if the castle remembered emperors' and alchemists' footsteps.

And there, in the heart of darkness, Lady Margaret had felt it—Emperor Rudolf's hunger for knowledge. His insatiable curiosity had once animated these same stones.

"His search", Lady Margaret whispered, "it paralleled mine. His quest for hidden truths resonated with my own—Atlantean artefacts, forgotten scrolls, and texts describing ancient powers."

Sylvia listened as Lady Margaret passed the torch from one seeker to another, creating a bridge across time. In that dim room, the flame burned brighter. Sylvia vowed to carry it forward, guided by the whispers of her forebears and the unending hunger for knowledge that transcended mortality.

"Those crystals", her grandmother continued, her tone becoming more animated, "hold the secret of Atlantean technology. Extracting them required every ounce of my energy and resources. It was a task fraught with peril, but essential to safeguarding ancient knowledge from falling into the wrong hands."

"The crystals are safe", she whispered, her voice weak but her eyes still bright. "I've hidden them where only you can find them. Use your gifts, Sylvia. Trust your instincts. Rely on the support of Jeremy and your friends. Remember the strength of the 'Karadow'; they look to you now."

Lady Margaret had shared her wisdom and much of the secrets of her life's work with Sylvia. Her grandmother's sacrifice ensured that the flame of Atlantean knowledge, safeguarded through her many covert operations, would continue to burn, passed from generation to generation.

As the life finally faded from Lady Margaret's eyes, Sylvia felt the weight of generations settling on her shoulders. She was now the guardian of Atlantean knowledge, tasked with protecting secrets that could reshape the world. "I won't let you down, Grandmother", she whispered, tears flowing.

Her grandmother's legacy lived within her. In her mind's eye, Lady Margaret remained eternally vibrant, a force of nature dressed in silk and pearls, the perfect blend of aristocratic dignity, compassion, and covert skills combined with the powerful abilities of their Atlantean forebears.

As Jeremy patiently held her on the chaise, Sylvia felt a surge of joy and gratitude – for the moment, for Jeremy, and for her grandmother's enduring influence. The cosy study, filled with so many happy memories, seemed the perfect place to create new ones.

With a soft sigh of contentment, Sylvia released her consciousness from her much-missed grandmother and brought her focus back to Jeremy, secure in the knowledge that their imminent intimacy was blessed with her grandmother's amused and loving approval.


Quote from: Chris in Prague on July 09, 2024, 03:52:13 PMI edited the previous episode but did not notice that I had already posted it. I've deleted the original and will add the next.

Sounds to me like somebody is already in holiday mode.  :)
I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
If a friend seems distant, catch up with them.

Chris in Prague

Meanwhile, in a shadowy alcove not far from the Castle's main corridor, Amanda and Andy were engaged in a heated embrace, their search for the 'lost' earring long forgotten.

"Darling", Amanda whispered between breathless kisses, "we really should rejoin the others soon".

Andy's response was to pull her closer, his hands tracing the contours of her figure through her close-fitting ball gown. "In a moment, my love. I'm not quite finished... admiring the architecture."

In the window seat for two Eli had mentioned, she and Giles were similarly cosily ensconced, the moonlight streaming through frosted panes casting its pale light over them.

"You know", Giles mused, his fingers intertwined with Eli's, "I'm beginning to think we should ask the Trevelvers if they plan to host more winter gatherings. The Castle has such a... romantic atmosphere at this time of year."

Eli responded with a knowing smile, and her arm encircling his waist, drew him in for another, longer kiss.

As the minutes ticked by, the three couples remained hidden in their respective hideaways, lost in their private worlds of passion and intimacy. The impending visit to the conservatory was, for the moment, forgotten, overshadowed by more pressing desires.

However, as the clock in the Castle clocktower began to chime the quarter hour, signalling the approach of eleven o'clock, a sense of urgency began to creep in. The couples knew they would need to make their way back to the Ball before midnight, lest their absence be noted by the other guests.

Reluctantly, they began disentangling themselves, retrieving discarded garments, doing up buttons, straightening clothes and smoothing hair as they prepared to rejoin the wider party. As they emerged, one by one, from their hideaways, flushed and slightly dishevelled, the air was thick with unspoken promises of further adventures to come.

Jeremy, ever the gracious host, cleared his throat. "Shall we proceed to the conservatory? I believe Lady Trevelver's hot house flowers are not to be missed. We still have three-quarters of an hour before returning to the Great Hall for midnight."

With knowing smiles and lingering caresses, the three couples fell into step, making their way towards the grand glass hothouse, their recent experiences adding an extra layer of excitement to the evening.

Chris in Prague


Jeremy led the group through the winding corridors of the castle, their footsteps muffled by plush carpets. As they approached the conservatory entrance, the air grew noticeably warmer and more humid.

"You know", Sylvia remarked, her arm firmly linked with Jeremy's, "I've always found there's something rather... primal about my mother's hothouse. All that lush... vegetation and steamy tropical... heat."

Eli nodded in agreement, her emerald eyes sparkling. "Indeed. It's as if we have entered another world entirely. It's so easy to... forget yourself among such exotic blooms."

As Jeremy pushed open the pair of ornate glass and iron doors, they were enveloped by warm, fragrant air. The conservatory was a marvel of Victorian engineering, its soaring glass roof supported by elegant wrought-iron arches. Moonlight filtered through the intricate ironwork, casting lace-like shadows across the verdant landscape within and creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

The group paused just inside, taking in the breathtaking scene. Giles let out a low whistle of appreciation. "I say, Lady Trevelver has outdone herself this year. Look at those orchids!"

Jeremy's eyes followed Giles' gesture to a stunning display of Phalaenopsis and Cattleya orchids, their delicate petals seeming to glow in the moonlight. "Indeed", he murmured, "but there's so much more to see."

Ever aware of their surroundings, Jeremy guided the group towards a less frequented area of the conservatory. "I believe Lady Trevelver's rarest specimens can be found back here", he stated, his voice low and inviting. As they walked, the click of their shoes on the tiled path gave way to softer sounds as they stepped onto plush moss-covered stones.

The couples wandered deeper into the lush greenery, the outside world fading away. Towering palms stretched towards the glass ceiling, their fronds creating a canopy overhead. Vibrant flowering vines – bougainvillaea, passion flower, and jasmine – cascaded from ornate trellises, their perfumes mingling in the humid air. The conservatory seemed to expand around them, revealing secluded nooks and hidden corners throughout the impressive structure.

The gentle sound of trickling water grew louder as they approached a small, verdant clearing. Rounding a corner past a stand of giant ferns, they found themselves in an intimate space surrounded by dense tropical foliage. At its centre stood one of the hothouse's ornate stone benches, engraved on its ends with the ancient Atlantean symbol of harmony: three overlapping triangles within a circle, signifying the union of mind, body, and soul. The bench was barely visible through the steam rising gently from a nearby heated pool.

Jeremy knew the pool housed an impressive collection of tropical water plants. The most striking were the broad leaves of Victoria water lilies, floating on the surface with their edges turned up like serving trays. Nearby, a cluster of delicate pitcher plants hung from a gnarled branch, their modified leaves forming intricate traps for unsuspecting insects.

"This", Jeremy said with a smile, gesturing to the secluded clearing, "is one of Lady Trevelver's best-kept secrets. Few visitors ever make it this far into the conservatory."

The couples exchanged glances, the intimate setting and the heady scent of exotic blooms creating an atmosphere of anticipation and possibility. In this hidden corner of the Castle's magnificent hothouse, it seemed as though anything might happen.

Sylvia's dark eyes gleamed with a lascivious light, her smile widening as she moved closer to him, her breath hot against his neck. "My, what a delightfully secluded spot, Jeremy", she purred, her voice low and sultry. "Perfect for admiring the flora in privacy. Allow me to loosen your shirt..." Her fingers danced across his chest, teasingly unbuttoning his shirt, her touch igniting a fire within him.

The hothouse seemed to hum with unspoken possibilities, the air pulsing with their escalating desire, thick with the scent of blooming flowers and their own arousal. With time still before midnight, the promise of hidden delights beckoned. The question lingered between the couples, hanging heavily in the lush, tropical air: how would they choose to spend these stolen moments in this sultry haven?

Chris in Prague


Amanda, always the most adventurous among them, fanned herself with her hand and cast a coy glance around the group. "My, it's rather sweltering in here, isn't it? One could almost imagine we're in the tropics."

Eli, catching Amanda's drift, nodded emphatically. "Oh yes, absolutely stifling. These gowns aren't exactly suited for such... hot and humid conditions."

Amanda's hand drifted to the neckline of her midnight blue velvet gown, fingers toying with a pearl button. "I don't suppose anyone would be terribly scandalised if I were to loosen just one or two of these, would they?" Amanda's tone was light, but there was an undercurrent of daring in her words.

Andy's sharp intake of breath was audible in the humid air of the conservatory. "I... I'm sure it would be quite understandable, given the tropical climate we find ourselves in", he managed, his voice slightly hoarse.

Eli, overhearing, let out a tinkling laugh. "Oh, do stop being such a stick-in-the-mud, Andy. We're all friends here, aren't we? And Amanda's quite right. These gowns are positively barbaric in their restrictiveness. I say, let's all get a bit more comfortable. After all, it's Christmas, and we're meant to be merry!"

The atmosphere in the conservatory seemed to shift, becoming charged with a delicious tension. As Amanda's fingers worked at her buttons, the other couples exchanged glances, each silently wondering just how far this newfound liberation might go.

Sylvia's eyes glinted with mischief as she noticed the key still in the conservatory door's lock. She turned to Jeremy, her voice honeyed with suggestion. "Darling, perhaps you'd be so kind as to ensure we're not disturbed while we... cool off? I'd hate for anyone to intrude while we're admiring my mother's more delicate blooms."

Jeremy, understanding immediately, moved towards the door with a knowing smile. "But of course, my dear. We wouldn't want any unexpected guests to wilt these fragile flowers."
As Jeremy secured their privacy, the couples exchanged heated glances, the air heavy with anticipation.

"Well then", Andy said, his voice husky, "I vote we explore these hidden corners more thoroughly. I believe I spotted some particularly enticing orchids over by that stone fountain."
Amanda took his arm, her smile radiant. "Lead the way, darling. I'm most eager to examine them up close."

Giles cleared his throat, offering his arm to Eli. "My dear, I recall mention of a rather secluded grove of ferns that might benefit from our attention."

Eli's laugh was low and throaty as she accepted. "How thoughtful of you, darling. We mustn't neglect any part of this lovely indoor display of such beauty."

As the other couples disappeared into the lush greenery, Jeremy returned to Sylvia's side, his eyes dark with desire. "And what of us, my love? Any particular spot you'd like to... investigate?"

Sylvia's smile was enigmatic as she led him towards a hidden alcove draped with cascading vines. "Oh, I have a few ideas, darling. I think you'll find them most... stimulating."

The three couples dispersed into the lush labyrinth of the conservatory, each finding their own secluded spot with a convenient stone bench among the exotic flora. The air, heavy with humidity and the heady scents of blooming flowers, seemed to envelop them in a world far removed from the winter chill outside.

Moonlight filtered through the glass ceiling, casting a silvery glow on the verdant foliage. The gentle gurgle of hidden fountains and the soft rustle of leaves created a soothing symphony. Delicate orchids nodded their exotic heads in the warm breeze, while cascading vines formed natural curtains around intimate alcoves.

The conservatory's design lent itself to romance, with winding paths leading to hidden nooks and crannies. Ornate carved stone benches offered inviting seats for intimate moments. The warm, moist air carried the sweet perfume of night-blooming jasmine, adding to the intoxicating atmosphere.

In this enchanted setting, time seemed to stand still, allowing the couples to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and the warmth of each other's company. The outside world faded away, leaving only the soft rustling of leaves, the gentle babbling of the stream fed by the fountains, and the sweet scent of blooming flowers. The air was thick with anticipation, charged with the electric energy of desire.

The warm, moist air heightened every sensation as the three couples explored the hothouse. Hands lingered longer than necessary, gazes held with smouldering intensity, and conversations were punctuated by loaded pauses, as the couples grew more daring, their hands roaming freely over each other's bodies. The touch of another's skin sent shivers down their spines, igniting a fire deep within them. Their breaths grew heavier, their hearts pounding in their chests as they succumbed to the raw, primal urge that had taken hold of them.

As each couple moved closer, their bodies brushed against each other in a tantalising dance. Their whispered conversations were filled with promises of pleasure and desires yet to be fulfilled. Their shared glances were filled with longing and lust, their eyes locked in a passionate gaze that spoke volumes without a single word.

In the moon's dim light, their bodies moved in perfect harmony, their movements fluid and sensual. Soft moans and gasps filled the air, mingling with the gentle rustling of leaves and the distant song of a nightingale. The couples lost themselves in each other, their minds and bodies consumed by the intense pleasure that they were experiencing.

Chris in Prague

Lady Trevelver sat regally at the High Table on the dais in the Great Hall, her posture perfect and her expression serene. To casual observers, she appeared fully engaged in the dinner conversation. However, her Atlantean-inherited senses were partially focused elsewhere.

With a portion of her awareness, she extended her perception towards the conservatory. A subtle smile graced her lips as she sensed the warm, vibrant, distinctive auras of the three couples entering her carefully designed sanctuary.

Without directly observing the couples, Lady Penelope gently exercised her powers. She focused on enhancing the conservatory's romantic atmosphere, coaxing the tropical plants to release more of their alluring scents. The heady fragrance of night-blooming jasmine intensified, while the subtle, spicy aroma of rare orchids became more pronounced.

She sensed the increasing emotions emanating from the hothouse—excitement, anticipation, and desire—amplified by the conservatory's enhanced ambience. As the three couples moved deeper into the lush labyrinth, Lady Trevelver could feel their auras separating, each pair drawn to different areas of the hothouse. Respecting their privacy, she withdrew her senses from their actions. Instead, she basked in the overall sense of joy and connection that radiated throughout her creation. Lady Penelope felt a profound sense of satisfaction; the hothouse, with its winding paths and secluded nooks, was fulfilling its purpose.

Lady Trevelver subtly influenced the conservatory's environment, adjusting the humidity and warmth to optimal levels for both plant life and human comfort. She encouraged the bioluminescent plants to glow a little brighter, casting a soft, ethereal light throughout the space. Satisfied that she had set the stage for another episode of a truly memorable evening, Lady Trevelver turned her full attention back to her companions, confident that her conservatory would provide a magical backdrop for encouraging passionate encounters.

Chris in Prague

[So, dear readers, this is the last episode for a week.]

Amanda and Andy had soon discovered a small clearing surrounded by towering bamboo. The gentle trickle of a nearby fountain provided a soothing backdrop as they began to explore each other with increasing ardour. The rustle of clothing against leaves mingled with their hushed gasps and murmured endearments as garments loosened and then quickly discarded.

Giles and Eli had secluded themselves in a large grove of ferns, their verdant fronds creating a natural, leafy curtain around them. The velvety moss beneath their feet muffled their movements as they entwined, their kisses growing more ardent with each passing moment. Eli's sultry laughter turned into a soft, throaty moan as Giles' lips found the tender, sensitive spot on her neck, causing her to shiver with pleasure.

The air was thick with the scent of damp earth and the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, as if nature herself was conspiring to heighten their senses. Giles' hands slid down Eli's back, feeling the curve of her hips and the swell of her behind, while Eli's fingers traced the contours of Giles' chest, feeling the hard muscles beneath his shirt.

Jeremy and Sylvia, meanwhile, had discovered a hidden alcove draped in fragrant jasmine vines. The moonlight filtering through the high glass roof cast dappled shadows across the three couple's entwined forms as they gave in to their desires. The whisper of fabric being loosened and removed amid soft sighs of pleasure was barely audible among the hothouse's luxuriant stands of tall tropical plants.

Throughout the conservatory, the sounds of nature – the gentle rustle of leaves, the distant call of a hunting barn owl outside, the soft gurgle of water features – blended seamlessly with the more intimate noises of the couples' embraces. Gasps of pleasure, the whisper of skin against skin, and murmured words of passion created a symphony of sensuality that seemed to harmonise with their lush surroundings.

The intoxicating mix of floral scents—the sweetness of orchids, the spice of exotic blooms, the earthiness of damp soil—seemed to heighten every sensation, making each touch more electric and each kiss more intoxicating as the couples lost themselves in their private worlds of pleasure. The constraints of society were forgotten once more in the steamy, secluded paradise.

Time seemed to stand still in the humid conservatory, the outside world and its concerns fading away. For these stolen moments, there was only the heat, the scent of flowers, and the intense connection between newly united lovers, hidden away in their verdant sanctuary.
Amanda, her fingers intertwined with Andy's, noticed a particularly stunning display of passion flowers. "How appropriate, passion flowers", she murmured, her voice laden with meaning.

Andy, feeling the electricity between them, readily agreed. "Indeed, Amanda. These flowers symbolise love and desire, just like our feelings for each other." He leaned in closer, their breath mingling as they gazed into each other's eyes. "And I can't wait to explore those passions further with you." With that, he pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss, their bodies pressing together in a display of pure desire.

With a mischievous grin, Amanda whispered, "You know I have a reputation for being a tomboy, but I've got a little secret to share with you, Andy."


Quote from: Chris in Prague on July 12, 2024, 07:03:03 PM[So, dear readers, this is the last episode for a week.]

Oh come on now! We start the post with the above and then end with this -

Quote from: Chris in Prague on July 12, 2024, 07:03:03 PMAmanda whispered, "You know I have a reputation for being a tomboy, but I've got a little secret to share with you, Andy."

A whole week wondering what the "little secret" is!  :worried: 

Enjoy your week on holiday, don't worry about your readers, we will manage.  ;)
I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
If a friend seems distant, catch up with them.

Chris in Prague

Quote from: dannyboy on July 12, 2024, 07:40:50 PM
Quote from: Chris in Prague on July 12, 2024, 07:03:03 PM[So, dear readers, this is the last episode for a week.]

Oh come on now! We start the post with the above and then end with this -

Quote from: Chris in Prague on July 12, 2024, 07:03:03 PMAmanda whispered, "You know I have a reputation for being a tomboy, but I've got a little secret to share with you, Andy."

A whole week wondering what the "little secret" is!  :worried: 

Enjoy your week on holiday, don't worry about your readers, we will manage.  ;)

Thank you, David. It was an excellent holiday in Galicia, in NW Spain, the only part of Europe that was not suffering from a heatwave. I took some photos. which will be posted later relating to the stories and Spanish railways.

Chris in Prague

Andy raised an eyebrow, intrigued by her sudden confession. Taking a deep breath and giving a playful wink, Amanda reached under her voluminous ballgown. She pulled out a tiny pair of white satin panties intricately embroidered with red hearts and roses, a surprising contrast to her athletic physique.

Andy's eyes widened in surprise as he chuckled at the sight, and Amanda, still holding the panties, announced, "See, I'm not just a tomboy. I'm a hearts and flowers girl, too. I just like to keep that side of me hidden."

Andy, his eyes twinkling with amusement, gently took the delicate undergarment from Amanda's hand and examined it closely. "I say, darling", he murmured, a roguish grin playing on his lips, "this is quite the revelation. One would never have guessed you had such a romantic side."

Andy's gaze lingered on the intricate embroidery, his mind racing with erotic images. He imagined her lying on a bed of rose petals as he traced delicate patterns with his fingers, each touch sending a wave of pleasure through her.

Amanda's laugh was low and throaty, a blush colouring her cheeks even as her green eyes sparkled with mischief. "Oh, Andy dear", she purred, leaning in close. A lady must have her secrets, mustn't she? Perhaps there's more to me than meets the eye."

As she spoke, her lips brushed against his ear, sending a shiver down his spine. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his skin, and the scent of her "Miss Dior" perfume, with its bright, citrusy opening and heart of romantic rose and jasmine, intoxicated him. He imagined her slender fingers sliding the delicate panties down her long legs, revealing the soft, smooth skin beneath.

Andy raised an eyebrow, clearly intrigued. "Indeed? Well then, my love, I find myself rather eager to... explore these hidden depths of yours."

Amanda's smile was both coy and inviting as she toyed with Andy's jacket lapel. "Well then, darling," she whispered, her voice husky with promise, "why don't we see what other surprises the evening might hold?"

Andy returned the delicate garment to Amanda, his fingers lingering against hers momentarily. "Your secret's safe with me, darling", he murmured, his voice low and intimate. "Though I must say, it's a rather... enchanting one."

Amanda's laugh was soft and melodic, a blend of self-consciousness and exhilaration at this newfound intimacy with Andy. She carefully placed the undergarment on the grey stone bench beside her, delicately smoothing the material.


I know it's only been a week, but I feel like an old friend has returned.  :thumbsup: .
Nice to hear that you had a good holiday Chris.
I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
If a friend seems distant, catch up with them.


Welcome back and look forward to the next instalment

Chris in Prague

Quote from: dannyboy on Yesterday at 10:01:45 AMI know it's only been a week, but I feel like an old friend has returned.  :thumbsup: .
Nice to hear that you had a good holiday Chris.

Thanks, David. It was a very intensive trip; we saw a lot in a few days.

Chris in Prague

Quote from: crewearpley40 on Yesterday at 10:31:13 AMWelcome back and look forward to the next instalment

Thanks, Chris. I'll post the railway photos. in Cant Cove.

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