Accurascale Inviting Interest in them Shrinking Their OO Gauge Models

Started by NGS-PO, February 20, 2023, 03:40:42 PM

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Modern standard HAA wagons might be worth a shot.

He says just starting to build up his rake.

And then getting the calculator out for a reasonable rake at modern prices....

Hmmm maybe not  :uneasy:


Roy L S

For me the Class 37 is the one that stands out from the list provided.

That's not to say the Farish model is bad, but it has been around for a fair while and as we have had recent releases with 6 pin DCC sockets it doesn't appear to be on the cards for a Next 18/sound upgrade anytime soon.



Maybe start with some rolling stock...

Syphon G
Mk 2b and c

Would be great to see them enter the n gauge market.



For me the 7800 Manor loco. I've seen the Class 55 in 00 and it is fantastic, so if the same level of detail and running quality can be made in N then I'd be very happy!  With Union Mills now finished, we need a similar qualiy from another manufacturer IMO.
Finally, after waiting over 55 years I am building a permanent layout in a purpose built shed!


The Siphon G and the SR banana vans.

I agree with @bluedepot, it would be great to see them entering the n-gauge market.


Richard Taylor

Open a wish list and it's all locos, locos, locos.  The various ex-NER hoppers would be a no-brainer for me - preferably in a US-style "running pack" of five or ten with different numbers (and hopefully a slight discount on buying ten wagons individually). It would be nice to have something authentic for all those Union Mills J25s, J26s, J27s and J39s to haul. See also Sonic J50s, Farish J39s & B1s.

SR banana vans and the siphon might also be of interest. The rest of their range is too modern for me, but I can imagine the Mk.2 carriages being good sellers to others.



As a transition modeller, I already have BR green versions of class 31, 37 and 55 which are all relatively recent models. much of the rest is after 1965 where my interest ends. However, A couple of inside frame Siphon G's  and a newer Manor would be nice to have



Bingley Hall

Quote from: bluedepot on February 20, 2023, 09:22:58 PM
Maybe start with some rolling stock...

Syphon G
Mk 2b and c

Would be great to see them enter the n gauge market.


More or less ditto from me.
Transition wagons, wagons and more wagons - preferably in six packs, plus the odd Mk2.
Forget any of the locos - they're a distraction, as all are well covered by others. Except perhaps for a limited run of 1 of the 50 class for he who shall remain nameless :P


A rake of blue & grey Mark 2Cs would be very welcome indeed. 


Yeah, like Hailstone, 1965/66 is where my interest ends - well, actually it doesn't, right up to the present day I love anything that runs on rails, anytime, anywhere - but my layout is BR transition, and I'm faithful to that.  ;)
Vision over visibility. Bono, U2.


Really depends...  if their entry is going to be.. okay we will do one batch and then thats it..  then only the 89 appeals..  I have all the other locos...  if there is going to be a continuing supply  (even if gaps between batches), so you are not forced into buying a whole rake at once and then no chance of any follow ups,  the coaching and wagon stock is interesting.

The problem these days is that unless you tend to buy the whole rake on initial release, probably pre-order, then your odds of getting any extras, or replacements are zip.

But anyway.. I wander,  89001 "Avocet" for me please, since I don't have that in GNER Blue please :)

P.S.  is 89001 still being worked on for a return to mainline running?  Haven't heard anything for a while :)

It is well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you're attempting can't be done.

Currently packing all my model railway stuff for my move to Canada in April when a whole new chapter starts in Modelling.


Class 37 with sound & skinhead class 30 also unless that's planed by GF ?



I raised a thread when they first announced the MK2B in hope that they could potentially be shrunk (I will need to add an update now that the 2C are announced.)

Mk2C yes Please.
The Executive BFK looks fantastic,
BSO, TSOT, CK (Ex FK) in Blue for an Inverness-Edinburgh/Glasgow train would be purchased quickly by myself if offered
with a bit more research on formations (so i could decide what I would want to buy) BSO, TSO, TSOT and BFK were in the pool for coaches used in the Cross Country Sleepers.
The Mk2B is less interest to me due to wanting to model specific Scottish Trains but a TSO or two to intermingle wouldn't be missed.

The Mk1 Suburban's are interesting, I am not sure on the Farish model, I keep coming back to it and deciding there is something wrong with it so there is part of me that would fully support the duplication as its replacing a long in the tooth model.
I am never going to purchase in a large enough number but set of 4 with NEM couplings and Lights would easily win my cash.

Updated highly detailed MGR (HAA, HBA & HDA) wagons would win my approval.
Some budgeting and soul searching required if this was on the table. I have avoided the Farish and Peco models based on quality and availability. If the price in N matches the Price in OO, its only painful due to how long the trains are, they would be a reasonable price range and good quality.
Of course I am assuming the Farish model in the catalogue is the old one and that Peco aren't planning to update their offering as they have started doing with the short wheel base wagons. Crisper underframe and a NEM coupling is probably enough to satisfy any of my wants.
A bit like the MK1 Suburban's I am wary of the duplication unless it brings something more.

Class 89
Still support the class 89, just as I did when Revolution where fishing for expressions of Interest. Be it Accurascale, Revolution or Rails Exclusive I will buy one in executive, just unfortunate there weren't more in real life otherwise I would be after more.

Class 37
With the exception I quoted below I must admit to being a bit confused on the support for this one.

I have just proudly bough and displayed a new 37, without knowing any better  to spot any problems with it (I don't know the quality differences in 00 gauge, and being more interested in coaches couldn't tell you the differences in batches of locos) and feel like everyone has just come along and kicked my dog  :smiley-laughing:.

Quote from: Jeebee on February 20, 2023, 04:47:56 PM
I'd certainly look at 37s especially if they were pre-fitted speakers and in the range of liveries they list in 00
This is a valid reason but it must be on Bachmann's Radar? I Accurascale announced could Farish beat them to to it, It hate to think of accurascale pulling it off and producing a top quality model for it to sit about due to duplication.


A class 89 and mk2b/c coaches for me to start with, then Yeoman and ARC PTA, Then i will be bankrupt!



My interest is the mid/late 1950's, so would consider the Manor, Siphon G's, and MK1 suburbans depending on cost and their suitability to run on code 40 b/h track-work. 


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