Would You Be Interested In An NGF 10 Year Wagon/Van? - available now!,

Started by Tank, January 01, 2021, 09:58:58 PM

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I have one of the NGF 21T hoppers and would go for a 10th Anniversary model.
Speaking personally, I'd prefer something like a Dapol Fruit D with maybe 'N Gauge Forum - first with the news' on it. After all, many of us run parcels trains, do we not? :D


The NGF is a global community - members and models from all over the world. Any wagon is going to sit uncomfortably amongst some collections, by being the wrong scale/nationality/era.

The decal idea would overcome the above dilemma, but might present another - turning off those who aren't confident in applying decals.

Another option to consider and one that avoids both the above quandaries is, a wagon load. The right choice could work in any scale/nationality/era and wouldn't require any certain skill from the purchaser.


We added an NGF 4 wheel tanker wagon when we wrote Tiny TrackZ a few years ago. This is a screenshot of the prototype.

I'd definitely be up for another NGF wagon. As suggested above, the letters make more sense as a prototype than the full text but a mail or papers van of some sort as NewportNobby mentioned would also be cool.

Roy L S

I think it is a great idea, for me something slightly larger that a 10ft wheelbase wagon like the Dapol 21T hopper or Fruit D (as Mick suggested) would seem suitable. I would elect to have NGF lettering applied (I don't like the idea of transfers personally, not because I can't apply them, rather I feel it defeats the object of a "special" wagon if not uniquely RTR - just my opinion).

I can just visualise a 21T hopper in grey lettered "NGF 10" or similar subtly inserted in train of mineral wagons...



I like the idea and wondered if it could be a road vehicle that could sit at the station etc.? The livery/ decal I would of thought wouldn't matter as much as a railway based vehicle, of course there would be question of era and unfortunately I have no idea if you can get custom printed vehicles. R
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I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
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Quote from: daffy on January 02, 2021, 11:01:43 AM
But as my layout and collection is 99% Swiss, I would like to suggest - with no real seriousness - that to satisfy myself and all other Continental and Worldwide modellers as well as the UK contingent, a suitable passenger carriage could be emblazoned with something like "N Gauge Forum 10th Anniversary World Tour - Modellers on the Move!". 

Individual modellers could then add model Forum members of their choice to occupy the seats. (Every model purchased would of course be pre-fitted with a seated figure of Chris @Tank ).


Now that's a scary thought!  :goggleeyes:

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Quote from: Trainfish on January 02, 2021, 02:13:03 PM

Now that's a scary thought!

That is very true - and it could be dangerous. Imagine what might happen if your cape got sucked out of an open window.  :goggleeyes:
I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
If a friend seems distant, catch up with them.


@Tank. It seems the majority are in favour. I mentioned - as did someone else, (seems ages ago), a commemorative mug and/or a wagon, of any description. So I would be happy with either, (or both  ;)). Just let me know where to send the money.  :)
I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
If a friend seems distant, catch up with them.


How about a wagon of similar size to a 20 ton mineral wagon with NGF 10 or similar applied graffiti style over a standard livery.


Quote from: dannyboy on January 02, 2021, 02:25:30 PM
It seems the majority are in favour.
At the moment with 32 definite votes out of 75 cast it doesn't say majority to me ;)


I was using the statisticians angle - only 21.3%, (at the time of writing), have said 'no'.  :P.  (As has been said many times, you can make statistics say owt you want!).
I used to be indecisive - now I'm not - I don't think.
If a friend seems distant, catch up with them.


It doesn't really matter whether there is a majority in favour or not. What matters is if there are enough members wanting to buy one to make it a worthwhile enterprise. I'd certainly buy one. I'd opt for either a tank wagon or a GUV. And, yes, I still have, and run, my white NGS wagon.




I like the idea of a GUV, how many yes votes do you need to make it work?

Chris Morris

Does anyone know what Dapol's minimum order quantity is for a limited run? I know Bachmann always used to be 504 for 00 which is basically a box full. I also know Peco charge for the artwork and then you can have as few or as many made to that design at a standard price.

The Peco Swindon wagon was quite nice but mine doesn't come out at all. Trouble is these wagons just look so wrong with my locos.

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