Helping hands - for members with problems related to CV restrictions

Started by Railwaygun, March 20, 2020, 12:11:29 PM

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this thread is for any members who are having problems due to the current/new CV restrictions.

im sure many of us are willing to help local members.

If you have a problem - please keep requests short, and replies off line.

ie "Can anyone in such and such area PM me please to help me with XXXX?"

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Even if you know a member just a kind call, a pm, an email can make all the difference especially the elder amongst our community. Stay safe


Happy to help anyone in Cambridge if I can?

BoJo has deemed that I am on his Key Personnel list, but I've no kids or elderly relatives to look after....

Gentleman, scholar, railway modeller....



Stay safe. Remember railwaygun and the mods have posted this for everyone's benefit


Happy to 'chat' via PM if anyone wants to. Don't feel you're alone in all this. For sure it gets on top of you sometimes but we have each other and our hobby.
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Same here, I'm happy to talk to whoever may be feeling overwhelmed by all that is happening, and promise that I would only seek to help with a positive approach.

To that end, I would urge those reeling under the weight of statistics, information, instruction, opinion, and, sadly, misinformation that assaults our eyes and ears every minute of the day, to keep your daily dose of this to the bare minimum of what you, in your situation, need to know to get you through this testing time.

It is all too easy to look at the statistics of the spread of this virus and see only the sadness of the numbers infected, the number who have succumbed. But there are positives too. For one thing, the 'number infected' will not include the many, many thousands who have been infected but who have had only mild symptoms and have not been tested, or have not contacted or visited a GP/MD or hospital, and so have not been included in any stats whatsoever.
It is these uncounted thousands who have and will recover that must be added to the vast number of those who are recorded as having recovered. At present, that 'recovered/discharged' figure stands at some 93,600 people. (14:00 GMT 21st March) The true number will, in all likelihood, be many times that.

Yes, folks are dying, the number is awful to comprehend, and yes, it will grow. But so will - and at a greater rate - the number who have recovered.

In short, keep positive, keep perspective, protect yourself and others, and try as hard as you can to keep your mind and body healthy through exercise, lung-fulls of fresh air whenever possible, and a daily dose (as much as you deem necessary) of pleasurable things like music, favourite programs, good books, and, as if i need say it, grand hobbies like railways large and small.

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port perran

I'm more than happy to chat with anyone on this forum if that is required.
Mrs PP and I are managing to stay very positive and upbeat but I realise that for some this is an extremely worrying and depressing time but do remember, we are all in this together and we can all help each other to get through.
I'd urge as many of the forum users to post photographs of their layouts and models (whatever the standard).
I'm sure that most of us like to see what others are up to and there are some truly remarkable examples of modelling which can be an inspiration to us all.
Together we can beat this so do, all, ,keep positive.
There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

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Myself included. It was my idea to start this after discussions with newportnobby and railwaygun. Thanks to both


Also found out today that just like a war situation, being a telephone engineer I am classed as being in the key personnel group so if anyone lives in Gilberdyke, near Hull and needs 'owt, drop me a PM.
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Quote from: crewearpley40 on March 20, 2020, 05:29:04 PM
Myself included. It was my idea to start this after discussions with newportnobby and railwaygun. Thanks to both

Great idea Chris
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Hi all,

I don't have wheels at the moment so can't help on that front.
But if any of you in the Manchester area have wheels and are struggling to get supplies I have a Makro card you can use to get into the branch in Irlam I was there 2 days again and apart from the  :poop: roll they were pretty well stocked on the rest.
If you need it PM me and we can sort something out.
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Being, as I am, 'stuck' over here in Ireland, there is not much I can do physically for any member of the forum. However, apart from taking Louisa to and from work, I am usually at home most of the day self-isolating, (well, that is my excuse), so am only a PM away should anybody need help or just someone to talk to. Members can 'phone me as well if they want to, (just PM asking for my number). Talking of Louisa, she works in what in the UK would be called a small supermarket, so is in constant contact with the public. It is surprising how many people are disregarding the 'social distance' and 'use hand sanitiser' etc. rules. (Some are downright rude!). So spare a thought for shop workers along with all our emergency personnel. Take care y'all and remember, if at all possible,  :)
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From this far distant land I'm more than happy to help. My wife and I have just completed our first week of isolation. I go shopping twice a week and that's it. Fortunately we live in the country so can get out, or could if this bloody rain stopped.
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Quote from: dannyboy on March 21, 2020, 03:15:51 PM
It is surprising how many people are disregarding the 'social distance' and 'use hand sanitiser' etc. rules. (Some are downright rude!). So spare a thought for shop workers along with all our emergency personnel. Take care y'all and remember, if at all possible,  :)

Despite some rudeness from staff at Tescos yesterday I did make a point of thanking the lass on the till for 'personning' (as opposed to 'manning') the checkout. It did surprise her but costs nothing.

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