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Started by guest2, November 26, 2010, 09:20:15 AM

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I just wondered what everyone was modelling on here?

I mainly collect anything that was run by BR in the 80's up to 1995.  If it's in Network SouthEast livery, even better!  :D  I have also bought a few out of place items like some Class 66's and Voyagers....all part of the fun.   ;)


No special region or era.

I've a Virgin Voyager, GNER 125, DMU 150, Class 20 and an 08 Diesel Shunter.

Also a 2-6-2 Tank (Scarborough NE Livery) hauling 3 Pullman carriages.

I buy then 'cause I like 'em not for an era or such.

Perhaps not purist but it's fun.
Who said size matters.


My modelling is squarely based on the current railway scene (post 2008), but no particular area.


I model present day and preservation so essentially i can get away with pretty much anything i want :D
Hi I'm Ollie, and I'm a addicted to buying MK1s......

My Previous Exhibition Layout - The Sheaf Valley Railway

My Current Exhibition Layout - Wenlock


I am currently building my first ever layout with the help of my grandson. I bought him a Hornby OO trainset and got 'bitten' by the bug myself. Went to the modelshop and saw N gauge stuff and that was it. I was hooked by the little works of art.

We are currently building a small layout based on the current era with EWS rolling stock. Grandson sees EWS trains just about every day so it just had to be EWS.


Well I did have a fairly decent layout in the 'spare' room, until daughter moved back home!

It was roughly post transition era Baltimore & Ohio RR, very much freelanced and very much my first attempt, but I got a lot of 'learning' out of the process and enjoyed running some big late 50's early 60's diesels, with a rogue steamer in there too (must have escaped the chop on a branch line).

I am currently on the look out for some Japanese stuff, I have already picked up a few bits here and there, but until funds permit there will be no layout as I need to get a good quality shed, get power and lighting in to it (as well as good insulation), then construction may begin.  Until then I am in research mode and still learning from what others are achieving.


I'm building a 6' x 3' layout called 'Much Wittering' for the small son of a friend who has a few health problems.

For ease of transport it is in two 3' x 3' halves and I'm about halfway through side one.
The progress (or otherwise) is documented on the second page of my website ⬇

It is GWR Chocolate Box and set in the mid sixties.
In a little world of my own.

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It sounds like we have a good mix on here.   :)  Don't forget you can post pictures of your progress on the forum, as I'm sure everyone is interested in viewing your layouts or plans that you might have.   :thumbsup:
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i am modeling steam era on a 6x3 board but with working all week and over time on the weekend have only got the track laid. i have a mix of locos

black 5, a3,v2 coldstreamer, j94, 4f, crab, 3mt, and royal scot the RAF[awaiting repair]
union mills


Quote from: cupoftea on November 26, 2010, 10:08:26 PM
I am currently building my first ever layout with the help of my grandson.

I know what you mean, I'm not sure who the layout really belongs to.

Who said size matters.


Im modeling from the mid 80's to present.   No where specific so Im free to run anything that goes :evil:

My Layout build thread.... Milton grove TMD 1988 - 2000 WCML loosly based


Quote from: porkie on November 27, 2010, 05:58:43 PM
Im modeling from the mid 80's to present.   No where specific so Im free to run anything that goes :evil:

Thats my kind of layout Porkie. I'm sure anyone who knows anything about Japanese stock will have a heart attack when I finally get some of my motley collection running, but it's my layout  ;)


I started with GWR as that's the set I always wanted as a kid but my main line is one that's shared by Southern and the odd LMS service (kinda somewhere in the south of England). The odd BR truck from e-bay job lots and a couple of engines I was given as presents have prompted an alternate use of the line as early BR, so I recently bought my first 'green' Diesel :)


I'm not modelling.
I'm struggling.

In a little world of my own.


I'm modelling sectorisation era BR (Regional Railways, some NSE, and frieght) with some preservation steam stuff, which allows me to run early emblem BR alongside. But my long term project is to create a late 1920's/early 1930's LMS layout based on the 'port road' in South West Scotland.

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