Why Did You Choose to Model N Gauge?.

Started by longbridge, November 22, 2011, 10:06:14 PM

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Why did you choose to model N Gauge?, for me it was because of space restrictions and although I enjoy N Gauge I must admit I prefer HO/OO gauge 

I have built British steam OO gauge layouts in the past but felt restricted in a 10ft x 5ft shed, modelling N Gauge in the same space is like a mini empire by comparison, I also think N gauge looks more realistic than other gauges.

Would be interesting to hear why others chose N gauge.

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Quote from: oldrailbug on November 22, 2011, 10:06:14 PM
Why did you choose to model N Gauge?

Initially space, although when I got back into modelling I had a small OO layout as well before deciding that N gave me much more of what I wanted in terms of long trains, flowing scenery and the like where OO was really limited to a stubby suburban in and out station and yard at best.

I'd have picked somewhere between the two but 3mm isn't exactly an RTR scale. Some day when I have copious time (ho ho) I'd love to dabble in NZ120 (1:120 on N track) and model some of the African railways with it.

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Coz I couldn't get the fingers working enough to continue in Z and Zm. :o
Plus my very very first Train set when I was little was Lone Star 000. :thumbsup:
Modelling stupid small scale using T gauge track and IDl induction track. Still have  N gauge but not the space( Japanese Trams) Excuse spelling errors please, posting on mobile phone


Space, space and space. But not necessarily in that order.
Two rails good. Three better.


OO too big and Z would have been my choice but it did not have the locos that I wanted - hence N. Was going to go into N when I first got into model railways but was disappointed by the lack of modern EMUs and still am. So keeping an OO circle of track to run Pendo and an old Blue Pullman (bought by my late father).
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definately the space factor for me, thou saying that still had to condense why plans down....
apparently you cant get a scale 1500m long platform into a 10foot long room....


So that I could model a more landscaped layout with realistic length trains running through it.
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Quote from: Chinahand on November 23, 2011, 09:13:03 AM
So that I could model a more landscaped layout with realistic length trains running through it.

What Trevor said  ;D



I started with N because it's what mummy and daddy Tank bought me when I was 'ickle! ;D  It was all secondhand, although looked fifth-hand!  :smiley-laughing:


To keep SWMBO happy as I had been in hospital for ages and found that I had become disabled whilst in there. She said that I had to get a hobby and as the 2 boys (now grownups) had 2 GF train sets from the early/mid 1980s around it was decided that I should make use of them  ::)
Eldest son built me a 3ft X 5ft layout board and the rest is history.
Its still an ongoing project but 'resting' at the momment whilst I dabble in Z gauge
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I had O gauge when very young and then OO as a young lad (didn't know better), but when I got back in to model railways (late 1970s) I chose N gauge because it looked and felt more sophisticated, acceptable, desirable and was relatively new and therefore something for the future. Oddly enough nothing to do with space, although that is an undoubted benefit.



I found that 00 gauge was impractical for a serving member of the RAF due to the restictions in married quarters, therefore in the late 1960s I ventured into the the wonderful new world of N gauge.  I was in Singapore at the time and all that was available was Minitrix, Arnold and Fleischmann in German outline. My two young sons were delighted with "their" new trains and the "toys" in 00 were quickly sidelined.  Over the years I have slowly changed to British outline, but found the offerings by Graham Farish and Lima to be poor substitutes for the German models.  Joy and bliss when Minitrix started offering British outline locomotives.

I continued to collect locomotives over the years, but eventually gave most of my N gauge to my grandsons.

I did however have withdrawal pains after I retired and returned to the hobby some 6 years ago, testing the water on newer models and finding some considerable improvements.  So, as she who must be considered and obeyed, only allowed me the box room for my layout I again returned to N gauge.  I have built a 7ft x 3ft layout and currently have an ongoing project to build a Steam Loco Depot - all in British outline.  Unfortunately I am finding modelling more difficult these days, as my eyes are not what they used to be and there are some dexterity problems. But I love my N Gauge  :NGaugersRule:


When I was aged between 9 and 12 I had an OO toy layout. From age 11 I started travelling round the country trainspotting (yes, you could do that safely then!!) and once I'd got to the stage of own house etc, I looked to see what I could get into the space available, given that I wanted at least 6 coach trains and decent goods rakes. By that time, N gauge had improved remarkedly so it had to be  :NGAUGE:

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