what are people doing on their layout right now

Started by B1 61126, August 16, 2011, 07:59:35 PM

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Making baseboards. Only having just measured I've discovered that the current design I either have to assemble half in situ or invent a way to pass baseboards through solid walls while installing them.

I think some additional framing joins will be needed at this point.
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Preparing to lay track on two layouts, the result of cutting the previous one in two, must admit I am having a ball.

Picked up one 0-6-6-0 articulated steam loco plus a Spectrum F7A & B unit, an atlas RS1 and Atlas GP7.
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Quote from: sawyerm1982 on August 18, 2011, 01:16:06 PM
im currently working on a scalescenes low relief block of flats to fill an empty corner, and scratch building a wondeful concrete framed building to be found in manchester. Would attached a photo but i havnt worked out how to do it yet lol


Sounds good. Can we have some pics when you have finished?

Hey Porkie, yes il definately sort a few photos, I have a photobucket account now so will put some on the of the buildings inprogress, and once theyre finished too!

Thanks for the advice on posting photos too, guys... photos on their was to a station (well forum actually haha) near you.




Imoff for a tinker with the layout, note planned, just gonna see where my imagination goes, might take the camera along too. :thumbsup:

Will keep you posted, cheers

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Installing sensors for station stops and passing of signals.  Best done before ballasting so much thought and deliberation is going into it!

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Baseboard 98% finished, awaiting paint, power system is under way, but will be a while yet due to lack of time.
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Cleared stuff from Garage!  needed storage space after the move, so built my baseboards to put stuff under! yay!!!!

so now I have a kinda L shaped layout against 2 walls.. basically 14'x2' + 8'x2' both ends are 4'x4' though to have gentler curves capable of longer rolling stock
(such as Shinkansen!).  I'm going to setup a temporary layout as soon as I can to test all my stuff after the move (I've just ordered a Morley Vortrac N to replace my
North American controllers (voltage difference!)).  When this stuff arrives and I am able to stop unpacking for a sec, I'll make a video of the test trains



Wiring, wiring, and more wiring  :sleep:

10 out of 34 point motors fitted to layout, 24 still to go. 6 of the 10 fitted are wired back to the control panel, other 4 aren't (yet). And I still have route indication to wire back to the control panel for each motor as well!!



Well done on sorting your baseboards chaps.  :)

I spent a little time today organising my rolling stock into three plastic boxes, each with 8 foam trays (from JB Models).  One box has loco's, one has coaches, and one has wagons and everything else.  


Still working on my two buildings. Nearly finished my scratchbuilt grain trailer.

Also found out how to put lights into a cobbose to run off track power. Another project to do :smiley-laughing:



After splitting my layout in two I have been relaying the track on the two halves, with the American layout which I have called "Santa Enscala" I have redone the scenery to resemble the colours of NW California and today I will be ballasting it and the British layout.
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Extended three fiddle yard sidings (having lengthemed my platforms to take loco+5 trains, I realised my fiddle yards weren't long enough - d'oh!).

Realigned a couple of sidings to make space for my recently completed German stellwerk. Gone is the very English looking farish signalbox.
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After nearly 4 years of having the layout in storage due moving house and having a small human arrive in the household, i finally got it 1/2 errected again at the weekend.  I would have got all the base boards up apart from there still not being enough room due to cardboard boxes full of stuff to go to charity/car boot.  I'm sure the mrs would love the railway and the 8 crates of rollingstock, scenary, kits and sundary other modeling bits to go the same way!!!
Then comes the task off getting it all working again, the track cleaning, the wiring checking....
Will be nice to see my little boy finaly get to see some trains running rather than sitting in their boxes.....
oh yeah, must learn to shout the phrase, "Dont touch, its not a toy!!!" at the little man so he gets to learn.
And i'm sure the moggies will love the HF track cleaner too.
I would post some photo's of it from its previous home, but fotopic went bust and took all my pics with it.


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Right now im desperate to finish testing my track for electrical continuity smoothness and get the shed cleaned out, but im nursing a bad back this week so no shed time for me as i cant bend over without siezing up  :(


Quote from: AndyGif on August 30, 2011, 01:11:40 PM

I would post some photo's of it from its previous home, but fotopic went bust and took all my pics with it.


Sorry to hear that!  I had a website that use fotopic too. :thumbsdown:

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