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N Gauge Discussion / Re: Has this been a bumper yea...
Last post by joe cassidy - Today at 10:38:09 AM
I am already tempted by a V2 in LNER livery  ;)
General Discussion / Any member live near Oxford?
Last post by Beach Halt - Today at 10:32:09 AM
Is there a member living near Oxford who could do me a small favour?
I ordered the Sonic Large Prairie from WoS to be delivered to my son in Kidlington, as he is coming over to see us France next month and can bring it with him.
As there appears to be potential problems with this loco, can my son bring it around for someone locally to test. If there is a problem then my son can send it back.


N Gauge Discussion / Re: A Coarse Guide to the Stea...
Last post by Ed - Today at 10:01:59 AM
Quote from: Bealman on Today at 02:22:25 AMWunderful stuff, John. :thumbsup:

Seconded  :thumbsup:

General Discussion / Re: Happy thread
Last post by Bealman - Today at 09:25:48 AM
*Please see post on your other thread  :)
General Discussion / Re: Happy thread
Last post by Trainfish - Today at 08:57:26 AM
I'm generally a happy person but I was really happy last night after polishing this off. It doesn't taste anything like the 7.3% it states which is probably why I was in bed just after 10pm. I think I'll get some more for the weekend coming so my brother-in-law can give his opinion:

N Gauge Discussion / Re: Has this been a bumper yea...
Last post by Roy L S - Today at 07:48:51 AM
Quote from: Portpatrick on Yesterday at 05:26:33 PM
Quote from: Roy L S on Yesterday at 03:07:39 PM, longer term there is also the 120 DMU from Revolution Trains.

So "bumper" or otherwise I would say it is definitely a good time to be modelling in British N for sure.


I asked the nice man about the 120 DMU when I was at Aly Paly last March.  His comment was vague and my impression was that they are still at the earlier stages of development.  I sensed nothing before c 2026 but I might (hope?) I am pessmistic on that.

I would be ordering a green and a blue version for my layout Cromarty - I can run it from steam through to blue era.  The 120 would appear on the daily train from Aberdeen, avoiding Inverness by the top curve.

So for now my adapted Minitrix Mk 1s with BHE driver ends will keep running.  Obviously in no way accurate but the impression is reasonable.  They are based on an article in the NGS Journal c10 years or more ago.

As far as Revolution Trains 120s (and indeed their K Pullmans) are concerned, while definitely of interest to me, the vague timescale and consequent lack of clarity on when order books will open has made me re-evaluate and I have discounted them as priority purchases. Definitely ones to watch in the longer term but personally I am unlikely to commit money to any more of the "early bird" offers.

In a similar vein, given the long delays from originally given delivery dates I am unlikely to be putting "non refundable" deposits down on any more Sonic products unless it is something directly suiting my modelling era/location or an absolute "Rule 1" must have. I have bought at least one of each Sonic loco so far to support Sam, but going forward I am of the same thinking as Richard T.

On the other hand, if the Farish V2 deco samples live up to expectation as I hope to be the case, as soon as orders are being taken, depending on liveries offered I will be in for at least two BR sound fitted ones - I just hope there is a sensible spread of choices in the first batch as I won't be tempted by LNER liveries.

Reflecting on the state of things further, a good year (last 12 months) if not "bumper". However I think it is definitely the case that things are in a very good place for N generally with more manufacturers entering the fray, and even as far as known models in development goes there looks to be a good pipeline covering all key modelling eras. This should mean a continued flow of products coming through at a sustainable (and from a modellers' cash flow perspective) affordable pace. I think this is actually better than "bumper" to be honest as oversupply helps nobody.


"Of course", Amanda murmured, her voice a low, sultry purr, "one must be prepared for all eventualities. Don't you agree, darling?"

The implication hung heavily in the air between them, the innocent-looking piece of fabric now charged with significance. Andy's gaze darted between Amanda's eyes, alight with mischief and the tantalising evidence of her daring now lying on the bench.

"Indeed, my dear", he replied, his voice husky with barely contained desire. "One never knows what... situations might arise in these old castles at Christmastime. Best to be prepared for anything, wouldn't you say?"

The words hung in the air between them, charged with possibility. Andy felt a delicious shiver run down his spine as he processed the implications of her statement. His arm tightened almost imperceptibly around her waist as he turned to meet her gaze, his eyes dark with desire.

"My darling Amanda", he murmured, his voice husky with barely contained passion, "perhaps we ought to find somewhere a bit more... sheltered from those pesky draughts. I'd hate for you to catch a chill, after all."

Amanda's answering laugh was low and throaty, full of promise. "Oh, Andy", she breathed, her fingers toying with the top buttons of his dress shirt, "I do believe that's the most capital idea I've heard all evening."

He drew closer; his gaze locked onto her as he tenderly moved in, his lips descending upon hers with an intense passion. Her mouth responded in kind, parting slightly to allow him entry, her tongue eagerly engaging with his in a sultry dance. The sensation of her lips was exquisite, velvety soft and warm, while the hunger in her kiss was palpable, fuelling his own desire. As their tongues entwined in a passionate embrace, he reached down, his hands gliding beneath the delicate fabric of her gown, feeling the silky smoothness of her skin as he traced the alluring curve of her hip, each touch arousing him further.

He broke the kiss, his breath coming in short gasps as he gazed at her oval face. "I want you, Amanda", he whispered, his voice thick with desire.

She smiled; her luminous eyes filled with lust. "Then what are you waiting for, Andy?" she purred, her voice sultry and seductive. "Take me, claim me as your own."

As Andy's hands roamed over Amanda's eager body, he could feel the excitement building within her. With a gentle touch, he unfastened her ball gown, revealing the lingerie beneath. As the gown slid off her body, he could see the anticipation in her eyes, her heart racing with each touch. He then undid her white satin bra, also intricately embroidered with red hearts and roses, revealing her firm 35-inch bosom. His hands continued to explore her body, each touch sending shivers down her spine. With each garment removed, the intensity between them grew.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Has this been a bumper yea...
Last post by Chris Morris - Today at 06:20:45 AM
I think its been a very good year. The range of stuff available has increased. For me the Sonic prairie filled a big gap. I'm just waiting for the new 66s to appear and my world will be pretty much complete. I can't help feeling N gauge is getting towards the point where most of the locos that are likely to sell well have been covered or are under development. The only gap I can see is for a king which would have to be double chimney to interest me. I just hope all the new stuff has sold well enough to provide the manufacturers with a return on their investment.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: A Coarse Guide to the Stea...
Last post by Bealman - Today at 02:22:25 AM
Wunderful stuff, John. :thumbsup:
N Gauge Discussion / Re: newbie questions about dap...
Last post by Phoenix - Yesterday at 11:46:00 PM
Hi David,

Sorry I can't answer any livery related questions  ::)

However I just wanted to say the "Terrier" was also the first loco I bought, and is a lovely model  :D  :D  :D

It runs really smoothley, and is my absolute favourite loco. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with it  :thumbsup:

I have mine pulling freight wagons.

All best wishes


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