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Just starting a build of my new layout - Northfleet.

The period is now 2010 - present however Rule #1 applies as to what is running.

There is one major anachronism in that I have got in this plan.  I have re-installed the Blue Circle Cement works.  The Exchange sidings have been rationalised to two inbound sidings and a single outbound siding.  Interestingly Crossrail have themselves re-installed the lines though to the now demolished Blue Circle site for shipping spoil down stream.

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Having been whittering on on these hallowed pages about the lack of a 465 Networker in the N gauge market.  I have assembled the necessary parts to have a crack at building my own.  Bob Davies (N-Trains) 3D printed the cabs.  Adam Ware (Captainelectra) had printed up the Vinyls.  The Class 150 & four MkII's were bought second hand from this site (Etched Pixels) as donor vehicals.  #

So this is my first go at a conversion.  I will be taking my time - so dont expect instant results and I will be…
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