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Layout Construction / Re: Port Perran/Trepol Bay
« Last post by Chris in Prague on Today at 03:17:58 pm »
Hi Chris, I'd certainly agree with you that the D600 (later Class 41) "Warship" Class locos were, indeed, "the diesel-hydraulic the Western Region didn't want", the heavyweight design being imposed on the WR by the BTC. (I have quite a few books about this subject.) As both the builders (North British) and the railway staff who had to work on and with them were very new to diesel-hydraulics it is not surprising that they were terribly unreliable, at first. Later, they settled down to working trains of china clay wagons where the locos.' extra weight came in very handy for braking such trains.

There is / was a bodykit for an N Gauge D600 class and at least one forum member (Karhedron) has made a very nice looking model. "The kit was made by Carl Pelpow of "It's N Gauge". The kit comes as a resin bodyshell with etched details that is to be fitted on the older Bachmann/Farish class 47 chassis. Carl has revamped this kit with improved grill detail so anyone else wanting to have a go can now (2010) get the improved version of the kit." However, he is out of business (see elsewhere on the forum on him being sent to present) so the chances of buying a new kit are dependent on finding a secondhand one. I would suggest that a new 3D print would be much better in any case.


The chassis came from an old Graham Farish Class 47 chassis. "The Class 77 bogie sideframes made by MSL for their kit. Although not quite identical, the Class 77 bogies are very close to those on the D600s. They are also cast to fit the standard Bachmann/Farish 3-axle bogie which makes fitting them to this kit easy."

I would be very tempted to have a D6xx in BR Green livery, but it would get very little use at Cant Cove as nothing bigger than a "Hymek" is, normally, seen there and the bridge beyond has a weight restriction baring anything with a RA higher than that of a D8xx "Warship". Martin might be tempted to have one running to / from Truro via Newquay? (In our 'Alternative Cornwall' there is an upgraded -- by the GWR in the 1930s -- alternative mainline from Truro-Newquay-Wadebridge.) A "Manor" plus D6xx would be a pleasing pairing to model. Once I have the other lmotive power that I need more, as 3D prints (e.g. an O2, a B4, a Swindon Cross-Country DMU), I'll try to persuade someone to make a 3D print of a D6xx in N Gauge.
Computer Help / Re: Troubling events in cyberspace
« Last post by GroupC on Today at 03:14:54 pm »
Happens all the time to me, and even though I use an adblocker which stops the ads, websites seem to know what I "want" after I've browsed for and often bought an item. I'm not on F/b or twitter etc (is there a past tense of twitter? Is is tw*tter?).

Doesn't bother me too much, the joke's on them in my view though: if I've just bought for example a toaster I'll be offered lots of toasters. As if I'd want another one, and another one and another one etc. Whatever software they use isn't intelligent to know that I've just bought one and don't therefore need another. If it's that dim to figure out basics like that I'm not too worried about it. So all that software's often a waste of their time and money.
Diesel/Electric / Re: Class 17 Clayton
« Last post by NeMo on Today at 03:10:25 pm »
Yet it is we modellers who bellyache if a price rises by even a penny......

Look, describing worries about price increases as "belly-aching" is really pejorative to those modellers who clearly aren't as rich as you or need to prioritise their spending in other ways.

If the price for the model leaps from ~120 to ~160 quid, that's me out. I've got huge sympathy for DJM and what he's trying to do, and I certainly put my money up front to get things moving. But at the end of the day it's just a toy train, and if it isn't manufacturers to a price I can afford, then discussions over costs in Chinese factories or whatever are largely irrelevant to me.

Cheers, NeMo
General Discussion / Re: The World's Tiniest Masterpieces
« Last post by Papyrus on Today at 02:41:27 pm »
Finally got around to watching this last night - WOW!

Almost as interesting as his sculptures was his backstory - severely dyslexic, can't read or write, humiliated by his teacher at primary school. What an inspirational man.


DCC / Re: Regarding bus wires
« Last post by sprogman on Today at 02:05:40 pm »
This has always puzzled me : surely if you have a ‘roundy- roundy’ layout at some point you will effectively have a ring in place- do these layouts not work.......
Most advocates of breaking the ring will go mute at your suggestion :)

There is no disadvantage in having a ring, all other things being equal.
Real Railway Discussion / Re: Banana vans - what colour were they?
« Last post by Paul B on Today at 02:05:01 pm »
Sorry - been catching up on the forum and just found this thread!

Not banana vans - but they have been mentioned!

When I first started collecting Colmans mustard vans, I only had a few...

But then I found that there were 'coal for Colmans mustard' trucks too!

Most of the coal trucks were from Peco kits with Robbies Rolling Stock transfers (decals) for the sides.

MY wife keeps telling me that I have too many...  ???
Layout Planning / Re: Birmingham Knotmore Street
« Last post by railsquid on Today at 02:03:13 pm »
Onwards and sidewards... a quick mockup to see what the track plan looks like in real life and to consider the best way of supporting it all, as it will need to be removable to provide access to the lines underneath (and it's much easier to work on if it's removable).

The layout is the best I can come up with in the space and with the track geometry available (Tomix).

I was originally planning to recreate all the contemporary platforms, but it occurs to me that having the main line ones in their current form (particularly what is now the very wide V-shaped platform with the water tower on it) will mean quite a substantial acreage of platform and it might be more interesting to leave those away and use the space between main line and terminal platforms to recreate the small locomotive stabling facility and goods shed which were once there.
Diesel/Electric / Re: Class 17 Clayton
« Last post by Les1952 on Today at 01:53:00 pm »
I have very mixed feelings about having the money back. Yes, it can be spent on other things, but not the Clayton which is what my heart was set on.

I feel exactly the same. There's literally nothing else in the pipeline from either Farish or Dapol -- except perhaps the Class 50 -- that fits into the BR green to BR blue era that I enjoy.

I'm also worried that as/when the 'Clayton' gets back on track, the inevitable time delay involved will mean the price goes up beyond the rate of inflation.

Cheers, NeMo

I suspect that any rise in price if and when the Clayton does appear will be down to the Chinese.  Dave has absorbed a much higher proportion of Chinese price increases and those caused by the fall of the pound without passing these on than any other of our manufacturers.

You only need to look at how many times Bachmann have increased their prices and by how much to compare.   All of this has affected Dave's cash flow and the waiting time for his models.

Yet it is we modellers who bellyache if a price rises by even a penny......

Layout Construction / Re: Ashburton and Totnes
« Last post by CarriageShed on Today at 01:44:47 pm »
Did anyone notice the point rodding alongside the Great Bear...?
Dapol Steam / Re: Dapol Standards dropping?
« Last post by Les1952 on Today at 01:43:42 pm »
Just to put things in context re value for money.

I've just sent back a faulty Continental loco.

What was its cost new?   £357.

In value-for-money terms UK modellers do remarkably well.

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