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Pendolino / Re: Pendolino - a new approach
« Last post by Skyline2uk on Today at 12:36:06 pm »
Bottom line for me is that this project nearly didn’t happen due to insufficient numbers sold.

As Ben has said, if some people treated an order as an investment good for them in making this happen.

I for one was only prevented in buying one myself by not having the spare cash at the time (was buying a house as I recall), but when you look at the potential return on investment this was a winner.

I have a rule that I would never invest in something I dont understand well. Model Railways are one of my passions and if I could make a living out of them then I would.

Whoever has bought one (or more) for whatever reason then I sincerely hope you enjoy them or the profit you get from them. I look forward to many pictures, videos and viewings at exhibitions for years to come.

Speaking of “Investments”, anybody care to give me odds on this winning “Model of the year”?

Layout Construction / Re: HalWill Junction - Here We Go Again!...
« Last post by Only Me on Today at 12:27:49 pm »
No 35s? ???


Yes I purchased four trestles from ebay on @bmwm4rkym4rk recommendation.
Layout Construction / Re: Wrenton
« Last post by Chris in Prague on Today at 12:09:51 pm »
Many thanks for another great picture. The rolling stock is, IMHO, perfectly weathered. Not too dirty but not too clean to be unrealistic. The "FRUIT" vans and the open wagon with tarpaulin are superb.
Layout Construction / Re: HalWill Junction - Here We Go Again!...
« Last post by Innovationgame on Today at 12:05:53 pm »
I like the baseboards.  Will they be standing on trestles?
Layout Construction / Re: HalWill Junction - Here We Go Again!...
« Last post by newportnobby on Today at 11:58:24 am »
No 35s? ???
first thing to do was fill the lake with real water to check there are no leaks, and make sure the level is ok.

I salute your courage, mon brave! :worried:

Yay! I've spotted Michael Portaloo ;D

As ever, your detailing skills are just awesome, Kevin :admiration:
Box File Layouts / Re: Gibbons Yard - Layout in a whisky box
« Last post by MARK1985 on Today at 11:54:11 am »
Hi All

Now onto the more scenic side of things , I've started to get basic frame up for the Distillery , this will be covered . I also have given all the components a coat of paint to hide the harshness of the white . Next on the to do list is get to level out the surroundings of the kato track and hopefully make a start on a template for the road bridge that is going over the end of the sector plate

Layout Construction / Re: Wrenton
« Last post by Novice41 on Today at 11:48:26 am »
There's always a problem with perspective in backscenes when you view them from above as the horizon is in the wrong place. I haven't discovered a way of getting round this. Your device of using a temporary board is a useful way of providing something to stop the eye from falling off the edge of the layout.  :thumbsup:
Wagons / Re: Carflat A from the N Gauge Society
« Last post by Paddy on Today at 11:31:32 am »
Looks great - like the cars.


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