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Welcome and Introduction / Re: Hello to n gauge forum
« Last post by Railwaygun on Today at 01:45:38 am »
Just a quick hello as I join the forum to hopefully start on my first n gauge model layout. Will need to start out small or micro style in order to make any progress.
Will need to construct a baseboard after trying to put an early Graham Farrish 0-6-0 back together after trying to make it ‘go’. Will try and search forum for answers.......... :) :)

it is worth looking for a local Model Rail club to see if you can contact other local enthusiasts. Also local rail shows are a source of information, inspiration, and bits!

UKModelshops  has lists of local clubs and shows

General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
« Last post by Graham on Today at 01:13:21 am »
never been to the gong, but you make it sound exciting.

General Discussion / Re: spellings on EBAY
« Last post by Zogbert Splod on Today at 12:45:43 am »
I think it's vastly different on a forum as we are all mainly unaware of what other people suffer from e.g. dyslexia but, I'm sorry, there is no excuse for a national TV station to spell things incorrectly. Poor English abounds nowadays with far too much use of 'gunna' instead of 'going to', 'to' has become 'tuh' and if the following word begins with a vowel then the whole thing becomes mangled!
Don't even get me started on those who use 'like' every other word or began every sentence with 'So....'
(pretentious prats)
My daughters both live in Texas, as I did for many years.  I cringe when we talk and I hear "I'ma do that!" - even the 'gunna' has been dropped!
I also have a problem with those who say "um" or "em" between every pair of words.

So - that's, em, enough from, um, me for, eh, now.  Cheri, um, o...
Oy...my O's are utterly worthless. Goodbye, Machado.
General Discussion / Re: Cars are getting bigger
« Last post by Bealman on Today at 12:20:57 am »
Wasn't there a time there for a little while though, when people switched from huge Oldsmobiles and the like and bought little Japanese cars?

Or did I dream that
General Discussion / Re: My local bus stop
« Last post by Bealman on Today at 12:09:48 am »
A couple of other bus stops:

This is the one going the other way! This one is just up the hill from Chez Bealman. This is the"Gee, I'm thirsty" bus stop.

And this one is in town. I took this on Anzac Day after I'd finished helping to run the two up game at the Leagues Club. This bus stop is not a very nice place to be on a night, unfortunately.

General Discussion / Re: Cars are getting bigger
« Last post by Chetcombe on Today at 12:06:48 am »
On this side of the pond average vehicle size is ludicrously big as most of you are aware. Thankfully our parking spaces are proportionately much larger than yours to cope with some of the behemoths that 'grace' our roads; after all this is the country where Audi Q7s and Range Rovers are dwarfed by the likes of the Chevvy Suburban, Ford Expedition and pretty much any pick-up truck.

But even here the trend toward larger vehicles continues. Today Ford announced that it will pretty much stop making cars for the US market in the future and focus on SUVs and trucks. Crazy...

Photographs/Videos / Re: 1960 BR(WR) Paddington on Film
« Last post by Bealman on Yesterday at 11:47:19 pm »
Yeah, I liked the 9F that kept popping up everywhere.

Also the spotters getting blasted by the exhaust  :D
Other Hobbies / Re: Baseball !!! Serrwiiiing, batter, batter, batter...
« Last post by weave on Yesterday at 11:46:50 pm »
Hi Team,

I wasn't going to say anything after yesterday evening's thrashing by Washington (sorry don't know US terms. I know a few choice UK ones that could express my feelings better but family forum), however as a few of you are on here, thought I'd share as it gets worse.

They didn't have the hot dogs I normally (occasionally) buy and the ones I did buy were revolting. Put a pizza on instead, forgot about it and burnt it so ended up eating cheese and onion Ringos and a whole big bar of Cadbury's Caramel. The booze was fine though. Please don't show this to my doctor  :D.

The Dodgies are in town so my mood might get even worse. NO, think positive, better. BEAT LA, BEAT LA!!!!!

Cheers weave  :beers:

Pendolino / Re: Pendolino - a new approach
« Last post by NewbieN on Yesterday at 11:44:27 pm »
Just picked mine up today, it is a thing of beauty, really pleased with it and can't wait to get it running.

Just a quick question - I ordered the Virgin Hero 11 car set (Poppylino), the British Royal Legion logos that appear on the side and the Poppy motif that is on the front of the unit is only on one power car - is this correct or should both power cars have the logos on them?

Hi NewbieN,

Apologies, only just seen this.  Yes, there should be logos on both power cars.  Which car is it that's missing the logos?  A or K?  And what is the unit number on the side... It may be you have the wrong power car in your set, rather than the right power car without logos....

Either way, we will sort you out once all the models have been sent out.


Ben A.

Hi Ben - thank you, I have just sent you a PM with the details.

Many Thanks.
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