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N Gauge Discussion / Re: Annual Wishlist Poll
« Last post by Bealman on Today at 08:11:12 am »
... and.....?
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Annual Wishlist Poll
« Last post by njee20 on Today at 08:03:02 am »
No, it’s not dead at all, its just not a trivial exercise. Not least there are lots of considerations for what should be in or out, let alone actually compiling that list.
General Discussion / Re: Schoolies week
« Last post by Bealman on Today at 07:39:12 am »
Just saw some new stuff on Channel 9 news Australia showing two kids, male and female, standing on a ledge of a hotel, 30 odd stories up above the street on the Gold Coast.

I won't post a link to such ridiculous behaviour.

Let's see how many casualties this year.
I disagree. With traction tyres on some of the driven wheels and adequate traction weight over them it should do fine as long as it picks up off the other six drivers too.
No! Not traction tyres!  I hate traction tyres! :veryangry:

I can't see any problem with traction tyres except sometimes they need replacing if they are mistreated. They are essential to enable plastic bodied steam locos haul a reasonable length train. My least used steam locos are Dapol 9F and Farish Castle because they can't haul anywhere near proper loads over reasonable gradients. My most used steamies are my Dapol Grange and Dapol 28xx because they can.
Layout Construction / Re: Tregonning - Layout in a (Largish) case
« Last post by keithbythe sea on Today at 07:33:24 am »
Excellent new photos  :greatpicturessign:
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Hattons enter n gauge market as manufacturer
« Last post by Bealman on Today at 07:29:16 am »
We do live upside down, though  ;)
Looking good Weave.  :thumbsup:
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Hattons enter n gauge market as manufacturer
« Last post by daveg on Today at 07:19:49 am »
Having just pre-ordered one, I can confirm no money has changed hands at this stage...  :claphappy:

Also, got the 20% VAT off because I live outside the EU!  :beers:  :claphappy:  :laugh3:

Nice one and it easily slides under the GST threshold.

Lucky bug chap!  :)

Dave G
Continental N Gauge / Re: Living Room 1:160 DB Layout
« Last post by Miek on Today at 06:57:27 am »
Yes it's coming along nicely. What did you paint the sleepers with. Is it from those little Tamiya acrylic paint pots or something else?
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Hattons enter n gauge market as manufacturer
« Last post by MalcolmInN on Today at 03:02:48 am »
I assume this will be like any other Hattons pre-order - ie payment details taken but not charged until delivery, and the option to cancel at any time before that.
Thanks. That is why I asked, I have only bought big items up-front from my local ye oldie model shoppes so am unfamiliar. They are taking on quite a risk then !

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