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N Gauge Discussion / Re: To pull or not to pull? That is the question
« Last post by Webbo on Today at 01:54:35 am »
Great little clip, Scott

I too am a fan of the Big Bang Theory - not your normal sit-com by a long shot.

Layout Construction / Re: Principat d'Izaro (French/Spanish layout)
« Last post by weave on Today at 12:24:51 am »
Thanks guys,

Laurence, the tunnel mouth will begin just before the sharp curve to give the impression of going straight on so you can watch the trains from your patio table

The beach station is based very very loosely on Sant Pol de Mar way down the coast, a beach I'd love to go to...



I won't be able to do the buildings probably as don't have enough room and Spanish type buildings are hard to find. Have got some Tomix apartment blocks that look like Med hotels so they will appear somewhere later.

Keith, San Miguel, Estrella Damm etc., you name it we got it! Saying that, Martin, not sure about tge red wine but we'll try and get some in  ;).

Thanks for the interest.

Cheers weave  :beers:
On My Workbench / Re: Hailstone's Workbench
« Last post by Chris in Prague on Yesterday at 10:25:49 pm »
Looking very good already. I look forward to the updates.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: To pull or not to pull? That is the question
« Last post by dannyboy on Yesterday at 10:18:05 pm »
And it looks like Kato track  :thumbsup: :)
On My Workbench / Re: Hailstone's Workbench
« Last post by Hailstone on Yesterday at 10:17:02 pm »
Since I came back from holiday I had avoided working on the 2 models of Trojan that I started some time ago. well I have Had a surge of enthusiasm, and have now fitted them with injectors and clack valves and a toolbox on the fireman's side as per the actual loco, which goes some way to disguising the skirt between the saddle tank and running plate. I also fitted the smokebox doors with handles made from handrail knobs bored out to accept an 0.5mm rivet.
only the lamp irons remain to be fitted before painting, as the whistles and safety valves will be fitted afterwards.


N Gauge Discussion / Re: To pull or not to pull? That is the question
« Last post by scottmitchell74 on Yesterday at 10:13:25 pm »

Oh, man. That sounds SO familiar. Yep. I do it with road/highway signs. Anything, really. Interesting.

Now, I'm not saying every train enthusiast is like this, but I've noticed we are often similar in more ways that just our love of trains.

I can't remember if I brought it up in this forum, but I do know that there are groups/schools/homes that deal with children with special needs that go to train museums or places with trains and do therapy with kids that are more firmly on the Autism Spectrum.

Does anyone watch the American Sit-Com: The Big Ban Theory? It's never directly addressed, but one of the main characters (Sheldon Cooper) is very clearly somewhere on the Autism Spectrum, and among other things, he LOVES trains. Real train, model trains, Thomas the Train.  In one
episode he was excitedly showing someone an N-Scale loco (Looked like a Life-Like Sw1200, or something like that). Watch to see what made him so excited about it...Watch the last :20
  Watch the last :20.

 And something I never noticed before...He called it N-Gauge!!!!!
Continental N Gauge / Re: Adventures in 3D printing SNCF rolling stock
« Last post by retica on Yesterday at 10:09:29 pm »
The seller is Plaza Japan, aka 1999.jp aka Hobby Search Japan.

Are you sure about that ? Plaza Japan have their own website and I got stuff from Plaza Japan in the past which Hobbysearch/1999 couldn't supply anymore. Interesting.

Layout Construction / Re: Cant Cove (and Penmayne)
« Last post by port perran on Yesterday at 10:07:01 pm »
Hipefully, they ate not thinking of "interfering" with either the fish or samphire grass to be used by either chef...
Woe betide them if they are
Continental N Gauge / Re: Kato Rhaetische Bahn series
« Last post by retica on Yesterday at 10:04:02 pm »
I keep an old PC running on Windows ME as that has the best driver with the most overlay and spot colour options.

Lucky find, a Microdry printer for 70  :thumbsup: nowadays if you're lucky to find a refurbished Alps MD 5000/5500, they go for up to US $1000 !

Edit: Just checked ebay, make that US $2000 for a new MD-5000i (?) or MD-5500  :laugh3:

 ;) Same here, an old Compaq laptop with a LPT1 port and windows XP installed as a print server. I've had Spot red, blue and green labelled #16 and changed the cartridge during a print job but that does not work anymore. The registration is slightly off after a new cartridge identification run. Solution was to label them cyan, magenta and yellow instead and use them this way, all good again. Now, where do I get a new orange cartridge from ? Would be handy for the riri scheme shown above.

Continental N Gauge / Re: Adventures in 3D printing SNCF rolling stock
« Last post by Steve.T on Yesterday at 10:01:07 pm »
They are looking very nice.
Can I ask what printer did you use and what filament ?

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