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N Gauge Discussion / Re: Index ratings
« Last post by MJKERR on Today at 05:12:26 am »
Class 86/1 were preferred on Mark 3 sets to cover for Class 87/0 under maintenance
There were also a small number of Class 86/2 uprated to 110mph

So if anyone knows of a resource or list it would be much appreciated.
Obtain a Platform Five book for the period you are modelling

As at 1990 to 1992 -

Class 31/4 : 66
Class 33 : 48
Class 37/4 : 38
Class 47/4 : 66
Class 47/6 : 75 (limited to 75mph)
Class 47/7 : 66
Class 50 : 61
Class 73 : 66 (electric)
Class 81 : 66
Class 85 : 66
Class 86/1 : 74
Class 86/2 : 74
Class 86/4 : 74
Class 86/6 : 74 (isolated from 1991)
Class 87 : 74
Class 90 : 95 (Class 91/1 isolated from 1991) 
Class 91 : 95
Good find, Ian! Just downloaded it onto my phone. Haven't looked right through it yet, but it looks great!

Love the aerial shot of Newcastle at the start, too.
Track, Points and Underlay / Re: Electrofrog PL13 problems
« Last post by Bealman on Today at 01:24:53 am »
Yes, those slider switches are troublesome. I have heaps on my layout and I'm sure the restoration process is going to involve an inspection of them all.

Peco even suggested that a second switch could be piggy backed on top of the first. I tried that, and no way would it work!
Continental N Gauge / Re: The RENFE British Mikados
« Last post by Gordon on Today at 01:07:46 am »
Here she is in 1978

And Endesa had this beastie too!

Events/Shows/Exhibitions / Re: Warley NEC show 25th & 26th November 2017
« Last post by Ben A on Today at 12:59:27 am »

Hello all,

Tim's posting above has made me realise that Horseley Fields, one of the club layouts of the Northants and Cambs Area group of the NGS, is pretty close to the NGS stand.

It's also on the edge of the display area and apparently by a door, meaning there should be plenty of space around it!


Ben A.
Also, although not strictly rolling stock, some wee Kato folk to sit inside rolling stock.  Probably not quite the shilling for my 1960s BR fleet, but top yen for my Japanese collection :thumbsup:
Yup, I think the mobile phones would look a bit out of place ;)

Another Japanese intermodal wagon arrived today, a KOKI 106 by Tomix - part number 8723.  I can't read Japanese, but the containers seem to be used for the bulk shipping of cats :no:

'Tis the brand of a major logistics/delivery company called "Yamato" who use a black cat carrying a kitten as their logo (and by whom a package containing model railway goods was literally just delivered).

Cats are usually sent through the normal postal network in special padded bags lined with catnip.
I've received a load of kits and RTRs today.  I'll hopefully be putting up a stock list on Friday evening on the Display part of the website.

I've cribbed the idea of a map from @Ben A  :NGaugersRule:

Please come and say hi to us all on the stand. 

On Saturday it will be @free debt man , @B757-236GT , Mike Le Marie (Vice President of the NGS) and myself.
On Sunday it will be @free debt man , @B757-236GT , @anaes20 and myself.

Talking to us on the stand helps the committee understand what members are feeling.

If a meet up is required then I don't see a problem with it being by the demonstration table by the stand.

It really does, thanks daversmth.  I've bookmarked it and will check back regularly for tips.  Thank you.
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