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My test track is an oval with approx. 275mm radius and I've not had any problems with running.


Could you please clarify if 275mm is the radius of the track centre, or the inside or outside rail. 

It may be useful for me to use this as the minimum radius for sidings, etc., thanks.
Great pics, thanks for taking the trouble to post them, that is one of the few places in the UK? I've not visited, perhaps should be on my bucket list.   :D
Class B Tanker / Re: Esso 35t Class B tank wagons by Revolution.
« Last post by Chris Morris on Today at 04:55:56 pm »
Thanks Robert.
So far I’ve just given mine a coat of road grime. I might leave it at that or I might try to add a bit of oil spillage down the middle of the tank if I think I can make it look right. At least they are useable now. I just couldn’t run them in “factory fresh” condition.
Very nice model.
Mine are in a mainly van train and are probably taking diesel oil to Laira, St Blazey and Long Rock. Maybe that’s why there are three of them.

Honda did do the Africa Twin with a 750cc engine (1990 to 2003) the model is the XRV750T.
You might be able to find one in second hand and in good nick up to £4500 including side panniers.
or like someone suggested the Transalp XL700V which production ended in 2012.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Lima v Minitrix Mk Coaches
« Last post by railsquid on Today at 04:16:12 pm »

Farish "Poole"

Farish "Blue Riband"

N Gauge Discussion / Re: Lima v Minitrix Mk Coaches
« Last post by railsquid on Today at 04:15:35 pm »
In case it helps:


All too 'retro', David, especially the Monkey (cheeky rapscallion, you :telloff:)
There's no way I want anything that small anyway.
The Africa Twin would be OK if they did maybe a 650cc version of it :hmmm:
DCC / Re: Switch Pilot Servo, again
« Last post by sprogman on Today at 03:43:32 pm »
Shades of ZTC? The DCC signal doing nasty things during power up and confusing the decoder?

ZTC used to recommend an isolation switch between their command station and the layout so that the layout could be connected once the command station had powered up and settled down.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Lima v Minitrix Mk Coaches
« Last post by Newportnobby on Today at 03:38:08 pm »
I've always believed Lima coaches are to the wrong scale of 1/160 and so do look small against 1/148 models. It's OK thinking a rake of them doesn't look so bad but the difference between them and a 1/148 loco hauling them is glaring.
Minitrix, although being the right gauge, have hugely out of scale inset windows as Mike says above. If you can live with this then they'd be your better choice IMO (although Dapol Colletts also have inset windows)
Hi Mick, if the Puch was of interest Honda are bringing back a modernised version of the "Super Cub" scroll down on this link, also there the "monkey" sounds more like you  :D


Not available now but until a few years ago one of these might have suited you


and while we're on bikes I thought there was some cracking footage from the IoM this year  :thumbsup:

Cheers David

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