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General Discussion / Re: GWR B Sets
« Last post by Roy L S on Today at 02:41:31 pm »
Very nice coaches, I still have my two BR ones bought at Warley on release day for the princely sum of £12 each, they don't cost much more than that now, what is it 14 years later?

Real Railway Discussion / Re: Actual interesting news in the Daily Mail
« Last post by Malc on Today at 02:40:37 pm »
I have been on their Shakespear Express dining experience. We travelled from Snow Hill in the dining car and had breakfast then travelled back in the regular seating. They did announce that as we were steaming on the main line, the driver was going to give it some thrutch and we clocked 70 mph.
Scenery/Landscaping / Ideas for support pillars Station Canopy.
« Last post by Jerry Howlett on Today at 02:39:38 pm »
That's it, I am scratch building several long station canopies and looking for inspiration on what to use as supprt columns.

One has buildings underneath an adaptation of Scalescenes Island platform, but wider.

Not good overall but in my own personal experience some of the loco's I've bought from retailers in the past have been seriously badly packaged and maybe Dapol might be protecting their product by doing it themselves.

Might be thinking wrong but I'd rather buy from Dapol direct they make more money from the sale and keep them going to invest in new models than retailers take a wedge from them

I've only been disappointed with Dapol products bought from retailers anything direct has always been perfect

Just my humble opinion :beers:
N Gauge Discussion / Freight formations
« Last post by Timofpenk on Today at 02:36:32 pm »
Hi to everybody not posted for a while as been kept busy with trivial things like work and wife ;). But now with a bit more time on my hands I’ve been playing trains again and my favourite part running freight I find it very interesting all the different wagons and colours with various logos and branding having looked at train formations in various heritage rail magazines I noticed that a lot of pictures show a break van at both ends of the train and it got me wondering how prototypical this I understand that for purely demonstration purposes it make it a quicker turn round time but did it happen on railways in the days of break vans?
General Discussion / Re: GWR B Sets
« Last post by robert shrives on Today at 02:23:37 pm »
Hi On RM web - link below, every day a school day the 4 car or "D" sets were a West Midlands concoction. Happy to sit corrected on 5s in London - makes sense with denser pouplation. 


Welcome and Introduction / Re: Another newbie!
« Last post by Drakken on Today at 02:22:16 pm »
Welcome to the Forum :beers:
General Discussion / Re: GWR B Sets
« Last post by tunneroner61 on Today at 02:11:47 pm »
The Dapol B set is a fine model. Some suggestions on improvements are here by Maurice Pearce (Osbournes Models) http://www.gwr.org.uk/pronbset.html

I have to disagree with Robert S - the London sets were 5 coaches if I recall correctly. And yes the look of them is improved by close coupling.

A very poor decision for their customers and retailers. Looks like cutting out the middle man to increase their share of the cake. What's next? Certain, popular, liveries only available direct?
Not good for the long term.
Hopefully the final update for our show... 6 N Gauge layouts.. + others...

The 2018 model railway exhibition sponsored by the Bure Valley Railway will be held again in the Jubilee Centre, Aylsham, NR11 6JG on Saturday 6th October between 10.00 and 16.00 (10am and 4pm). There will be models of different gauges and sizes that range from N gauge to 00 gauge with model steam and diesel traction as the theme.  Exhibitors usually come from the surrounding counties of East Anglia but we try and have layouts from further afield to add variety.

The exhibition owes much of its success to the catering support given by the volunteer ladies of Aylsham.   They do a magnificent job providing refreshments for the visitors and lunches for the exhibitors, traders & our volunteer helpers.

Due to building alterations at the Jubilee Centre the available exhibition space is reduced slightly.  However, we will be using the Bure Valley Railway station as a location for our railway groups and clubs along with some modelling.  This is still being developed so keep checking to see what is going where!  The good news is that we have secured the use of a vintage Routemaster bus to link the two sites together and this will be free to ticket holders.

The BMRC will offer a “Loco Doctor” service again this year as this was a success in 2017 with some generous comments.  In addition the DCC ‘doctor’ will be there giving good advice to potential DCC modellers either starting from new or thinking about conversion.  Lots of exciting things can be done these days from loco sounds to automatic train control.


Keep visiting the webpage to see our exhibition and trader list as it is developed.

Jubilee Centre

Longstone – Gn 15

South Town – OO

Nibley Knoll – 009

Fen Lane – OO

Crabbies – N

Coldfair Green – P4/4mm

Thomas and Friends – OO

Beyton Bridge – OO

Peckston – N

Yoxton – N

Alsop en Le Dale – N

Hindenbach – N

Daconby Town – 3mm

Nigel Fisher – Trees and Track

Loco Doctor

Traders in the Jubilee Centre

Bob Pearman Books

Joe Lock Models


Train Tech

Just in Case


BVR Station

Oma Park – BMRC ‘N’gauge

Advent Modellers

DCC Advice

North Norfolk Model Engineers

B17 Steam Trust

Friends of the BVR

BVR Second Hand Stall

Correct as at 1 September 2018

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