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N Gauge Tutorials / Re: Make your bushes bloom
« Last post by biela49 on Today at 07:02:06 pm »
Nice to see that I posted something that can be useful. Thanks for your comments.

One question - what's the yellow pole thing adjacent to the right-hand bench?

Just a slim pedestrian trying to cross the street, Chris. Did you notice her/his black hair? Is not a Preiser or Merten one.
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: A good one for Paul
« Last post by daffy on Today at 07:01:45 pm »
I couldn't possibly deprive you of that pleasure. :no: Sorry Malc. :)
General Discussion / Re: Train Spotting - Do you still get excited ?
« Last post by Yet_Another on Today at 06:55:35 pm »
I don't go train spotting as such, but I do still shout "Train!" if ever I see one in the landscape while on my travels.
Forum Ideas and Problems. / Re: A good one for Paul
« Last post by daveg on Today at 06:54:22 pm »
Fortunately for you, Mike. I’ve finished my ballasting. However, I need some roadways tarmacing.

Getting a steam roller up those stairs is going to be interesting!

Video requested!  :D

Dave G
N Gauge Videos / Re: Bodget Bottom
« Last post by daveg on Today at 06:44:50 pm »
Thanks @Malc!

Great to see and as you said, Peter had some great ideas that somehow were always evolving into something else even more challenging.

Dave G

Layout Construction / Re: LX1920 - station Brussels-Luxemburg anno 1920
« Last post by McRuss on Today at 06:42:01 pm »
Hello Michiel,

good to hear that you could recover most of your pictures.

Track, Points and Underlay / Gaugemaster PM1 point motor help
« Last post by Lew on Today at 06:39:05 pm »
Hi there,

I've been trying to get my head around the Gaugemaster PM1 point motors, I've wired one up on the bench to a Graham Farish AGW PE860 DC power supply directly into the terminals and followed the wiring diagram with the negative going back to the power unit and the two outer going to a switch with a positive in the middle.. there is some resistance in the seep motor but it doesnt move a mm.

Its the same for 3 motor's i've wired. Can anyone see if im doing something stupid or im wondering if the power supply hasnt got the beans?


Thanks in anticipation,

Class 320/321 / Re: Clas 320 and 321 EMUs proposed by Revolution Trains
« Last post by njee20 on Today at 06:36:29 pm »
Just as with real life I suspect some people find EMUs a little dull. I know I’m more interested in freight, both real and n gauge, basically because of the variety of stuff. They’re crucial to modelling the prototype for the last 30 years though!

hi njee20

You said The Pendolino isn't a great comparator, it has a more limited operating area and time frame than the 320/321, ok fair point and i dont disgree longer time period however consider this, pendolino  (2002-2016 in pretty much same livery on WCML and routes off , and test run on ECML  , now pick 1 livery in 320/321 any one and apply the same , yes the units have a longer time from from construction but once you add liveries this wipes it out ,

My point was more that this is a bit moot, you’d be right if Revolution were producing only a single livery, but they’re not. As such they’re almost certainly producing the livery relevant to the time period and geography that most are modelling. This means the only people for whom the ‘transferability’ of the Pendolino is really an advantage are those who model a specific location and/or time period, but also move that about.

So for me I model the WCML south of Rugby in 2012-today, so LM is right for me. If I decided to switch to Scotland in 2003 ok I could ‘transplant’ a Pendolino but not a LM 320 (not the best example as I know they sent stock up there much later, but bear with me), but I still think that’s a very small proportion of people.
General Discussion / Re: Her Majesty's Customs and Excise
« Last post by Yet_Another on Today at 06:36:03 pm »
  • If the item is examined by HMRC and they think it has been mis-declared (e.g. a £500 model declared as a £5 toy) they may get upset and sieze the goods - if they think that you are trying to dodge the charges (e.g. asked the seller to label it as a gift) they may fine or prosecute you.
I don't know it this is still the case, but some time ago, I bought a very small camera from Japan, for railway video purposes, for a very good price, as advertised in RM.

On arrival in the UK, HM Customs decided I hadn't paid enough for it, and applied a 'notional value' which was more than I paid, and then taxed me on that value.

Also, based on past research,  as the importer of goods from abroad, the receiver is responsible for the customs declaration, not the sender (which makes complete sense when you think about who pays the duty/tax).
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Dapol Schools in BR green
« Last post by BMHoneyman on Today at 06:34:51 pm »
DCC Supplies in their Dapol Outlet section have a grade B one for £63.94 if you can't find a new one. They are sold as seen but I have had a couple of locos off them and not had a problem with grade B ones. They also have a lined BR black one with early crest for the same money. Mark
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