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Train Surgery / Re: Arnold Brighton Belle
« Last post by njee20 on Today at 07:02:57 am »
Removing the motor coach fixes it, yet you donít think itís the motor...? ???
Looks good. Nice sweeping curves. Tempted to do any sort of superelevation? I just put strips of 1mmcard under mine, subtle, but it works.
Train Surgery / Re: Arnold Brighton Belle
« Last post by Stuart Down Under on Today at 05:00:39 am »
I'm pretty sure it isn't the motor. When I disconnect the power car from the set, it runs OK and doesn't exhibit the shorting. Reconnect to the train, and the intermittent shorting occurs! Might just be a dodgy coupling plug, so I will check very carefully.
Track laying commenced today.

First spent a couple of hours looking for my wire strippers.

Once they were found I started laying track only to realise that yet again all of my plans were missaligned.

I started again with my track drawings lined up at the south end of the layout and pinned everything down as I moved north.

Once this was done I was able to get my first piece of flex track and my first point and point motor in position.

More track and one more point with motor followed. All flex track is having holes pre-drilled for track pins and 2 wires soldered to the bottom of the rails. All points get 3 holes drilled, the spring removed (for slow action),plus one wire added to the frog, for polarity switching. In my experience Peco points with the spring removed don't conduct very well.

BTW all track is Code 55, and all points are Electrofrog with Tortoise point motors. Insulating rail joiners are used on all point rails except for those at the toe end.

Both the point motors installed have been tested and they work. Tomorrow, after adding a bit more track, I'll be wiring up my Z21 and trying out a loco to make sure that all the track is smooth.

Here's few pictures.

The first point motor got repositioned about 3 times so it's in a hole which is too big, later on I'll be packing it out a little and adding some balsa or plastic card to cover the enormous hole, currently hidden under the paper plan.

I now have 3.5 days until the grandchildren arrive.


On My Workbench / Re: Worsely works 42xx kit build
« Last post by Snowwolflair on Today at 12:33:59 am »
A bit of micro soldering to assemble the cylinders.  The cylinders are tube brass and they are also lined with a tube to ensure the piston runs straight and true.  The photos show long nickle silver shafts which are loose and will be cut to length at the next stage.  The final shape of the cylinder boxes will be shaped with Ispon filler.

Layout Construction / Re: Port Perran/Trepol Bay
« Last post by cornish yorkie on Today at 12:22:45 am »
 :hellosign: Many thanks Martin, superb video
     regards Derek.
Trams / Merry Christmas 2017.... And we have an announcement...
« Last post by Balloon_726 on Yesterday at 11:58:13 pm »
Time for an update....

OK first off...

A very Merry Christmas 2017 to all our readers / followers / fans and supporters!

Its been fantastic to get out with the layout this year! We've had a really wonderful time meeting and chatting with some many of you, so thank you!
I hope you can forgive the reuse of an Xmas scene from our Thornton Gate layout created a few years back. It is one of my favourites and well we've been a bit busy of late to do a new one....

Because.....we have an announcement...

After over 12 months of planning, research and building a new team around me,

I've decided the time is right to enter the growing 3D print market, the tech has gotten better and cheaper but the demands and requirements of the public and exhibition managers has lead to the conclusion that our current rolling stock is past its best. So Above is the CAD for a new more actuate Balloon Class tram car, this was done by a CAD engineer (to save time) with my guidance and input.

Above: and this is the first of the 'final run' cast/prints for the new tram car. I should point out the resin shell needs a little more cleaning up and the blue 3D print plastic parts (designed by myself) are just 'tacked on' in this photo, it will also have a smoother appearance once the main shell has been primed etc, but I hope it give a good idea of what the end model will look like.

One thing I really like is the custom printed parts freats, as you can see the new model will have alot be detail and depth then the ones they replace

The bogie or 'truck' frames are a new addition, custom designed and printed to fit the Tomix chassis we'll be using. To date we've never done custom frames before but I think new models for the post 2017 era demand it...

So there we go, I'm really happy to have got here, its taken a long time and a lot of hard work by the team so I cant take all the credit! Personally looking forward to the challenge of building a new and better fleet!

Also this announcement helps explain why we did a Balloon line up at the end of our last public outing this year (2017), well we knew this was the last show for our current balloon cars, so it was a bit of a send off to a fleet thats been with us since 2012!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!
On My Workbench / Re: Hailstone's Workbench
« Last post by Hailstone on Yesterday at 11:16:59 pm »
A long time ago, I aquired a whitemetal kit to convert a Peco Jubilee into a Hawksworth County, But looking at the Jubilee, the front of the running plate and cab would not look right, so I put it to one side and moved on to other things...
Some 8 or nine years later I puchased "the power of the Counties" and started to think about how I might achieve a more realistic looking county and hit on the idea of carving up the bodies of old Graham Farish 8F and Castle, this being not as daft an idea as I first thought, as the county boiler is only 9 inches longer than the 8F and used the same templates that Swindon had used to build 8f's for the war department during the second world war. the Castle cab and rear running plate would give me a more correct looking cab (they were bigger and wider than the Hall) and the splashers could be covered over to look more like the County.

so taking a step into the dark, I cut the cab off the 8F

The next step was to cut away the boiler and front running plate of the Castle and rear running plate of the 8F,
which was achieved using a Dremel drill fitted with a cutting disk. this was a lengthy process that saw me get
through several disks and stops to let the bodies cool down.

After some thought, I decided to use the Peco jubilee chassis and tender drive, utilising the conversion kit
for the tender body and so far I am working on using a set of Farish Hall cylinders to replace the peco ones.
only time will tell whether this will work or not.

N Gauge Discussion / Re: Dapol Easi-Fit/Shunts spring fitting
« Last post by Yet_Another on Yesterday at 11:15:18 pm »
I may not be alone among myopic people in finding that soon after I have a new pair of varifocals the close up adjustment needed changes again!  And at over £400 a pair (varifocals with high optical density lenses to avoid needing coke bottle tops for distant vision) I cannot go too often. 
Hypermetropia is just as much fun. I make do with three pairs of glasses - strong, very stong and ouch.
BachFar Diesel/Electric / Re: Bachmann Class 40
« Last post by Ian Morton on Yesterday at 10:15:20 pm »
I have to say this is probably the easiest DCC sound installation going.

Pop the top off (no tools, just fingernails) and purchase a Next18 DCC decoder with a class 40 sound project.
(This one was from YooChoos http://www.youchoos.co.uk/Index-Shop.php?L1=Project&Item=Class40)

Take the blanking plate out and put the decoder in.

There is a speaker built into the body. Pop the body back on and that's it.

And here is the end result:
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