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N Gauge Discussion / Re: Dapol Maunsell coaches
« Last post by talisman56 on Today at 08:20:45 pm »
Apologies if this has been raised elsewhere but,

I have considered pre-ordering the three coach Maunsell pack for set 392 in BR Green 2P-012-551 from Hattons. However their description states Set 392 comprising Brake third, Compartment Third and Compartment Third. According to the SEMG website set 392 comprised four compartment brake thirds 3218, 3219 and composite 5141. (Note wording for the Olive and Crimson/Cream versions are similar).

I seem to remember that Dapol were going to produce an "authentic" set so I assume the Hatton's descriptions are in error? Before I go ahead and order it would be nice to know what exactly set 392 comprises.


Bearing in mind all the discussion on set formations and compositions on the Dapol forum, I would say that Hattons have dropped one in their descriptions. I wouldn't think that Dapol would shoot themselves in the foot by not producing the boxed sets that they have committed themselves to on their own Forum...
I had the loan of the complete set some years ago, it is a very interesting read especially when reading the opinions of their view of the future of railways.
how to get the photo's a decent size please?

I cant find them in the gallery to see what the BBcodes would do,
but by messing with the links you posted I have got this :-
Edit : and by clicking on them you can see a bigger version and in that at the top there is a little square symbol with an arrow that leads to the full size biggest pics.

Scenery/Landscaping / Re: What glue for foam to foam?
« Last post by The Q on Today at 08:16:27 pm »
I use Screwfix own brand water based equivalent of no nails and not had a problem . Although if it's for a large area, it's weighed down and left for week.
Layout Construction / Re: Claverdon-ish in Warwickshire
« Last post by johnlambert on Today at 08:15:02 pm »
I can't believe how long it has been since I posted an update.

Some new private owner wagons from @Chris in Prague and @port perran

A Castle Class 4-6-0 on a train bound for the South West:

And finally, winding the clock forward a few years, it looks like DCI Gene Hunt has tired of cleaning up the mean streets of 1970s Manchester and has moved to rural Warwickshire.

I've been after an Oxford Diecast Ford Cortina for some time and I'm glad I finally tracked one down in my local model shop.
Have you had a look here  http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/

Very interesting site for me!  :thumbsup:, added to favourites...thanks!
Layout Construction / Re: Tiree
« Last post by The Q on Today at 08:00:48 pm »
No pictures this week but oddments of information.
Further landscaping has taken place, so the viaduct earth works make more sense.

The initial backscene outline you can see in white has been heavily edited, there are effectively only two hills /mountains on Tiree, Bhein Hynish and Bhein Gott. I had many more than that on the backscene.

After much research on the net, I've been spreading tea leaves on the sea shore, hopefully next week when the excess has been brushed off and added a little varnish for wet look. Seaweed will have sprouted on the seashore.

The builder of this layout was Mr Derek Clarke, who worked for the Civil Aviation Authority on Tiree. He is recorded as living at Balemartine. Using Google Street view I went for a drive down the tracks, Then I noticed that one of the houses has a remarkable resemblance to one on the layout, was it his?

And a real oddment....
 In 1975 I was also working for the CAA so at the same time!!!  Though a long way away..
Layout Planning / Re: New project in the South of France
« Last post by port perran on Today at 07:59:28 pm »
Welcome to the forum.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Dapol Easi-Fit/Shunts spring fitting
« Last post by RailGooner on Today at 07:55:54 pm »
I must adnit I blanch at the thought of trying to thread cotton through them. 

I should have mentioned that I thread a needle first and pass the needle through the spring.

 :goggleeyes: Like threading a needle will be any easier than threading a spring for my tired old eyes. :D
Layout Planning / Re: New project in the South of France
« Last post by RailGooner on Today at 07:54:06 pm »
Hi @papymouzot  :wave: and welcome aboard! :wave:

That's a very nice sounding/looking plan. I'm looking forward to following your progress. :beers:
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