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Author Topic: Speeding  (Read 504 times)

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Re: Speeding
« Reply #45 on: Today at 02:02:10 pm »
The revenue they generate is only because motorists think they are above the law. If motorists didn't break the law by speeding then the speed cameras wouldn't make any money. If they didn't make any money the revenue would have to come from somewhere else, probably taxation (which means I would have to pay more).

As many motorists still think it is Ok to speed maybe they should increase the fines so that the financial punishment is higher to see if this has an effect.   

To be fair they did increase the fines last year(?), to be a proportion of weekly income up to 1500 or something. Switerzland has unlimited fines proportional to the magnitude of the offence and the offender's income, which seems eminently more sensible. It does mean you get stories like this: Swedish man faces 650,000 fine for doing 180mph on Swiss motorway, which I'm all for. Boosts the state coffers nicely!

For me speed cameras should be there to increase safety. Hiding them behind trees does the opposite, because people see them at the last minute and slam on the brakes (invariably even if they weren't actually speeding, because people are terrible at knowing exactly how fast they're going).

It's all very well saying "ah yes, but just don't speed", but actually people don't tend to slavishly look at their speedo, rightly so. Furthermore the car you're driving and the road itself can totally skew your perception of speed. There's a Roman road near me, which unsurprisingly is rather straight. It goes from a long section of NSL down to 30, but obviously is still totally straight, which means 30 feels incredibly slow, frankly. Driving it last week in my wife's car I found myself going slower than I usually do, despite it feeling quicker.

I will also tend to drive quicker at 2am than at 5pm, even given a totally clear road. To me it's madness that you have the same totally arbitrary limits on a deserted motorway as one packed with rush hour traffic, although I accept a truly variable solution would simply introduce new problems.


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