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Pendolino / Re: Pendolino - a new approach
« Last post by RailGooner on Today at 11:09:43 pm »
Good question. :hmmm: I've only ever seen a T-bird (of whatever livery; Virgin, DRS) dragging a MU. The dynamics of pushing will be very different to pulling - is the coupler up to it?
General Discussion / Re: World Cup 2018
« Last post by weave on Today at 11:05:26 pm »
Dare ga omatta no? Think that's who'd of thought in Japanese.

Also Senegal, who'd of thought, google translate doesn't do Senegalese  :D.

What a wonderful and weird World Cup it is.

Great stuff.

Cheers weave  :beers:
Pendolino / Re: Pendolino - a new approach
« Last post by Bob Tidbury on Today at 10:33:55 pm »
I know some of you modern modellers will think this a stupid question but here goes ,I know that Virgin had some class 57 locos to rescue a broken down Pendolino and that they were called thunderbirds and named after the characters in the series and they had a different coupling but my question is did the 57s ever PUSH a Pendolino ?
Bob Tidbury
Layout Construction / Re: Westbury Junction 1938-42 (Perceived)
« Last post by kirky on Today at 10:29:40 pm »
I've created a photo album from the images I took when I visited Westbury.
Best regards,

@Leon Lovely set of photographs that. Thank you for posting.
Ive only ever been through Westbury once and of course its a very interesting station/yard. When I've looked back at your plan, I think you've done really well to squeeze in all that track work. Really interested to watch this develop.
Actually I quite like the Black Fives so have no problem with it piloting Scotsman. Just nice to see Scotsman back in steam after far too many years of seeing a collection of very expensive bits in Yorks restoration area!  :D
Real Railway Discussion / Re: Uganda Railways - Metre Gauge
« Last post by rogerfarnworth on Today at 10:22:22 pm »
The first of these posts about locomotives and rolling stock on the railways of Uganda and Kenya covered locomotives used by the Uganda Railway. This second post primarily covers locomotives introduced by the Kenya Uganda Railway up until it handed over to the East African Railways Corporation in 1948.

Locomotives on the Kenya and Uganda Railway and Harbours Lines (1927- 1948)

In 1926/27 the Uganda Railway was replaced first by the Kenya and Uganda Railways in 1926 and then by the Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours (KURH) Corporation in 1927, when the powers-that-be placed Mombasa Harbour into the same company as the railways.

Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours (KURH) ran harbours, railways and lake and river ferries in Kenya Colony and the UgandaProtectorate until 1948. It included the Uganda Railway, which it extended from Nakuru to Kampala in 1931. In the same year it built a branch line to Mount Kenya. [1]


The Kenya Uganda Railway introduced Beyer Garratt locomotives to the network. These were massive machines with huge pulling power which suited the lightly constructed lines on which they ran.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Latest Farish release dates
« Last post by Newportnobby on Today at 10:19:52 pm »
Second hand market (and availability of what you want) apart why do Farish charge £15.95 for a 7 plank wagon where Dapol charge £9.64 for a 7 plank wagon? Coaches aren't so easy but a Collett coach from Dapol is £23.40 whereas the Hawksworths from Farish will be £36.95 (at least). These prices are taken from their own websites and I know discounts are available from most major box shifters but why the difference? (65% on a wagon and 58% on a coach)
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Latest Farish release dates
« Last post by njee20 on Today at 10:12:18 pm »
Attracting youth to the hobby/people being priced out etc comes up periodically, these were my thoughts from last time we discussed it, as Iím too lazy to type it all again :) :

 Iíve never bought the argument about people being ďpriced outĒ. There are always people selling up - I acquired the bulk of my stock from a chap doing just so in 2012 (IIRC), when prices were far cheaper.

 Weíre fortunate itís a hobby where the ongoing costs donít need to be anything significant at all. Once you have a collection thatís it, it just (generally) appreciates slightly in value. As such, even if your hypothetical modeller decided it was all too expensive and that he was going to sell his entire collection, the strong residual value would leave him with a not insignificant sum with which to buy new models.

The second hand values having increased with the new prices reinforces this.

One has to recalibrate your expectations - I have 16 ďsilver bulletsĒ, that I paid no more than £20 each for. I want a couple more, but theyíre now £30ish, which Iím entertaining. If they were £40+ Iíd sit tight on my current rake. Other things Iím considering selling to buy other models, but thatís part of the fun for me, itís certainly not a reason to give up altogether

Re: the young, most children will still have Brio or a similar wooden trainset as toddlers, many will progress to Hornby circles of track even, itís from there that the near instant gratification of Xboxes and PS4s will cannibalise the market, but youíre never going to stop that, itís just one of those things and itís not driven by price IMO.

Iím 30, my son is 1, Iíd quite like if he wanted a model railway, heís fascinated by watching mine, but equally thereís a PS4 beside the TV, and if he wants to play that then sobeit, Iíll not be trying to influence him too heavily.
Layout Construction / Re: Westbury Junction 1938-42 (Perceived)
« Last post by Leon on Today at 09:54:43 pm »
I've created a photo album from the images I took when I visited Westbury. Some of you know the Junction better than I, but my guess is that most have never been through the station. I'm pasting a link to my Westbury album in Google Photos. Double click any image and then click the "info" logo in the upper right corner for information about that particular image.

I'm in the process of re-arranging my office/library to accommadate a layout, and I'm having the baseboard built by a real carpenter. In the meantime, I'm running trains in my mind, and imagining things like inclines that are an integral part of construction. I've lots of questions, and I'll be asking them here - one at a time.


Best regards,

N Gauge Discussion / Re: Latest Farish release dates
« Last post by trkilliman on Today at 09:54:15 pm »
Some interesting although anticipated posts since mine at 20.02.  As I have said previously there will always be people who can afford to pay whatever Farish or any other manufacturer charge. Howerver each time their prices rise there will be people who either drop out from buying or become very controlled over what they do buy. Will this result in Farish continuing to raise their prices to make up for declining sales?

Our son in laws Father is from Hong Kong and he is a businessman. He returns to H/K on business regularly. When I relayed how prices have risen over the last few years and by the amounts he grinned broadly. He said some truth about increased labour costs, but the levels of price increase don't add up.

As Newportnobby said they could price themselves out of the market, given U.K. wages have been pretty stagnant whilst essential outgoings continue to rise.

For some of us the ongoing price increases will have the effect of forcing us to get back to some scratchbuilding...it has with me, and enjoying it very much.
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