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Here’s how I was seeing it Mick...  The parts shown on the mimic board drawings in ‘slashed orange’ are isolating sections. 

In the’up-line scenario’, the main line loco pulls the train into the head shunt and decouples. 
Power is killed to the head shunt dead zone. 
Power is then enabled to one of the siding dead zones where a shunter waits. 
This loco returns to the siding with the goods wagons, freeing the main line loco to leave.
 If this is a problem then a second shunter could be used to move the train back towards the head shunt, freeing shunter No1 then returning the train once more to the siding,

The down line situation is much simpler, as you observe, with the train backed in to the head shunt, decoupled, and then picked up and moved by the shunters as before.  If a shunter were to be waiting in the head shunt it all becomes even easier.

I think that the dead zones, as shown, make all of this ‘do-able’ in DC. 

Like you, I am not keen on the complexities of DCC.  I am going with a dual CAB control setup with, in my case at least, with four switchable zones.  Nice, easy DC – with a few computers chucked in for interest!

Thank you for your response, please let me know if I have got it wrong! 

Regards, Allan.....
Layout Planning / Re: Tangmere
« Last post by PeteW on Today at 02:08:52 pm »
Having very little railway knowledge, but some research ability and plenty of time on my hands, I have spent a very happy morning rummaging around Google and learning a great deal about railways in Sussex.

While I haven't been able to find a perfect match for the station in the painting - which probably doesn't exist (artist's licence and all that) - but I did come up with some clues. For me, the really striking bit of architecture was the porch at the front of the station, which seems to be highly indicative of stations on the LB&SCR and certainly those preserved on the Bluebell line. Here's a pic of Kingscote Station:

Stations at Horsted Keynes and Sheffield Park are virtually identical. Compared to the station in the painting, the building has been flipped horizontally but otherwise seems a pretty good match.

Other architectural details - the footbridge, platform waiting room, signal box, etc, also seem a good match for the LB&SCR.

Having said that, I'm not sure it matters much. It seems to my ignorant eye that the painting provides a pretty perfect design for a layout - a simple trackplan and all the scenic detail you need.

PS: As a railway modeller, he'd likely respond to a friendly email query - there's a contact form on his website.
Likewise there's nothing forthcoming that I'm interested in, other than Revolution's offerings. Suits me!
There is very little that I'm interested in. Would like some Mk2f Blue & Grey coaches but they will still be a couple of years away as the OO versions have yet to been delivered. At £42.95 each I need to start saving the pennies, I know retailers discount by 15% but the RRP may well have increased by that amount in a couple of years.
Nah, the only saving grace is that I've already got 15 of 'em ;)
Layout Construction / Re: Blagdon Layout
« Last post by Newportnobby on Today at 01:46:57 pm »
Thanks, Dave, but is there meant to be a track plan somewhere?
£40 for bogie box wagons is truly eye watering stuff!

The only saving grace is that's the full RRP so there'll be 15% off at the box shifters
Thanks for that. Hawksworth maroons in Sept? Just as well I have a b'day in October!
Birdcage carriages Jan 2019 but then have to wait for the 'C' class until May 2019 :(
Many other things on the horizon I'd like but just can't go for.
Layout Construction / Blagdon Layout
« Last post by Dave F on Today at 01:42:47 pm »

Here's my new layout, based on Blagdon. I'm going to build it with Kato Unitrack on a lightweight foam baseboard. The track arrives tomorrow and I'll start building the baseboards next week.

The layout is being built around two sides of our spare bedroom and is a terminus to cassette fiddle yard layout. The long side is 10'6" and the short side 4'. This is phase 1 of the layout. Phase 2 will continue the running line aound along a third wall to make a u shape.
£40 for bogie box wagons is truly eye watering stuff!
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