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Layout Planning / Re: Cerney Keynes - back to the drawing board
« Last post by GScaleBruce on Today at 10:12:40 am »
I'm not familiar with Kato track geometry, so I simply offer these as options. If it's in SCARM, you can play around with them on screen at no cost!

Firstly, on the right hand side of the layout, you could create a longer looking "loop" if, instead of using two left hand points to form a crossover, you used a left hand point on the outside line as proposed, but come off the curve using a right hand point, effectively pulling the whole crossover to the right. It still leaves you with a short headshunt or loco stabling siding at the bottom right. On its own, this is perhaps of limited value, but if combined with the next suggestion would create an actual passing loop, which would increase operational flexibility.

Secondly, you are showing a diamond crossing (circled on my version of your plan). As it stands, it allows the mainline to access the branch and vice versa, but nothing else. If the mainline could access the central (red) track as well, you would create a short passing loop. There are two ways you could do this; instead of using one left hand point and a diamond crossing, you could use a left hand point as now, and a double slip instead of the diamond crossing. A double slip is a complicated piece of track but a great space saver. I can't see one in the Kato range, but there is a double slip in the Tomix range (TOMIX N gauge electric double slip point N-PXR140-15 F) - not sure if they're compatible? The alternative would be three left hand points in a row, but that will use up space (and money). But it may be worth a play in SCARM?

Dapol Diesel/Electric / Re: Dapol - Class 68
« Last post by 37058 on Today at 10:07:58 am »
Thank you for the reviews guys.

I am also looking forward to receiving mine (002) Sutton St Annes is going to look like a space ship has landed :smiley-laughing:

N Gauge Discussion / Re: weight in n gauge wagons.
« Last post by newportnobby on Today at 10:04:47 am »
I'm sure you experienced modellers have perfect track.

Personally, I wouldn't make such a claim, but I do have (too many) years of experience in putting Peco track together and know what to look for. I have to say that, straight from the box, some Peco points can be very 'lumpy' unless securely fastened down. A trick that always helps me is to put my bridge camera on 'video' setting and take a short film of any portion of track causing an issue. This allows me to play it back/pause it to see what the problem is. The camera can be quite cruel. Running a finger slowly over all track joins also helps discover 'bumps'.
American N Scale / Re: Atlas GP30 #4061
« Last post by Colbert on Today at 10:01:40 am »
Unfortunately, SWMBO said: " Stop buying these ridiculous toys and keep our money for serious purchases".
Dapol Diesel/Electric / Re: Dapol - Class 68
« Last post by Graham on Today at 10:01:13 am »
Liked the review, looking forward to getting mine in a couple of weeks. (Australia Post willing)
Layout Planning / Re: Cerney Keynes - back to the drawing board
« Last post by newportnobby on Today at 09:56:30 am »
216mm = 8"
Your 0-6-0 should go round with no problem but, beware, some steam locos do not like Kato #4 points.
The hardest part of any layout, IMO, is to create a track plan that pleases you and to investigate track systems and their shortcomings.
General Discussion / Re: It's SRINGTIME! YAY!
« Last post by The Q on Today at 09:33:30 am »
I have flowering crocuses and the daffs are on their way, snow is forecast for tomorrow....
N Gauge Discussion / Re: weight in n gauge wagons.
« Last post by Dr Al on Today at 09:14:41 am »
If they're Peco as you said in the opening post, they shouldn't have and don't need springs!  :confused2:  :hmmm:

Very very early Peco wagons had sprung couplings (and larger buffers).

Dapol Diesel/Electric / Re: Dapol - Class 68
« Last post by mika on Today at 09:06:49 am »
Thanks, Mark, for your review. Looking forward to receiving mine :)

Train Surgery / Re: Replace Traction tires on dapol 38xx?
« Last post by Dr Al on Today at 09:05:14 am »
Dapol tyres can be a bit variable - I've seen new ones that have non-constant thickness causing wobbles.

Check though that both tyres are properly seated in their grooves though, and that the wheels themselves are completely clear of oil (this causes tyre stretching, the main cause of them coming off). If there is oil you may need to clean all wheels, all track and most of your stock to be absolutely sure that this does not happen again and oil isn't re-spread about by other locos/coaches/wagons.

Otherwise you may simply need to replace it again with another.

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