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I second what Railwaygun says  :thumbsup: (Can you tell that I am one of the supporters). My first, (small), layout was done using Peco track, my current, (much bigger), layout is being done with Kato track and, using a fine tooth saw, you can make your own flexible track, (sort of  :)). Bob Fifer - www.fiferhobby.com - has some excellent tutorials on using Kato track.
Thanks railwaygun.  I'll check it out.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Modelmaster/NGS decals
« Last post by Dr Al on Yesterday at 11:47:23 pm »
I have received 2 out of 3 of my orders now, and I have to say I never actually contacted Modelmaster to nudge them along. So I think it's fair to say that they are on the task, even if it is taking a bit of time.

The first Farish Castle can be renumbered now :)

Layout Construction / Re: New N-Gauge Layout
« Last post by tmcg1959 on Yesterday at 11:11:20 pm »
Today I built the framework and cut the plywood for me new N-gauge layout. The layout measures 2100mm (7') x 800mm (2'6") and consists of a 68x32mm framework and a 9mm birch ply surface. The layout is split into two sections 2100 x 300mm and 2100 x 500mm giving both scenic and storage areas. The layout will be based on our local GNRi station which closed in 1965.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Dapol easy shunts and Dapol Wagons
« Last post by Paul-H on Yesterday at 11:04:57 pm »
They look to be NEM but in two halves which have to be glued together but they are on a cranked arm so will be at the wrong height for N Gauge, don't know if there is enough meat on them to trim of the cranked arm leaving just the pocket and there a no shims either so no fine tuning either.

Found Dspol do a pack of 20 pockets with shims for 14 so ordered a couple of packs which should be enough for my rolling stock.

Events/Shows/Exhibitions / Re: Warley NEC show 25th & 26th November 2017
« Last post by emjaybee on Yesterday at 10:39:27 pm »
I'm actually going to be able to get to this show!


Is there anyone else going on the Sunday? It'd be great to put faces to names if anyone is up there.

I'm off to see the fellas at Revolution to drool over the new Class B's, and the NGS stand to say thanks for the big pile of stuff I got from the sale. I haven't got a forum badge, but I'll keep an eye out for those that have. Maybe see you there!

Hi All,

Today has been an up and down day. The last couple of days have been off the layout, experimenting with my new static grass applicator. I'm not confident enough yet to use it for real, so I've been using any bits of ply or hardboard lying around, and if anyone has any tips I would be grateful  :)

Back to the layout today, and I completely messed up some dry stone walling and scatter round the windmill area, so had to scrape it all off, dig out the wall, and resurface the area, so not a happy bunny  >:(

Then it all went nice, as I've been landscaping the rocks and bridge area, tidying up round the track, and making trees. Really relaxing and enjoyable  :D

I made a couple of trees a while ago, to put on the layout to see how they fit in.

Today though, I've been making the "Special Duty" ones, specifically made to measure to hide any slightly dodgy areas, eg where a road just hits the backscene, and such like.

Here is where they will go.

I can't show you them in position though, as they are hanging up to dry !

One tree I don't like though is this nasty little weeping willow

Has anyone had a go at making one ?  I may try, or get one from https://www.themodeltreeshop.co.uk/ where I get the foliage from. It seems cheating though, as I made the others  :hmmm:

All best wishes to you,
Layout Construction / Re: A Table-Top Railway in British 'N' Gauge
« Last post by Train Waiting on Yesterday at 10:18:11 pm »
Some Thoughts on an NBL

NBL 'Type 2' D6326 has now run-in nicely. 

My second failed attempt at British 'N' gauge, just over 10 years ago, included a not-too-successful encounter with a Dapol 'Electro-Diesel'.  Following the success of the Graham Farish 'Deltic' D9007 'Pinza', I thought it might be a good idea to try a modern Dapol locomotive.

D9007 weighs 3.5oz and D6326 weighs 2.5oz, which is fair enough for a little B-B locomotive.  The 'ED' was very light, which maybe partly accounts for its poor running.  I must get it down from the loft and try it again!

After the recommended oiling and running-in period, D6326 was put on light passenger duties and it has performed admirably.  It is certainly as smooth-running and quiet as the 'Deltic'; maybe slightly more so.

The NBL is nicely-finished and appears to be well-made.

A success?  Yes.

Would I be willing to try another Dapol diesel locomotive? Yes.

I think that the 1961 version of the Table-Top Railway might develop a bit further.  And, of course, some of the Grouping locomotives (and the gorgeous LNWR 'Prince of Wales' 4-6-0 No. 86 'Mark Twain') can appear in 1961 as locomotives 'Purchased Privately for Preservation'.  Best of both worlds!

Many thanks for looking.

Best wishes.


Events/Shows/Exhibitions / Re: Warley 2nd hand traders
« Last post by mattspencer on Yesterday at 09:51:12 pm »
Anoraks tend to keep all their N-Gauge for TINGS. I've seen them at a couple of other shows where its been 95% OO/HO with just a few N bits thrown in the side of the stall, so be prepared to fight through for (potential) disappointment

Yes that was my impression from their stand at Warley last year.
Layout Construction / Re: The Train Shed Project
« Last post by paulprice on Yesterday at 09:42:01 pm »
Despite a couple of loco's playing up (you need to take a look at some of my fleet) its a brilliant looking layout
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