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Layout Construction / Re: MayBee Line the story starts.
« Last post by GeeBee on Today at 07:20:35 pm »
That looks like it's going to be fun but I do worry about how close those 2 tracks are to the right of the photo :uneasy:

I thought that but running locos on both lines at once shows a gap of 3mm just don't poke your head out of the windows.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: RevolutioN Sturgeon
« Last post by Ben A on Today at 07:11:53 pm »

Hello all,

On the prototype the cranes are just clamped on, and the position can vary, so pre-drilling holes isn't particularly helpful. Plus given the relatively small number of customers who would want them wouldn't be optimal on a R-T-R model.

This image shows the same type of crane as the NGS casting, albeit fitted to a Salmon, not a Sturgeon:


There is a plate across the deck which would offer a large area for gluing.


Ben A.
Computer Help / Re: Not happy
« Last post by The Q on Today at 07:02:32 pm »
As some one whose worked on transistor computers, and built my first computer. Thats built by soldering chips on a board not assembling by plugging in boards. I Can say win 10, is now a stable system, the first version of creator edition did cause problems but the current version is ok.
The company I work for has tens of thousands of PCs round the world, and all except for a few specialist ones are on win 10 .
Not in Scotland...

But would find a 'virtual' group focused on modelling Scottish railways worthwhile. Looking forwards, the DJM Class 17 in particular should spark an interest in modelling the transition-era Scottish Region scene. I'd have thought quite a few people will be creating, at minimum, a Scottish Region shunting plank!

Certainly, that's what I'm working on at the moment, creating a bit of natural habitat for the Class 17 when it turns up and the Dapol 26 that I bought a couple years back. As/when someone gets a Class 21/29 diesel sorted -- which will surely happen sooner or later -- that'll be even more of an incentive for people to model the Scottish Region.

Cheers, NeMo
Layout Planning / Re: Starting out in N Gauge
« Last post by DaveGlew on Today at 06:33:29 pm »
Looking good so far. I too am using the same grey foam underlay and PVA seems to be working OK on my test piece. Someone mentioned in another thread that "creepage" could be an issue over time but all feels solid at the moment. Seems like we have both discovered a good source of underlay!!
DC Wiring / Re: track wiring
« Last post by first timer on Today at 06:30:04 pm »
Sorry guys its track plan 5
Layout Planning / Re: Decision Time!!
« Last post by DaveGlew on Today at 06:26:49 pm »
Just a thought, how many other have to crawl about underneath their layouts, or are all hinged? Raising sections must become more difficult as the build progresses surely.
Things always seem to need repairs, replacing, adding to and so on.

When I relocated to my current home the 00 layout went into the loft and crawling under boards in my 30s seemed perfectly normal....... not any more though. So as I move into the world of N it's the minimum crawling option for me. To that end I plan to surface mount the main culprits (point motors) using W. I. T. to extend them to the board edge. The only hinged element is a board extension for the fiddle yard. These locking hinges have worked OK so far.

Yes Dave aka Scottishlocos got a meet organised, about 5 turned up and ideas were brandished about.
Loads of good ideas as well.
Nothing really happened since.

N Gauge Discussion / Re: Farish Poole Production Class 25
« Last post by Only Me on Today at 06:10:52 pm »
Not very... did you clean out the gaps between the commutator poles using a scalpel blade too? If so the motor is on its way out
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