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Layout Construction / Re: Westbury Junction 1938-42 (Perceived)
« Last post by Leon on Today at 03:34:35 am »
A few more questions before calling it a night. How critical is input voltage from the transformer? My Kato power pack (22-014) came with a Kato transformer that is 120V
AC input and 15 V AC output. I've bought another Kato power pack (different model - 22018 Power Pack Standard SX AC) and it did not come with the  transformer. It's not clear to me what I need, and I can't find an American source selling the Kato transformer. The output of the Kato transformer offered by Japanese sellers is 12V so I'm wondering why the difference.

Does anyone have experience with Scalescenes card kits?

After I receive the track that's on order, I'll make a few ajustments in the layout before lifting the track for topographical work (and building my station). I'm finished with testing the track plan and except for the tight turn into the station from the right down line, I'm satisfied. That tight turn can't be remediated without major alterations that would change the layout beyoond recognition. I'm grateful to all who have helped me through this first stage and I'll post a new image of the layout plan by the middle of next week. I'm really looking forward to building the terrain and my mind is focused on proceeding with that task. I've been looking at Woodland Scenics videos and will probably borrow some of their methods and use some of their products. Woodland Scenics is American, and thus probably the least expensive for me, however, they may not be the best so I'd be pleased to have some comments from users of other sources.

N Gauge Discussion / 'Farish Hall class numbers
« Last post by Trainboy03 on Today at 01:48:15 am »
I have a Graham Farish n gauge Wooton Hall model that is troubling me. It has the unmodified hall numbers and tender, but a modified hall locomotive. Could someone fill me in on this design choice?  :helpneededsign:

N Gauge Discussion / Graham Farish DC Controller - Too Many Volts?
« Last post by dannyboy on Today at 01:19:42 am »
For testing engines, I have my test track using a GF/Bachmann DC controller, (the grey squarish one), which is relatively new. I was testing a new Dapol Class 56 yesterday and it was running very slowly. With the control knob approximately half way, it was moving but not as I expected. I cleaned out a lot of grease from the gears and things improved slightly. When I turned the knob to increase power, the engine slowed and stuttered. Out of interest, I put the test meter on the output and when the knob was in the halfway position, the controller was pushing out about 12 volts. If I turned the knob fully clockwise, the volts went just over 20! I take it that this is not normal.  ???. I then used a spare Kato controller and - yes - you guessed it, the engine ran beautifully. Incidentally, the maximum output from the Kato controller was about 15 volts. Any one got any thoughts and/or suggestions please? (Apart from sticking to Kato equipment - but I am biased  :)).
Layout Construction / Re: East Lancashire lines
« Last post by lil chris on Today at 12:38:57 am »
I have just realised why the diesel was not affected by the switch rail. The point was set for the main route so switch rail not used,obvious when you think about it. It should of course have got some power from contact and the point is not old, it should not be that dirty. I will clean the end of the rail anyway, it explains why the 3f stopped.
Layout Construction / Re: The Train Shed Project - Marton Hinmarche
« Last post by lil chris on Today at 12:32:00 am »
Well has promised I am on my I pad now and can see the photos fine so not sure what Martins problem is.
Train Surgery / Re: Poole era class 25 running problems
« Last post by NinOz on Today at 12:02:34 am »
Does the motor run ok without bogies?
Do both bogies move ok without binding when each gently pushed along?
Train Surgery / Re: Farish railcar
« Last post by NinOz on Yesterday at 11:55:30 pm »
My approach (precis):
Note current at a particular voltage (say 6V DC) for each direction.
Remove a bogie and note current, repeat for other bogie.
Take the bogies off the chassis.  Remove all grease and oil with a spray electronics cleaner or IPA.
Run each bogie gently back and forth on a piece of paper to see and feel for ease of movement and any tight or binding places.  Rotate gears and wheels (lightly on flanges) with fingers.
Check each gear minutely with a magnifing glass and a bright light, looking for splits on the gear hub or damaged and misshapen gears.  Replace any defective gears.
Run the motor drive assembly each direction to check for any difference.  Fix if necessary.
Degrease drive components.  Grease and oil drive and gear assemblies.
Reassemble and note current at the voltage.  Test drive.

Curse and swear because problem is still there and go back to the beginning to locate the other cause(s). :laugh3:
Electronics / Re: LEDs on a roll/strip
« Last post by Bramshot on Yesterday at 11:47:48 pm »
Bramshot how do you use them for coach lighting please ,they are D C so if the train goes back in the opposite direction surely they wonít light  L E Ds donít run on reverse voltage .
Bob Tidbury

Themadhippy is correct, you need a rectifier for use on dc. The led will vary in intensity with speed and will go out close to and at zero speed when the voltage is insufficient to overcome the forward colt drop of the rectifier and leds themselves.

I use mine on dcc, so they are on all the time, o not illuminating in one half of the dcc cycle. I put two groups of 3, enough for one N gauge coach, back to back so that half illuminate on one half cycle, and half on the other, to spread the load between both sides of the dcc supply electronics.
Electronics / Re: LEDs on a roll/strip
« Last post by themadhippy on Yesterday at 10:52:32 pm »
Bramshot how do you use them for coach lighting please ,they are D C so if the train goes back in the opposite direction surely they wonít light  L E Ds donít run on reverse voltag
chuck a bridge rectifier in
Train Surgery / Re: Poole era class 25 running problems
« Last post by ntpntpntp on Yesterday at 10:38:55 pm »
As discussed on Facebook, it probably has split gears.
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