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Buildings / Tintern/Brockweir village inn
« Last post by cycletrak9 on Today at 02:19:15 pm »
I'm getting back into the swing of modelling and today I finished Brockweir village inn. The building is based on the actual pub in the village which we visited in March of this year. It is currently called the "Brockweir Country Inn" but this is a fairly recent name change. Despite quite a bit of searching I've not been able to trace what it was called in the 1950's so I've decided, rather unoriginally, that it will be the "Brockweir Arms".

The existing building,apart from some rather ugly modern replacement windows, appears from the front to be substantially unchanged from the original - I have found a rather grainy picture dating from the early 1900's but the details of the rear are less obvious. There have clearly been some alterations with windows and doors being moved or blocked up. I've taken a pragmatic view and made it as I imagine it might have looked sixty years ago. This is how it looks today

The construction was fairly straightforward and followed my usual methods. The only bits that aren't scratch built are the barrels [Peedie] and the bicycles [Peco]. The deep base layer will sit in a corresponding opening in the village street.

Next up will be either the village shop or a cottage group based on my uncles old cottage in St Briavels.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Modelmaster/NGS decals
« Last post by trkilliman on Today at 02:15:04 pm »
I sent them an email several days back but have heard nothing.

I am interested in some bus fleetnames as we used to buy from the NGS shop. IIRC we used to get two different fleetnames and 3 pairs of each in a packet from the shop. The Modelmaster website appears to show them as a pair of fleetnames, and at a price I would be loathe to pay for a single pair, even with our discount. I'd like them but they are not a must have.  It does say somewhere on their website that where decals appear either side of a loco etc they are sold in pairs.

What I want to establish is if we are now getting a single pair of bus fleetname decals. Some of their website is still under construction or awaiting photos, so I have asked them direct. I think it's a fair question to ask so their is no misunderstanding when placing an order. If I get a reply I'll let others on here know their answer

There is nothing on the website to suggest that bus fleetnames are not sold in pairs. A non-NGS buyer would have no knowledge of previous practice, so only the expectation of a pair which is what is stated clearly on the website.


Yes a non-NGS member would have no previous knowledge of what used to be, so would only expect a pair of bus fleetnames. However, for those of us who have been NGS members for some years, I'm fairly certain that when the decals were in the hands of the NGS you would receive e.g 3 pairs of Royal Blue and 3 pairs of Southdown.
I am merely trying to establish IF handing back the "huge stocks" of decals that were in our shop has resulted in what appears to a considerable price hike. This is the way it seems, so I have asked the question of Modelmaster themselves. I await a reply.

I would just like some clarification of what I would now get for my money now (our) stock has been either given/sold back to the manufacturers... Modelmaster. Once the situation regarding decals becomes clearer NGS members will be able to make their own minds up as to whether they feel we have lost one of our membership benefits. Unless I am wrong it certainly looks this way to me. What I will say is that yesterday 2 other long term NGS members came to my home for a get-together. All three of us are now beginning to consider our renewals when they occur.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Hattons rail head treatment Train.
« Last post by njee20 on Today at 02:11:48 pm »
Not sure about that. You could argue that everything Hornby make is damaging to non-OO modellers, insofar as it's not going to get scaled down, and it largely guarantees that Bachmann/Dapol won't pick it up.

Conversely look at Revolution - they're managing to pick up the scraps (not meant in a derogatory way at all, they've had far too many of my English pounds!) on models that are available in other scales and unlikely to be downsized.
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Hattons rail head treatment Train.
« Last post by Steven B on Today at 02:05:28 pm »
Projects like these, together with other specials from the likes of Hattons, Kernow and Model Rail are great if you're a OO Gauge modeller, but I wonder if they're actually quite harming for non-4mm scale modellers.

With models such as the Y1 Sentinel, J74 (Toby), warwells etc being made by companies with little interest in N Gauge I'd guess that the chances of ever getting them in 1:148 have fallen significantly.

Steven B.
Events/Shows/Exhibitions / Re: Falkirk Model Rail Exhibition
« Last post by Lawrence on Today at 02:04:40 pm »
The rest of us would like to see some pics please so no excuses about "I forgot my camera/phone" or "the battery was flat" :telloff: ;)

What!  and ruin my record  ;D
Layout Construction / Re: The Train Shed Project
« Last post by Zogbert Splod on Today at 01:49:46 pm »
If it works here: https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-a-quoin-177497 then just do it.  I think it works, and though i dont have many Metcalfe buildings, i'll be adding this feature as soon as i get my cutter set up once again.  Looks good.....
Layout Construction / Re: LUGSDALE ROAD - LMS
« Last post by paulprice on Today at 01:45:54 pm »
Is it time to do some modelling?
N Gauge Discussion / Re: DJM announces HUO Hopper for N
« Last post by Roy L S on Today at 01:27:45 pm »
Not everyone will agree I'm sure but from what I understand there may be two factors that are impacting take up: -

1) All variants are post TOPS and that restricts the Market to a very specific blue Diesel era and I'm not convinced that in isolation it is that big in N. Now I know there will be those that say you just need to paint out the TOPS panel, but given the quality of RTR these days many, including me will want them as authentic as possible straight from the box including correct for period running numbers applied. Now before anyone says, I enjoy modelling and making things but it is a choice and my work, however good will not be up to the standard of factory tampo-printing,

2) Traffic flows - fairly restricted, a high capacity hopper not suitable for many locations and for non "Rule 1" users that may be impacting the take up on top of the above.

I hope they do make the cut as I am sure Dave would deliver another excellent wagon.

If there were any pre-tops, transition modellers may be enticed too, and we could have our Farish J39s or UM J26s lumbering along with rakes of them. I would buy a 4 pack to support the project as a "Rule 1" purchase were that the case.

My final thought is that in addition to all of the above restricting possible take up, the "rule off" date for the RevolutioN Class B tanks, plus soon to be released NGS Carflats and Hunslet shunters on the way in 2018 may just mean that funds are short with Christmas on the horizon people aren't looking to even express an interest at this point.

DCC / Re: ROCCO WHITE Z21 help needed .......... PLEASE !
« Last post by simontk on Today at 01:16:36 pm »
Don't worry know, I KNOW, I will put it back in.
Layout Planning / Re: I could use some help please chaps
« Last post by Dsolds on Today at 12:44:51 pm »
Well, by way of an update I've taken a slight change of direction, as least temporarily. After negotiations with "The Management" we have a number of compromises between us that has resulted in me gaining an area of 2.5m by 2.8m (8 foot 2 by 9 foot 2 in old money) which is permanently mine. So rather than scratch build right now I came across a lovely U shaped layout which fits in that space rather well so I bought that and collect it on Sunday. That makes things a lot quicker for me initially and gets me to a place where I can at least run a train whilst I am working on the layout.

It has been extremely well made by a talented enthusiast and a quick reckon up in my head tells me hundreds of hours have gone into it and although it's not technically my own creation, it will be once I adapt it to fit the space exactly and also added the upper level I wanted.

Suffice to say I am rather chuffed (terrible pun 100% intended) as it basically sets me forward by a couple of months and gives me an initial cost saving of hundreds of pounds given what it comes with in terms of track, buildings, scenery and even a large box of paints, spare buildings which he never assembled, various tools and a decent box of LED lighting to mount on it.

Being a U shape it will need to be cut to transport it so the plan is to cut into 3 pieces and make it join-able with some precision brass dowels before repairing the cut scenery. This will make it very portable for any future moves and I will also make some lids to turn each piece into a kind of cased unit which was one of my original design requirements. My pet hate from previous layouts was all the damage incurred when having to move it, and since one of our "hobbies" is property renovation that kind of move does tend to happen every few years.

Anyway, thanks for all the advice above and I will post some pictures once it's in place.

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