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Welcome and Introduction / Jammin' wheels
« Last post by Shades on Today at 03:16:38 pm »
Hello, just started modelling after about 50 years of working (well someone had to do it) :). I got into N gauge initially for space reasons and am really enjoying it.
I do have a problem however and hope a seasoned expert among you can help.

I have a Dapol Schools Malvern steam loco 4-4-0, lovely model, and runs beautifully until it encounters a bend. At which point one of the rear wheels on the boggy gets trapped against the drive connecting rods, and everything grinds to a halt.
I have tried gently teasing the rods out a little, and I've tried wrapping some thin fuse wire around the axle to stop too much play allowing the wheels to move excessively side to side in their cradle. Nothing worked, get to a curve, gets stuck!
I'm using standard Kato track, and have no problems with other locos.
Hope you have some suggestions, thanks anyway.
Layout Construction / Re: Avon Beach Mk2
« Last post by B757-236GT on Today at 02:54:26 pm »
Ive got the stage where i need to decide what to do next, Ive decided i'm going down the point decoder route and im going to use a dynamis to control the layout so i can operate it for the sofa if i so wish. As the point motors have been tested and working i suppose the next part is to move on to the ballasting and painting in the in between areas brown, grey etc.

I also still dont know what colour to ballast it. Ive got grey and buff and im leaning towards the buff with a little bit of brown mixed in to give it a little colour variation. Im going to secure this with ballast bond as i find this stuff is grey for sticking ballast and is pre mixed with is another bonus!

Oh and i need to start building the surrounding wall for the engine shed, im going to use repainted peco brick sheet with a plasticard capping. Still lots too do!

Layout Construction / Re: A Table-Top Railway in British 'N' Gauge
« Last post by Train Waiting on Today at 02:35:13 pm »
It will be nice to see how your layout works out. Have you seen the one built in a coffee table in this months Model Rail Magazine, this forum was mentioned in the read up although I do not see to recall seeing the layout on here.

Thank you, Chris.

I tend to ration myself to 'Railway Modeller' and 'Model Railway Journal', so I have not seen this layout.  Thank you for telling me about it.  I have an agreeable business trip up to Berwick upon Tweed on Friday, so I'll buy 'Model Rail' and enjoy reading it on the train after the work's done.

Are you going to simulate the Triang Transcontinental series stock and locos of the day?

Many thanks: I'd love to try this!  My first train, when I was about four, was a dummy blue and yellow Tri-ang 'Transcontinental diesel locomotive and a couple of blue carriages.  There were also several goods wagons and a very short LMS crimson lake carriage, again all Tri-ang.  The track was the old 'Standard Track' with the grey plastic base.  All this was second or third hand, as things tended to be back then.  I remember that one of the wagons, a grey van, was too narrow to fit on the rails.  It was also smaller than all the others.  I was very confused by this state of affairs!

This set-up did not last long and, after a few years of the usual distractions, I received a Tri-ang 'Flying Scotsman' and some 'Super 4' track when I was 10.  There has always been a model railway (of sorts!) since.

With all best wishes.

Yep, that second effort is exccellent, much more realistic than Farish's effort. Well done.
Scenery/Landscaping / Re: Peco Points and NBL Levers
« Last post by njee20 on Today at 02:08:38 pm »
If you electrify your points then you can remove it anyway, still nicely done.
Which photos did you use for reference?
Oops! No source. Just loosely copied from the Farish model.

Have you considered adding a wash of black/dark grey paint?
Hadn't considered doing this, but I'm a big fan of ink washes and dry-brushed highlights, and might well try out some combo once the paintwork is completely dry. The only problem with ink washes is they tend to darken everything, and I think the 'bleached' look is what helps here.

Cheers, NeMo
Scenery/Landscaping / Peco Points and NBL Levers
« Last post by maridunian on Today at 01:58:28 pm »
I've always used Peco points and found them very reliable, but their control 'knobs' aren't at all realistic and tend to jump out at me from otherwise realistic turnouts.

N-Brass Locos make "dummy" point levers, so I thought I'd give them a go, and see if I could un-dummy them a bit.

Here's the nickel-silver etch kit:

Assembly is very straightforward - fold under the base-plate side panels; fold the lever pivot into a Z and flatten with pliers.

The levers supplied are very fragile, so I decided to substitute track pins, cut to length (9mm). I drilled the pivots with a small bit and super-glued the pins pushed in downwards. With hindsight, to add strength I'd make any more by drilling right through and pushing a track pin with head still attached upwards from below.

Once assembled, I cut off most the lever pivot mechanism below the base plate.

Ok, so there you have a cosmetic point lever, which can hide a Peco knob on one side of the turnout. I decided to semi-fix the point lever to the knob, removing the other knob and its mounting bar from the other side.

In order to get some grip on the nylonish knob I added a 40thou plasticard collar with a 2mm hole drilled, held with a tiny bit of UHU:

Before attaching the point lever assembly onto the collar, also using UHU, ensure the point blades are set to the opposite side:

When it's all set, (you might need to support the lever assembly during that), the points can be "operated" by gently pushing the tie-bar left or right with a coffee-stirrer or cotton bud; Peco blades will click over - can't comment on other brands.

All in all a very cheap and easy enhancement!


General Discussion / Re: Railway Modeller September/ October 2014
« Last post by CarriageShed on Today at 01:58:12 pm »
Funnily enough I'm actually collecting old RMs, and especially those that mention Evercreech Junction, Bournemouth West (haven't found one of those yet), the S&D, or any other especially relevant area. But even non-relevant issues are a great read. Storage really isn't much of an issue (no pun intended).
N Gauge Discussion / Re: Custom Weathering
« Last post by Chris Morris on Today at 01:52:53 pm »
Sounds like quite a good price for weathering and number changing. Looks good, certainly better than some of the manufacturers attempts. Models straight out of the box just look so plastic and wrong. Even new locos and well kept locos very quickly get road grime around the tops and bottoms.

Weathering is very much personal taste. My take is that, as a general rule, if people don't notice the weathering then it is probably about right. Diesels often had clean sides but dirty roofs, bogies and frames because they would go through the cleaning plant. Has anyone been brave enough to include the damage done by washing plants on their diesel?
Your second attempt looks much more muted and looks more to scale (to my eyes at least). Which photos did you use for reference?

Have you considered adding a wash of black/dark grey paint? Use a wide/flat paint brush and work across the coach to give the effect of rain running down the curve of the roof.

Happy modelling.

Steven B.
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