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Layout Construction / Re: HOLLERTON JUNCTION (SHED 13C)
« Last post by Chris in Prague on Today at 10:37:10 am »
Thanks for the update, Paddy. I have quite a few Lima Siphon Gs awaiting upgrades along with Dapol Siphon chassis. It would be good to see and read about yours.
On My Workbench / Re: Simple Hack - Older design NER/NCB Brake Van
« Last post by Paddy on Today at 10:36:44 am »
Great work Mike.  Love these sort of projects.

Layout Construction / Re: HOLLERTON JUNCTION (SHED 13C)
« Last post by Paddy on Today at 10:32:25 am »
Hi Chris,

Progress on HOLLERTON JUNCTION has been slow due to work and family commitments.  Not gone away though and still have lots of ideas but no time.  Working on another LIMA Siphon upgrade at present.

Kind regards

Also worth considering, the NGS collaborations with Farish and Dapol such as the:-

Stove R
Thompson Full brakes
Collett K41 Full brake

Trying to find some of these will be like trying to source rocking horse poo, though
For me I am still waiting for a Hawksworth Full brake in maroon.  But £££ !!!
Start saving now - I'm sure it will still be a while before we actually see them.

I'm also wondering when (if ever) the blue version of the Hawksworth will turn up.

Plus I've never worked out why Dapol have never done a blue version of the Siphon G - plenty of these around well into the 70s.
Thank you chaps.

Did get some sleep in the end but our lovely four legged friends woke me wanting to be let out and then have breakfast.

The Q. Thanks for the pics and leg terms. Googled it...


Very nice although has got 2 ps unlike your post. Skiport was a rather confusing search whilst not fully awake, especially as I didn't put loch in there. Made me feel cold.  :)

Webbo. Thanks, will look into the table/ chairs as the Faller chairs are a bit, er, well, wrong. Think I'll stick with the tide out with an option to fill but good advice re water.

Not sure if dog walking is good for the soul but certainly gets the adrenaline flowing. Have had to apologise to many people (joggers and cyclists especially  :doh:). The border collie is the best behaved (not trained). It's the others! Have met lots of lovely, understanding people too along the way.

Cheers weave  :beers:

I’d be interested in the AC locos too, but I can just imagine how offering an 85 would prompt the “if it was one of the others I would have a couple” comments.
That's inevitable, although the 85 at least was numerous, long-lived, and continued to do important work until around 1990. Of course you could argue a refresh Farish 87 or 90 would be more useful to WCML modellers, the 85 would perhaps be the more interesting choice.

In any event, your entire point is rendered moot by the selection of the APT over any one of dozens of BR overhead electric multiple units that would have been immeasurably more useful -- classes 310 and 313 immediately springing to my mind.

Have we perhaps reached a point where a manufacturer's selection between "what will sell" and "what's modellers actually need" doesn't lead to the same choice?

Cheers, NeMo
Im doing nothing its too early so Im letting my breakfast settle and enjoying a second cup of coffee then I will take the stock that I ran at the club running day yesterday  and put it back on the layout ready for MY CLUB running evening on wednesday.
Bob Tidbury
Well done weave.

I too like to see something different in a layout.

A couple of unsolicited thoughts from me:

1. Don't be afraid of filling your harbour with water. Woodland Scenics Realistic Water is terrific stuff and easy to use. Stay away from their E-Z Water though (not very easy).

2. If you would like a bit more variety in your seating outside the restaurants, Ngineering makes some ornate tables/chairs as metal frets. You'd need good eyesight to see their detail at any kind of distance though.

3. Walking dog(s) is good for the soul as well as the health. Mine is a handful as Bealman may be able to attest, but spending time on the walk is a daily necessity for both of us.

Yours is going to be a delightful layout when you get it done.

Mooring all, just taken the dog for a wal and would normally then go down the sailing club, but.... Oops this is your thread not mine.

Yes  getting some dogs back to the house is always difficult,  our current Border Collie goes on laydown strike if he doesn't want to go to the house, until ORDERED..

Your harbour looks correct and the  hair pin looks quite possible. This next picture is loch Skiport in the Hebrides, which used to get 200ft ferries on that ruined pier. The road is a lot steeper than it looks in the picture.

Here's another harbour, which used to get ferries but once they got to over 100ft  they had to moor off shore and come ashore in a launch.

 As for boats not falling over, if it's two thin pieces of wood or metal one on each side of the hull  they're called ...legs
If it's two sheets of metal under the hull one each side of the centre keep, that's bilge keels..
I like your modelling  it's an interesting layout., It will be interesting to see further developments.

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